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i hate u.. lets break up now !

Dear S,
its been a tough few weeks for me.. i know u have loved me a lot.. u love the touch of my skin and the way u ruffle my hair n you love to make me sweat in front of u!! but enuf of it now!! i m tired, i m bored of u.. i hate the way u touch me now.. i hate the way u make my hair look all messed up n dirty ! i dont enjoy the way u stare at me anymore and i simply have overcome the gift u gave me.. those mangoes… yea, there was a time i waited eagerly for u to come by and gift me a few but im satisfied now. i’ve had ample of it now and i need no more pampering from u now every morning.

dearest Summer.. i m now trying to flirt with the clouds.. the PR work wil help me meet Monsoon and i have my eyes on him.. u better leave now for i want some space in my heart, monsoon wil gift me a few rains and that shall spoil the mangoes u gifted me with sheer love! i’m sorry but i now want a tan-free life ! and i cant handle ur scorch anymore ! uff !!! how many times do i have to remind u that i dont love you anymore, stop waiting for me outside the damp parking lots and trespass thru my windows in the afternoon siesta times.

i will miss those picnic days and the way you gave me sun kissed pink cheeks.
let me tell u how much i loved the way u shone on my face. it made me look so fresh n in love i shall always remember the freedom i enjoyed with you lazying around clad in summer shorts n white tees.
i wil always miss those windy evenings you came with and the breezy ice cream dates we went on…
oh summer ! we share a bond that taylor swift shares with her songs but we shall have to capture them all on holiday pic albums and you shall have to leave.
i believe in your dreams of spreading joy! i shall meet you next year ! and i promise we can work out something again (do bring in more mangoes as a bribe for me 😉 ) .

and like a Shakespeare’s poem you have lured me to love u oh! Summer!
until we next meet wish you loads of breezy days and shiny moments to share.

pray monsoon comes soon in my life and we shall b blessed with lots of rainy moments full of love.

adieu the King of Indian weather, my dearest Summer!

love, dazzles n shimmer

heyya Rockstar

to the apple of our eyes,

welcome to your new world baby… how are you finding the new world till now ? i hope u have started posting pics in your memories the way we do on facebook and started tagging them to keep a track of who your dad is.. who your mum is.. and the long list of aunts and uncles… loads of homework to do on that part darling! all the best.

the first time i saw you, you were in black n white negatives.. i could simply not recognize your gender nor could identify where your head is and where were your hands. i could not understand how u breathe or whether are u awake n asleep. but when u opened your eyes for the first time i knew you were the perfect living being i ever knew !!

i’m your aunt but dontcha worry 😉 i am going to be your best friend. we shall be snakes n ladder’s buddies. we shall be odd hour ice cream partners and i shall save you from all your silly notorious pranks you get caught playing. i want to see you grow up and be like your name- the KING ! i want to listen to your teachers praise about your grades and see your gf-s giving you lovely smiles. i want to see you grow up and be the perfect big brother to all your siblings the way your dad has been… be his shadow and make him proud my love.

be the brave and the strong. help the needy n loved ones, care for your family and human kind, hate injustice and rivalry, love success and chivalry, avoid being hurt and hurting, thank the all-mighty and your parents, live for yourself and the ones who lives to see your happy, reach for kindness and prosperity.

love, live n prosper.

love and glitters,
‘K’ for ‘R’