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rain and the love for bhajiya!

Every hour Radio Mirchi (where i work at present) goes ga-ga about a folk song on rain: aav re varsaad, dhebariyo varsaad… sort of welcoming the rains happily like an awaited NRI relative who brings in goodies and cashmere gifts. and who doesnt love the rains anyways… the chirping of birds signaling its about to begin, the peacocks dances in fields and low rise terraces, the smell of wet mud and puddles bedecked on the sides of roads. WOW! its all so refreshing! to top it all is the live and kicking goodly familiar smell of Bhajiyas…
the dictionary describes it as … ‘no results found’ hahaha.. how can it?
only a pure gujju knows what ‘bhajiyas’ are!
with the onset of monsoon starts the love triangle between rain, bhajiyas and calories! but wat the heck! we still love taking in calories in these quarter of the year only to reduce and wipe em all out in the next one.
if you happen to travel to Ahm, a few kilometers in its periphery; say on the way to bawla is an eatery called ‘ khodiyar bhajiya house’ 

dont go by the looks! it may seem a dowdy place but whats fascinating is that from factory owners to farm-workers; you shall find all kinda people standing in the same queue with tokens in hand waiting for garma garam deep fried gram flour with almost 400 calories in each dripping plate of oil with various fillings that can consist of potato slices, stuffed green chillies, fenugreek leaves or mixed veggie filler. 

the good part- they have vegan signs and clean sitting environ (old furniture yet clean): 


 though tourists may never prefer this place until and unless a local citizen praises it.

the bad part of it is that none of the helping hands at the eatery wears gloves or cleanses his hands… (fears of a delly belly scene recreating haunts you! )


the best part is: the flavor and its aroma. as a tomato ketchup tag line says’ its different’ . the bhajiyas are made in a huge vessel with hot bubbling oil and there are no LPG gas inputs. its made with wood and fire which gives it a very different flavor


 if you can ignore the shabbiness of the shack and concentrate only on the zest of the food you may end up having one more platter. all you gotta do is keep your eyes closed and taste buds motivated. my personal platter said its yummy. calorie conscious people may just give a whiff away and pass on. maybe a fat free mayo sandwich and diet cold-drinks would do you good. 


bonus point: it comes with unlimited kadhi and fried green chillies. savor till you can! 

p.s no parking available outside the eatery… parking on the side lanes at the driver’s own risk!
p.p.s you may bounce into a cool looking college group and make new friends.

dazzles shimmers and love,


HARRY POTTER films are strictly for potter fans only. only when you are visually or literary aware of the characters that you shall enjoy the films. magic wands and brooms and invisible cloaks and dragons and moving pictures and memories hid inside a little glass bottle and magic!! lots of magic! simply love the whole surreal world of Hogwards. 

As kids we always read fairy tales. a fairy godmother would come and wave her wand and turn cindrella into a  princess. and then dream of having our own story of fighting pirates and winning against witches to save a princess or ride a unicorn to neverland… we grew up in that dreamy-magical world and hence the love of being a Potter fan.
there are two writers we always love… a Chetan Bhagat type who writes things so realistic that atleast one chapter would somehow fit into our life.
or… a J.K.Rowling type who weaves a magical world far from the tensions and worries of today. we want to indulge into something we have never seen but only heard/read ‘ and want to experience it for once, no matter wat the age!

i had read on a website that Emma Watson (the beautiful hermoine) was not present during all her shoots and for a certain wide shot scene a body double was used. i so much wanted to identify it during the deathly hollows part II but by the time i remembered i had to identify- the film was over 😛
kasam se.. the films draw u into the magic world so beautifully that we muggles forget wat we were upto 😉

I remember back in school we had to get our names registered with the librarian to issue a HP book because everyone wanted to read it and there was always a waiting list before we cld read it. by the time it reached my hands it was never in d new paperback condition…  the smell of freshly printed pages was absent, the pages were turned as if book-marked. there were signs of being weathered after being read by many a students! yet i used to enjoy reading them and if you owned your own limited edition hard bound book you were the star of the school !! ‘stars-stars’ 🙂 🙂 haha wat wonderful days were they. to fight and collect the best potter stickers and save sunday afternoons to complete the book.
these days as i talk and gossip about films and cookery shows and hot bods of film stars i realize things have changed a great deal. i am still a potter fan but those days are gone when Daniel Radcliffe was the only crush and every girl wanted a hair cut Emma Watson stood up on. wow.. times change naa… and its far gone before we realize it. 

i have been through my own potter mania as the series comes to an end. just the way F.R.I.E.N.D.S became a dvd collectible so shall be the HP series. happy collecting-mania

dazzles glitters and love

early to rise!

