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silent inspiration

There are times when u are so frustrated with life… so tensed.. dimag ka dahi ho jata hai n u so badly wish to kill all those people who are behind the trouble u are going through. You start shouting and venting your anger on poor little souls who have nothing to do with the river of trouble you are sailing in without a row on your boat. and these little rabbit like humans listen to you with all compassion and later tell you something that makes you strong from within, smile from the outside, and wonder in your brains (if u have any) if you are really that cool 😉

talking about a recent episode, i was so much frustrated with the BC politics people around me play that I literally woke up my bestie late in the night and abused my trouble makers as kutta n kamina and even worse than that!! woaah!!! She halted me! Told me she loves d way I get angry but why get so hyper about situations? I felt the world would end if I failed to derive a solution for a problem that has been troubling me endlessly since a few thousand hours! Her only answer to me… “Chill babes… i know deep in ur heart u know wat the solution is, just accept it and act accordingly, i cant see you break down for such a small little tiny winy stupidy freaky faltu thing! You have always been my inspiration…” I was shocked!!!!

I never thought I could be someone’s inspiration…

I have always been talking faltu stuff around at times behaving like Paulo Coehlo’s right hand batsman and at times behaving like an agony aunt but i never really thought people are taking me seriously! kasam Imran Khan k dimples ki I’m not going to get tensed for the way others behave with me now on. (And if Imran Khan is in picture i mean i m dead serious, don’t you dare try and test it!). Let all the lame snakes whisper by and show me their fangs, i m not getting scared u ugly reptile!

Wow! Still can’t believe a small town girl like me can be someone’s fairy godmother, someone’s inspiration, someone’s row for boat they are stuck in!

And i was cribbing about not being able to find a solution for my problem! Huh! abbe kaake.. Main to someone s soul inspiration hoon re!! And its very true… every question (trouble/confusion) has an answer and if the answer is no, one must accept it.

The day you deel the whole world is conspiring against u just put on ur best outfit, your fav chambor lip gloss and a dash of kohl lining your eyes. Flaunt your chanel handbag, smell Burberry and stride thru the streets! Say NO… say no for once and twice and a few more times! You will an aura of confidence lift you up in the air and sing to you, praise you like Cleopatra, and there is no better feeling than self-confidence! You are your own inspiration. If you want others to love u, you must love urself first. Tu apne aap ko respect nahi dega to gali ki laari mein thanda pada vada pau bhi tujhe respect nahi dega.. samajh rahe ho na ??

Guzarish was one hahahahha deadly film, euthanasia ka mann ho gaya! 😛 but remember the way Aishu danced on Udi Udi… did u see her self confidence? She loved her gigantic rose, she loved her rekha wali red matt lipstick, she loved her ghaghra dress (kaun pehanta hai usse iss zamane mein batao… phir bhi confidence se she danced re) , she wanted to woo the audience and she did exactly the same. Her self confidence, her self respect, her love for herself is wat u must learn some day!

Love urself first! And see the glow on your face within a week… nahi hua to paise wapas! U are ur silent inspiration… imbibe, love it, live it !


Sparkles, dazzles and lurv,

Kohl_Lined XOXO

main kohlapur se aayi hoon ;)

ask every girl who owns more than 10 pairs of footwear in her wardrobe and she will def. have a Kolhapuri in her rack. kolhapuris are smart, decent, goes just too well with Indian and western outfits. Looks awesome with a pair of half pants and knee length sunday brunch dresses!!
and the best thing about Kolapuris are.. u can find them in more than 20 colors!!! yoohoooo 🙂 🙂 match them with ur clothes and look chic… blue pink golden silver white black maroon red yellow orange dark green red popat green l. brown drk brown…. name it and they exist on this planet !

