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fisherman story- Kunj Palan

Once a fisherman woke up early n went to the sea side to throw the net… n catch fishes…

he threw in the net n sat on a rock waiting for sun to rise n fishes to get caught

he was thinking abt good fishes, selling thm, getting money n havign a good lnch with his wife n kids

suddenly he found a huge mount of stones

one by one he started throwing the stones while thinking n waitn for sunrise n fishes to get caught in the net

while he was throwing the last stone in the sea.. the sun rose n he saw that the stone was not stone but a diamond…

he saw in d water and found that all this while he was throwing diamonds inside n not stones….

except for that one .. he had thrown all others…

KP says…

Chhela shwas sudhi maanvi aasha rakhe che,
dawa ma ne dua ma vishwas rakhe che,
aa to ughadi aankhon na sambandh che,
baki jarurat thi wadhare to lash pan kaun rakhe che ?? !!