Mornings are always awful… especially if u are a night bee like i am. 
i love the windy nights, the lights and the silent hustle of the leaves. and i so much hate the morning trin-trin of the milkman and waking up while i’m dreaming my best.! who likes it anyways??

but well these days the mornings seem to be more beautiful than anything else through out the day. I was at the merchant city of Gujarat early this week- Ahmedabad and I witnessed the day break before the sun could rise… no, actually the sun was hiding behind the clouds’s pallu  ; watever! but at 6am in the morning you need not think about where the sun is.. all you can think is wat you see!


often at school i studied Shakespeare and a poem of his flashes across my mind looking at the morning sky where he says to his lady love who should i compare you with ? u are nature’s beauty or just my muse? the sky looked as similar to what Shakespeare says,
shall i consider this as God’s painting or just a normal monsoon morning. 


i doubt not the beauty of the monsoon morning; but i doubt if i can capture it all into my eyes all my life? wish i could capture more and let it settle into my eyes in such that i can revive and look at the pleasant frame of the morning sky whenever i feel like it.

p.s my hazy mobile clicks also inspire me to buy a good camera 😛  wish u could see in these wat i saw this morning.

glitters, dazzles n love,

dress well. eat scanty and fart less

woohoo!! the last of the marriage season days are over… see them again in October and November… going to marriages are delightful . personally because i love to dress up, put on make up and my fav rare pieces of jewels and chunky bangles and those high heels i usually dont wear at work place. rounding it i would say dressing up traditionally is a beautiful change from the upscale casuals one wears at home , dinners or office.

the last three days were spend at marriages and pre-marriage post-marriage functions. and they turned out to be super amusing! my pragmatic observations made it so. follow my to-do list and u too will savor each moment spend at these ethereal functions. time shall fly with ease.

1. NOTE: when u see 40% beings (men and women n children) draped in hues of purple .. dont think much!  purple is the color of the season! and shall continue to be so till diwali n new year. this royal color was once only worn by people belonging to the blue-blood family. anyways, be extra careful how you accessorize it. gold and silver both match depending on the shade, cut and style of your outfit. dont go extra bling n glittery! i saw this lady yesterday wearing a lavender saree teaming it up with purple stoned necklace which is such a turn-off! and helllllloooo…. who said orchids cannot be tucked behind your ear ?? it looks just so chic sweety… atleast better than those champa-chameli-mogra which are just so-not-fashionable anymore!!

2. Shoe stalk! Some desi girl who have no past experiences of wearing heels turn up at marriages wearing fancy heels for no clue what reason! And they dance around while they walk(actually!!!) and the worst is when it comes from a  newly wed bride L.O.L ; This is the most funniest thing and also a major reason why girls also look at another girls feet.. (read as :stare and laugh). a Lotta times the shoe-fetish in you wants to grab some girl’s arm and spank her for wearing such an old pair of aunt type slip-ons or wear a jazzy pair just because that’s the only glittery pair of party-chappals she has! OMG ! its a shame if a girl cannot stand up straight on a mere 1.5inch heel… and when they do they dance around and fall over. my almost 42pairs of footwear rack always wants to donate a few to such girls.

3. food!!! glutton gujjus always rate a wedding depending on the number of dishes spread across the dining area at any auspicious function! no… not because we louve food. but because garba dancing is normal (DJs are barely seen) and dry state leaves no option but to attack on the delicacies. the challenge is not only to provide quality and elaborate lunch-dinners but also to make sure they out-do the other relatives… ‘our uncles and aunts and cousins have always given you such treats and the food at weddings was good too but my son your spread of varieties should be better than them no? ‘ 
this constant cold-war of serving a better feast has been a rage since… you know na…

4. women women o women !! ladies and aunties and all elderly females have a constant drill to ask young cousins to come over to their place. and once you answer…’sure aunty’ is a green light signal for them to ask us private-family-personal questions !! and this doesnt end here… it ends with them saying what they began with ‘ come home sometime!’ but my dear cat like lady if only you would give me your address i would wishfully come and visit you. 😛 
she would keep on inviting us but would dare not utter where exactly she lives.