I go ga-ga for footwear so i can just too well understand how weak one can go on their knees on seeing a ‘just too perfect’ pair of footwear in a display glass and crave to buy it instantly! uff kambhakht yeh price tag badi kamini cheez hoti hai !! lol… but kolhapuris come as cheap as 125bucks ! add a few beads n decorations and it would still not exceed the 200bucks limit which is just so affordable… NOW u can have atleast a few good looking colors in ur shoe rack and not whine about spending way too much over the single thing you are possessively in love with and makes you rock the kitty group with varied colors you can choose to wear and look perfecto every-time!!

you know what? Kolhapuris are originally known as “Pie-taan”. we call them Kolhapuris because they are made in Kolhapur place of Maharashtra. they basic funda behind this style of footwear is to made a sturdy pair of leather chappals that can last long, give an airy feel to your feet and at the same time last long when you are traveling on foot. originally made from the hide(skin) of a buffalo it is also allergy free unlike other synthetic fabrics. the style never grows old. it has been in fashion since ages and will last for atleast a few more generations! they never grow old, they never run out of fashion, they are as strong as u like it and the best part is you can even decorate them on your own and have your own designer wear…!!

gota pati or tassels, beads or swarovski crystals, color them wild and stitch a few embroidered laces, brocade stripes to jute strings that goes round ur ankle from behind… do wat ya want girl and make ur Kolhapuri a romanchak experience! every simple one you buy can be turned into a Cinderella’s shoe! no one in the whole kingdom will have a matching second foot as you 😉
post me some pics of ur Kolhapuri’s and let the tradition continue with more wackiness and the culture intact!

sparkles and dazzles and love,
Kohl Lined

waiting for the tide

Okay.. so at times there are times when times are hard and times are slow and u are just not with the time to understand the time and u want that for the time being lets leave it all upon time !! samjhe? nahi?? phir se padho .. samajh aa jaega !

what i m saying is there are times when everything around gets so confusing and so difficult to understand. situation samajh mein nahi aati.. jab situation samjho tab yeh pata nhi rehta ki ab iska solution kya hoga.. ussi jhap jhap mein aap yeh nahi samajh pate ho ki solution k baad kya ? wats d plan !!! uff !! chotta sa dimag woh bhi emotions se bhara aur itna saara weight n stress !! literally !!

now when u are in a situation when its so complicated n stressful that u have no clue how to handle it.. (usually a girl would break down n cry.) this time just try something different, something less tiring.. say f* off to the situation.. loud n clearrrrr !! act like a tigress and go march down the road n tell
all those who show attitude that u will not catch it so they shd just not try hard showing off their throwing skills..
tell the depressing situation that u will not let anything or anyone affect ur little heart so it shd just not try n make u feel weak ,
tell the wonderful dreams they will not suffer any more sleepless night and ur pretty face will not suffer any loss of charm n glow !
let the crap happen.. let the world know that u r tigress from within! no one can break u or make u.. u make ur own life girl !! let the devils taste a piece of pain now !

alas.. we girls are not so much of a tigress all the time..
so as i say let the sand on the shore wait for the tide to come by and sweep it away to the sea n to happiness and to a whole new world some day.. but remember the sand at times will have to wait long for the tide to come by, notice it and sweep it along..
till then.. cheers to life n happiness.. low calorie muffins n cafe frappes..

-sparkles n dazzles n lurv,
kohl-lined XOXO


Its been a while since i saw a perfect couple until one of my bestie’s got engaged. they just look so perfect was my first reaction when i saw them together in a pic.. i later talked with him and i realized this guy is straight out from a yash chopra romantic flick ! all so much in love with my bestie and no doubt he has everything a girl whould ask for ! “the RAJ from DDLJ” is the way i would describe him in one phrase. i have been only praising this guy to every school friend who asks; ” hey.. did u know meow got engaged… u must b knowing d guy too. u are her bestie. howz the guy like…”
LOL… everyone is curious to know who n where n how n wat… phew ! ab kitni aur taarif karu .. !
chal chadd… par karni padti hai.. an elizabeth had found a darcy !

yup… not every Lizzy or Eliza (as Jane Austen calls her) in this 21st century is lucky enuf to find a perfect match- a Darcy for herself !
but wat is fascinating to see is people are not ready to accept it and that results in d rising rate of divorces this year.
a friend living in Goa informed me the other day how every week 3 divorces are reported in Goa !! woahh.. dunno if the news cracked it authentic or not.. but surely its not a happy one.

anyways, wat i summoned u to say was the world has gone too cruel n our karma has been tainted all the while. no one has a white soul.. we are all gray ! its a fact n a bitter one too !!
we get wat we give. And to receive the best we have to do good karmas.. we have to keep them clean n blunt.. blunt bole to sharp knife nahi honi chahiye jo durr se to chamakti hai par lagne se khoon niklata hai.. samajh rahe ho na wat m saying ? !!

