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free wali happiness

pappu cant dance salla.. k pappu naach nahi sakta… even when u dance horribly on this song u still want to dance n enjoy the rhythm. there’s a happy happy wala feeling. a smile on your face wala feeling.
when u meet ur best friend after a long time and bitch with her about your college classmates you experience a certain shrill in your laughter . kamini isko bolte hai happy happy wala feeling.
when u are in a deep sleep fighting with space aliens and your someone special calls u at 3 in the night just to say he/she misses u. a chhotu sa smile appears on their face listening to your voice! mind it!! that smile is contagious.. u catch it in a few silly seconds and you find yourself half asleep half smiling 🙂 happy happy wala feeling.
after almost a month of Caesar salad and mayonnaise dieting and soup running in your veins instead of blood you bite into your favorite gelato and u smile even when your mouth is plugged with a chunk of creamy calorie gelato.. happy happy wala feeling.
a long drive to home.. hunger pangs.. a fight with your boss.. nerve cracking headache.. moon playing hide n seek with the clouds n u.. your favorite song on radio.. your spl someone holding your hand.. strong hot coffee on a lonely truck laden highway.. your lips finally lose the battle and gives a smile.. a happy happy wala feeling.

yaar.. life has given us the best of smiley moments at the most unexpected times. click its pic in your eyes and store it in your mind memory.
paste it in your year book in your heart. and forget it.
the day u get gray n old and u whine about how ugly life has turned into.. look thru those dusty pics and see a smile attached to it.. pluck it out and seal it again on ur not so happy face.. peek into the mirror and see a new you! a re-discovered you!

babaji this is called free wali happiness, enjoy it, love it, relish it, let the smile reflect as a glitter in your eyes… let the smile result as a song humming on your lips all day long… let the smile reflect as a free hand flying in the air and feet tapping under the office desk.. e masakali masakali… love the love of ur smile.. u never know how it can fuel someone’s life. a few seconds and a life time of happiness.

abhi kuchh dino lag raha hai.. khushiyon bhare din aa rahe hai 🙂

glitter dazzles n lurv,