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elephants are yellow

awomansays Nov 25, 2016

elephants are yellow... bright yellow, my son and I went to this weekend flea market where everything was super costly and extravagant, what i learned was- buying from exhibitions means spending al /...

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To son, love, Mom.

awomansays Mar 25, 2016

its my son's third birthday and i was have been busy making a list of friends to invite and menu to decide; cake to order and arrangements be made. how much will i be able to shell out asks my mind... /...

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Best buys of 2015

vrunda vakil Feb 3, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR There are numerous things we buy for our kids and some of them have a 'wow, i guess i shall buy this once more' effect as parents. most of the toys don't last until i can get a goo /...

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4th anniversary issue

awomansays Dec 10, 2015

its been long since i last logged in to this website... i have been either busy or lazy to pen down some stuff that rotates in my mind.and at times either of us are down with a never ending cold and r /...

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september vibes

awomansays Oct 5, 2015

September is my favorite month, it brings a lot of joy and lot of birthday celebrations ... a lot of my favorite people are born in august-september... like everyone's parents planned a baby at /...

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the weekend window

awomansays Sep 7, 2015

Monday morning after I dropped him to school I was gulping down a rather quick breakfast and browsing through facebook while waiting for a few downloads to happen on another window for a seminar i got /...

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