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Hum bhi agar bachhe hote

Remember Johny Walker in an Eastman color singing ‘hum bhi gar bache hote//’ in mid 60s? sometime or the other some of our relatives have definitely sung it for us in one of our childhood parties and looking at those VCR’s we feel utterly embarrassed or fall in a fit of laughter. but dont we all love the feel of childhood during school re-unions or while watching our kids/niece and nephews live through it. its never too late to do so. check these kiddo cute tees in adult sizes.
wearing a hannah Montana to a girls get together is signalling fashion police to come and beat you to death but hell no one minds a garfield or tom n jerry maneuver on your chest.

check out at the end of this blog where you can customize your own tee with your fav cartoon hand prints.

bought from a random store in rajkot.

a tom n jerry loved by all tee, 
did u know? tom n jerry has been to every american home since 1940!!

bought from a shopping website. ‘’
a supergirl tee i had to buy. DC originals are often bought here.

did you know? DC- ‘Detective Comics’ has given us the fourth world heroes like superman, batman, bat-woman, green lantern, flash and robin.

bought from a super chic store in ahmedabad ‘European Catalogue’

i am so much in love with this super girl tee. since the time saif ali khan started the trend of a blue tee and the red-yellow superman symbol i always wanted to own my own super girl tee. the good part is you can find these a numerous colors at european catalogue. don a checked scarf along with and you are ready to sensationalize a party crowd. 

bought from a random store in bandra, mumbai.

this is the trendiest cartoon tee i have seen, so many swarovski crusted on a cute donald print. makes it a perfect wear to a party or even a casual high street shopping date. 
did you know? donald duck lives from 1934 till today and has been to the second world war! 

impressive it is when you get to wear your fav cartoon up your sleeve. here is what a friend has been doing. hand painting tees click here

cool enough ehh?? i am just thinking on weather to buy this garfield print or not?? what are your latest cartoon print purchase? comment me soonish.

dazzles glitters n louve

a to-do before getting married- as per experience [ Part 2 ] FINDING AN OUTFIT


Its the most difficult part of getting married- a wedding trousseau is the most beautiful part to shop for and the most confusing too. 
so many trials and so many stores to peek into. when i was looking out for my perfect wedding dress it was trail and error at all stores since it was the annual july sale time! u cannot find something new and trendy fatak se…
and a lot of times people end up buying the wrong trousseau. my suggestion:

anything in pure silk is 7 years old and surely avoidable (until n unless its gaji )
anything in raw silk is atleast 3 years old (but can work for a pre-wedding function)
anything in brocade a year old atleast (but depending on the finishing and work it can still be carried beautifully)
anything in net plus resham is the latest (but once torn it turns useless)
anything in cotton and gold is evergreen !! (again depends on personal choice)

for gujjus its simple to find a wedding outfit since its a tradition to wed in panetar n gharchhodu (a white saree with red border and a red saree with gold checks)

a charcholu

(a panetar)- pic courtesy: heritage of Vanza

the most beautiful of all attires  a bride buy she will love her wedding outfit the most.

its always advisable to buy the wedding outfit first before buying other attires since you dont want a budget crunch or ‘i already have this color, this style, this pattern blah blah blah’ kinda excuses. it should be the finest of all attires you buy. not just for the bride but even brides maid and the family members.
a pvt radio station i work with had a bridal fashion show a few months back. here are a few pics for how the bride should look like.

things to remember while selecting a wedding outfit:

  • the work and material matters the most. it should be something that’s  in fashion and also something that suits your body type and colour.
  • don’t accessorize it with lots of gold ornaments if the outfit highlights a lot of silver tone. yes, u can always compliment it with diamonds. 
  • do not buy a heavy saree or lehanga if u cannot carry the weight for long hours (read it as one full day).
  • no! u do not need to buy clutches or special heel sandals to match your wedding outfit. you won’t need such accessories.
  • double tight the saree or lehanga by the waist, you really dont want it to slide along side while at least a few hundred pair of eyes are only watching you.
  • let it be the best of all your attires but do not spend a fortune on it if you are not going to wear it again. buy best but buy wise.