only 20% of them do so and that shows their genuineness. always visit these aunts and relatives. they mean it (hugs hugs). for the rest of the crowd: meet me again in d next party and i will summon you for a better drilling . hahaha (the mean me )
5. coy n embarrassing are the times when you respectfully touch your super-elderly(from the times of rajnikant and dara singh)’s feet and they say.. ‘so good to see you beta, u are pinky’s daughter… or you are bunty’s son no ?? ‘

ahem ahem… sorry granny but your pinky n bunty have been promoted as grandparents since atleast a decade now! 😀 😀 my great aunties still call my mum by the nick name(which i would never reveal on blogs.. stop hunting for it u cheapo 🙂 😀 ) she had when she was a 5 year old and its always amusing to hear it once in a while xoxoxo
6. people often attack food like never before! i would suggest one to just taste  them and not gorge on it. there will be many instances when you can go to weddings and hog on similar menu but then you will have to bid farewell to that beautiful lehnga or shirt you always loved since they dont fit you anymore. a super tight blouse with mass of fat skin bulging out is such a no-no for our sight. and it would be so embarrassing if the shirt button would sprung out of suffocation of a tight shirt and drop dead in someone’s soup bowl ! hahaha… ( i know u too imagined it like i just did). if you want to fit into that dress again better not be a pig and eat but eat like a model does at such events.. thoda thoda …

lovely smiles and gliding  outfits! food your taste buds would love and observations that will keep you busy.. marriages are so much fun!!
do tell me your experiences… 

glitters and dazzles and love,

a dear spark!

“Oooooo…. Wow!!! who’s he ? ” went my eyes…

that piece is beauty has struck my eyes and that too for a whooping expensive cost. u see that spark below. its has a price tag that comes with a single figure followed by 5zeroes ! He’s handsome and has curves. he snorts and he talks quick! he is a high maintenance fellow and yet girls drool over him! Watever happened to simple honda machines?? the age is back fr the heavy duty mean machine.


a British name and an Indian birththis beast has been reigning hearts since 1940s… noise and spatter is not accepted for cars but this machine isnt bought if he silencer is silent! how rude n cruel n unfair! 
 You aren’t allowed to ride ur 2-wheeler … bad boys n rowdy is the next label u receive if you if you do so but a RE runs like butter if u keep it above 60kmph! L O L un-senti-mental ! 


a woman loves her man if he drives his one and a man doesnt need a woman if he’s driving RE! fair and square! 
 he’s ready to spend 2 hours washing RE clean n sparkling and hates to spend the same 120 mins at a shopping mall with her girl. and the trip would even result being greasy… !

tsk tsk.. wat a mean machine! yet so wishful.
cheers to those who own and to those who wish to own (almost every real man wants it )

dazzles shimmers and love,

aftr a 40 days break!

Holy freak i just realized its been 40 days since i last wrote a blog…
y 40 days! i was just away from the internet frenzy! was super bored with this electronic friend who never responds with a hilarious cuckoo laugh or a stampede like comment. and anyways.. hamare blog kitne log padhte hai…

I do miss those days when passing a secret chit across the classroom was more fun… these days its in the form of fb updates or tweets! so much internet k ghulam we all are!
I miss those days when i used to exchange my classmates’ tiffin box as it had all those cookies from abroad her aunts used to bring(from duty free zones on airports). and these days we resent going for dinners at friends place but choose to meet for a drink at a near by coffee place.
Those were the days when it was perfectly alright if u wear a dirty old pair of sneakers to a birthday party… these days you make sure the pair of stilettos are the latest in-thing.
Those were the days when we planned a gathering in school and took a bicycle ride in the evening to the friend’s abode… these days you ping on ur BB how good ur friend’s dp is !!
Those were the days when apples were eaten for a healthy reason ” beta an apple a day keeps a doctor away and even those injections and dirty tasting pills”
these days- ” mom lets buy those apples it has the lady from ‘The Incredibles’

The list can go on and on and on but im too lazy to write now! lets just go to the canteen and have a 3rs ki cutting chai and dare not tempt me for those cheezy puffs, they are too calorific… and lets just stare at those girls and make fun of how phatichar they are dressed ! eeewwww!!

dazzles shimmers and love