aur rahi baat Eliza ki.. life is too complicated re… and love is something that we cannot get so easily. We have to put in loads of efforts before-hand.
there are times when u fall for a guy… u like him, he likes u, a simple Taylor Swift story and u finally get to b his princess and let ur romeo sweep u by and take u in his wonderland. But there are times .. Hard times.. difficult times.. when even if things are just so perfect a love story is not possible. In those feverish times u gotta just accept the fact that u have settle in for a Collins or a Wickham! who are not so bad. they are just not Darcy but they are still great men !
They are frankie in a delicious red sauce but without cheese ! DONT LAUGH !!! I swear that s the way i can say it the best and the way u can understand the best :))

and there is one more type of love.. where ur dream guy has to be compressed into fewer words and leave the extra long detailing ! its not always possible that u get 100 % of wat u dream for. At times u have to settle down for a 60 % or 70% of ur dream. smile and accept it and remember… not everything in this world is perfect ! not every one gets a Darcy !
if u get 70% of wat u dreamt for.. relish it.. dont worry abt why Bhaggu didnt trust u and shower the rest 30 % …. Girl.. u will get wat you are worth it ! be happy for the 70 % coz the 30 u leave may b the only 30 someone else might b getting ! the 30 u leave might make your life just so perfect that there is nothing so adventurous or fascination left after a few years of courtship… its might be that 30 that when u accept will make him feel accepted and loved and u may b showered with more love than ever before !! samajh rahe ho na main kya keh rahi hoon.. ??
u are the best honey.. u are the Eliza for every right reasons ! but the fact in this age is that not every Eliza gets a Darcy ! u r the luckiest if u find one n u are still lucky if u find someone really nice n compassionate and lovely…
Khwab ho tum ya koi haqeeqat , Kaun ho tum batlao…
Der se kitne durr khade ho.. aur kareeb aa jao 😉

This Valentine’s Day May u find ur Darcy… May you find all the love and all the mushiness u dream for.. May u find ur Raj and me my Rahul.. May things work out just perfect for u today! loads of love in a red color 😉
sparkles and dazzles n love…

shut up n go to sleep !

Last night i was trying to explain a friend not to crib about how God was fair to me n unfair to her !!
i told her when u asked God to give u 10 things u want ; u end up getting 8 of it.. rather than cribbing about the 2 u didn’t get be happy with the 8 u get…

she again cribbed about how wonderful those 2 were and that its only those 2 that can make more happy than the package of those 8 can !
dhat teri ki !!!! aisa thodi hota hai pagli.. i told her..

u have something very spl in u and u need to b treated very specially that is why God has not given u those 2.. HE will give 3 more things in future n its then that u will realize those 3 are so more spl than the 8 u got n the 2 u lost !! these are just some probable numbers… nakki nahi hai yahin milega aur itna hi milega par jo bhi milega its gonna b the best one for u !

life is strange n it has its own way of working … it wil never tell u wat its plans are for u… u just gotta wait, do good karma and let life take its own train n pave a way. nothing is life will give u cent percent happiness … its upon u how much of it u can grab .. but as of now.. dont regret for those 2 u missed coz u deserve something better in life.. just wait n let it happen to u…


now if u have understood wat i m trying to say.. just shut up n go to sleep.!!

conversation with happiness

Knock knock..
who’s there??

ahem ahem… i m happiness, i ve come to meet ya.. God sent me, he said u were expecting a visit from me…

oh yea.. have been going thru a lotta stress lately.. so how ya doing?

ohh.. i m happy as usual.. let me make ur day happy n special. keep ur mobile along with ya. u shall receive a call from my friend who wil make u happy!

wow! can i keep the friend forever??

as long as u like it.. my name is happiness. my job is to keep u happy all d time. wat else?

ya.. now i remember i met u last time when i lost 3kgs… last month itself.. hai na??

ya.. that was me! u got a sharp memory Kunj.. i shall visit u soon. by the way. for all ur friends who are readign our conversation today. tell them i m there with them.. all d time. they just gotta look around for me. i m not a human like u earthlings.. i come as a sign.. i come in incidents, i come in places n actions and most importantly i come in smiles.. so they gotta smile if they wanna meet me 🙂

alrighto! i will see you 2mro..

2mro???? so soon.. are u sure?

ya… someone wil read this and find u and i will see you there while u bask in d sun with my friend 🙂