i just came to know certain families have rituals which says the bride and the groom cannot see the bride’s outfit before marriage. its kept as a secret. she sees it on the wedding day and he sees it at the mandap.

have fun selecting your wedding outfit! cheers!! make sure its a part of all you dreamed for your w-day. these days there also a few designers who can make you a customized trousseau according to your choice of color, embellishments and style and of course budget! 

glitters dazzles and louve

A heely affair

Yes i am just so much in love with all my heels. I cannot imagine a girl’s wardrobe without one. gone are those days when heels were only for short girls or classy cocktail parties. it so much looks classy even for a wedding, office, casual outings, dance performances and romantic dates. You just need to know how well to carry, how to merge it well with your outfits and even how to walk when you are a 2 inches ground level!


 this is a nice slice of casual heels, neither too high to fall off nor too little to hide away. it also gives your calf a nice look in case you are in a sleazy outfit. a rugged look also gels it well with your denims as well. just must know what to team it with (for e.g a capri or any three-fourth is a big NO NO !!! ).


this is  a nice pair of corporate junk. this has been so far the costliest lee-cooper heels i have invested into and its look is just perfect with the whole plum colored denim beautifully made over wood with a leather belt and a broze buckle. when choosing heels for corporate events or office wear make sure the texture(material) is not so jazzy or the standard so low that it starts tearing off in a few wear. Coz it has to look so perfect while meeting people at formal events. remember a saying ‘ people are known by the shoes they wear’ ??


now these are wedges, they look just so pretty even in three-fourth of half pants. they look pretty even with salwar-kameez. and black-beige are colours that can melt with all outfits. just make sure u dont wear it with jumpsuits. lets not be a rakhi sawant typo to make your costly wedges look a complete waste.


just a lil of it to make an effect! these are called dancing heels in a lay men lingo. just enough to make a ‘thaak’ noise while you tap them on the floor. and choose these in bright glittery stuff. the look good in pics and spotlights.
P.S never wear high heels for a dance if u dont practice in high heels. you may just fall over the audience or twist your ankle. 
P.P.S i even know ppl who wear high heels to college dances , fall over and tear their ligaments :(( tch tch tch


this is my most fave pf all heels. they make a statement , it has a beautiful cut, it has eye popping studs, it has just a perfect steep to look uber cool and it matchs just so perfectly with my sarees. every girl will fo-sure have a pair that she would never want to part with ever after a 100 wear and tear! remember: you need to have two different heels for indian wear, one for the salwar-kurta n likes and one exclusively for 5-6 yards of beauty!


these are a lil tattered and a year old but i simply louvve it. wedges a bought from a random store in parla(mumbai) , irla market. i like the button detailing on the sides and a bow on the back. i love to carry it with a perfect fit of pants and tee. call it casual or office wear. they are cute for both. 

my affair with heels is a never ending one. so shall be the story with every girl of tinsel town! be glamorous and love your heels. they make you feel more confident and look lovable. no more peeping over from a shoulder to get into a pic!

P.S a tip to make your heels look perfect even if they dont match your dress : carry a hand bag or clutch that matches the color of your heels. trust me this makes an outfit look complete too.

glitters dazzles and louve

a to-do before getting married- as per experience [ Part I ] sec II

     Once the venue and menu are all finalized your next tour stop should be at the salon you trust the most for the jodu( bride n groom). i have seen men with stubble the looks like they haven’t seen he sun since ages ! and i have seen girls who look pale like Voldemort just sucked out all blood out of her or have pimples to a count that looks like there’s oil rather than blood running into her veins. let the whole khandaan be cheapskates  but the groom n bride must enroll for a 3 month package… because the regime to turn the frog into prince/princess must begin atleast 3 months before the big day! let there be no bad hair(witch look) days, say good bye to wrinkled and patchy skin.

