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Saala teri to main….!!!

these are the usual words that any normal human being would say when angry being stalked!
i have been thru a similar experience myself. have been stalked by an unknown man i hate hate hate a lot.
this blog is dedicated to all those females who think they are being stalked:
1. be confirmed you’re being stalked when the man tries calling you from various numbers.
2. be confirmed you’re being stalked when he gives you 1001 reasons why you should not hang up and talk to him.
3. be confirmed you’re being stalked when the man disturbs your daily routine because real friends believe in giving space n stalkers dont!!
4. be confirmed you’re being stalked when he wants to know about all your whereabouts, follows u on blogs, fb, twitter.. just anywhere.. and when u block them they have new numerous anonymous profiles they can stalk you thru!
5. be confirmed you’re being stalked when the man knows where u work, live and secretly knows wat roads u tread on and has a wicked eye on you.
6. be confirmed you’re being stalked when the person tries being friends with ur best friends on all possible social networking sites and try ogling out info abt you!

i have always hated such men and wil continue to do so… if u have been thru something similar girl.. share it!

being human

Chk out these watches by sallu miyya…
awesome collection n designing.. this guy i tell u is doing so much for this organization… i wonder if he s more dedicated to his girlfriend or the org.. yea.. even my answer is organization bwahaha

i have send him a tweet.. i want the leopard styled watch myself…
ab woh to mujhe bhejne nahi wale.. par amitabh bachcahn ne ek baar bola tha umeed aur asha amar hai…
i no no one called asha n amar bhi nahi.. par chalo dialogue acha laga to likh liya.

waise salman is really impressive, the only time i tune into big boss 4 is on fridays when he comes for the elimination round.. baba re!! kya body hai re!
too good ! wat i personally love are his tees… they are so funky. i dont think any guy his age would look as nice as salman in the same tee. salamn has this charm that has bowled me over som uch that i have already bored you with more than a hundred words on him in 3 bloody paragraphs!

chalo, end of discussion.. agar aapke pass kuchh zyada hi salary hai to woh being human wali original leopard wali watch bhej diyo … kidhar? arre kharido to sahi.. main bol dungi kidhar .. !



Just read on amitabh bachchan’s blog that his sunglasses got auctioned for
1.25 lacs n 70000grands and his watch for 7.20 lacs.
super cool !!

and the amount from this auction will go to “save the tiger campaign”
i wonder who all must have any spare amount enuf to spend on such
auctions.. or should i say crazy enuf to spend on a used pair of dress or
sandals or even a hair pin that so n so actress tucked in her hair during
the shoot of a famous song??

and i realize there are certainly some people dog-gone-crazy who would not
mind spending a million dollars on a spectacle frame or an age old wine
the reason. i tried to assume or calculate:
1. they have loads of money and dnt know where to drain it.
2. there has to b something bought from an auction on a heavy price to
brag abt in the next kitty party or golf gathering.
3. status symbol maintain to karna padta hai na…
4. its all under the table… if no 1 buys it, the auction house will have
to see shame so a person is asked to keep the laajj intact 🙂
5. flaunt flaunt flaunt hahahaha

tell me more reason on

caught !


i knew i would find u on facebook if nowhere else 😀
i sneak secretly into ur twitter page to know what are your latest updates 😀

i still remember secretly keeping an eye on the profile page of this guy i had a huge crush on once. and the worse thing he knew i was doing it. and the best thing he enjoyed it… thats craziness at its best. and i didnt mind being caught for doing so; after all it was just a crush and like the name says it would get crushed after a while. no more poking, no more watching over who he adds as a friend, no more ‘liking’ his latest display pics. no more tracking his twitter page on what he tweeted and whom he replied to !!

seems like those childhood days return when we no more wanted something we always craved for, we start losing interest and treat the crush like a piece of paper crushed and thrown in to the waste bin… the same paper we wrote names on.. his and yours. those are the hardest times hai na?? but very soon we even forget it.. wat the heck! he was just another guy re.. i know i deserve someone better comes a prompt response with the devilish smile! 🙂 … naah! not this one, a real devilish one!

so we are back on the track again and this time our fb status says- i m single, i m not seeing anyone nor am i tracking anyone. just a few days more n u get caught again in a new web. fall for a new crush and the paper has a new name scribbled on it; this time with a little red heart between the names.. this is it? i mean is this really how it happens?

dunno.. may be yes or a maybe no… its all about how beautifully u can build d web. its your web remember!! only u know how to weave each woolly thread and place it at the right angle. you make it and u destroy it. samajhte ho? make the web in a way that u can easily slid out once the time is right. you dont want the sticky thread that leaves an impression all over u.. ur heart.. and ur soul. get caught, its a beautiful feeling but get out at the right time or you shall destroy the web and its charm.

KP says, “Love never ceases to exist… It just hibernates


i can see Aisha numerous times…
even maine pyaar kiya or for that matter namaste london!!! and even rang de
basanti if i m in a patriotic mood but Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se is no

its a historical documentary. at the end of 2 and a half hours i don’t
remember a single time i saw Abhishek laughed. Deepika stands tall and
beautiful in those dull brown avarganjha sarees…

the film is good for school students.. the tale talks a lot about what
happened in 1930 🙂 it feels like reading a history lesson / episode in
motion 🙂

no doubt all the actors have done a great job.. they all look very natural
in their character skins 🙂

in all.. a film for school students studying history and certainly not for
people like