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mommy101 : treating constipated babies

awomansays Jan 10, 2017

last evening a really good friend called up and asked what can be given to her 1 year old twins- a boy and a girl- who are severely constipated. she is here for two of her medical treatments which act /...

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the husband and i

awomansays Dec 15, 2016

the husband and I i was JUST DONE with a crazy long Monday and was quite sure things would simmer down on Tuesday , where the brat would crib why school cannot be missed. and the husband would wake /...

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mommy x demonetization

awomansays Dec 9, 2016

9th of dec today, one month since the new currency launch and the same for disposal of old currency cavity. so how has it affected the normal womenfolk in general ?? lemme tell you how i managed th /...

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elephants are yellow

awomansays Nov 25, 2016

elephants are yellow... bright yellow, my son and I went to this weekend flea market where everything was super costly and extravagant, what i learned was- buying from exhibitions means spending al /...

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To son, love, Mom.

awomansays Mar 25, 2016

its my son's third birthday and i was have been busy making a list of friends to invite and menu to decide; cake to order and arrangements be made. how much will i be able to shell out asks my mind... /...

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Best buys of 2015

vrunda vakil Feb 3, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR There are numerous things we buy for our kids and some of them have a 'wow, i guess i shall buy this once more' effect as parents. most of the toys don't last until i can get a goo /...

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