    Three months because you cannot transform your skin in one day. all those salons who give you a 20 min 1500bucks diamond facials are not enough for a bride/groom look. men don’t want to look like shrek even though they love that caricature but maybe a Matt Le Blanc (…how ya doin’ ? ) and women want to look like Aishwariya just stepped out of a hot bathing tub smelling of Lux. your hair needs to be cleansed caressed and refinished and your skin needs to breathe oxygen and not gels and scrubs on the w-day! also pigmentations and tans need to be taken care of. unwanted hair needs to be shown the dustbin and puffy eyes need to… see more of Salman! :)) my eyes smile when they see him. It works.. try it!

    I have seen a lot of women buy 3 month bridal packages and make every effort it takes to give them a perfect bride look where as men are too lousy to skip Yuvraj’s batting and spend that hour inside a steam helmet and getting a pedicure done… Hello !!! when pics get clicked at your wedding you dont wanna look like Beauty and beast! better get into a fruit diet and regular visits to prep up!

    jet set go! venue menu and a perfect glow-look all set! now let all the brides maid the best men look at you both and be fried out of jealousy! rock n roll baby!!

glitters shimmers and love,

a to-do before getting married- as per experience [ Part I ]

Woah! it has been 2 weeks before i get a good start to this blog! havent just got the right ‘few’ words to start with, have to much to say and share.

   Every girl has a dream woven for her W-day! of a dress clad with lovely color threads and texture. of jewels shining as bright as her smile that day. of hair combed like that of cindrella. of eyes looking like a mermaid. of decors that would make her feel she’s her dad’s princess. of a cuisine one would never forget. Every single detailing has to be perfect. and its that perfection which makes your eyes wet and your lips smile at the same time. a feeling, a day that would never come back. an emotion you want to savor it all. when time stands still and a flash-back takes your mother to the day you were born and she first held you out of her tummy and into the folds of her hands. A day of luck, lustre, glamour, laughter, love, smiles & tears, attention & affection, friends & family, drapes & jewels, kebabs & custards. And most importantly a day when two souls vow to become ONE !

    so here i am as I begin my new life giving you free advice on making a to-do as you walk graciously to the biggest day of your life. let me help it be hassle free if its your first 😉

    Part I 

    Once the families decide the marriage is to happen on a certain day the first thing to do is search for the right venue! narrow down your options according to the guests you are expecting , the weather it shall be on the w-day and the most important of all how much you wanna spend on the decor. a nicely managed place and an attractive one too doesnt need much of decor where as a plain grassland that even horses n cows can munch on needs way too much to do (until and unless you dont mind spending  a fortune on your wedding venue n decor).

     also a grass ground needs more decor since its all open 360degrees. where as a room can look shabby, with p of paris coming all out in little bits into your mocktail as you sip it (LOL… its funny imagining it). an outside venue is perfect with spectacular view and bounty of nature where a venue within four walls and roof means rain-proof! hahaha… both has its pros and cons. so to sum it up choose a venue that fits the weather, i spacious enough to accommodate all big bottoms and within the proximity of what your wallets can share.

    now many a venues do have in house catering and decor services that would come as a relief since it just means you choose a theme, you choose the menu and you get a choice of what sitting arrangement you wish. fish out a pen and sign an advance cheque! voila. half a day and you heave a breathe of relief. 
if the venue just provides catering there are so many event planners available these days that shall do all the running required on your behalf. they can also give you new ideas on how to make your day so different and impressive. a little trust and lots of follow ups will be just enough.

    now choosing the menu can also be difficult. your taste buds needs not only a heart to appreciate but only a mind to decide if it would appeal all the guests. also make it a point its not the same old cuisine and dishes. ask the chef to make something better, something exquisite, something that doesnt exist in their a-la-carte for which your wedding would be remembered the most. bargain for a small price and bigger menu. dont mix and match.. let all the food items blend well with each other. 

    once the venue, the menu and the decor is finalized a major part of setting up a wedding is done with. take a deep breathe and celebrate it with a chocolate mouse. tadaz

glitters shimmers and love,