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the diwali feast

 Yes, diwali is always about having fun with friends and family, while family dinners are always indoors in serene white linens and china crockery filled with delicacies and tummy ticking talks thru late nites and mithai exchanges; the supper with nut n bolt friends took us to the world of salads in long island dressings and twirly pastas with crisp thin pizzas made in virgin olive oil in a place called the Little Italian.
situated on s.g highway in ahmedabad this place has a nice quietness to itself. a wide parking and a green welcoming party lawn invites you to enter a restaurant with mild instrumental music in the background and a wide variety of ‘only’ Italian cuisine to choose from.

like the picture suggests, i do not glance at the right side of the menu card when choosing the meal order as it restricts the taste buds to the joy i shall en devour for the rest of the evening. what is lovely about the menu card is the fact that it had pictures from Italy and few little italian words which makes it stand apart. the creamy white walls of the restaurant were decorated with paintings from… ummm.. i suppose some italian painters. or its copy atleast.


the food was delicious but a warning to those who dislike the olive oil dressings on ceasar salads n pizzas; the garlic bread was hot and fluffy! just the way i love it! and trust me on my words i loved the ceaser ghas-phus even when my counter mates gave a wry look of amazement on how i could easily gorge into those lettuce leaves and baby tomatoes. btw, the tomato bruscettas  were the yummiest i’ve had. overall, the quantity of a single pasta and pizza is sufficient to twin sharing. 


the hot n juicy cuisine was pretty enough of what i desired that evening and that left me unarmed of any mocktail drinks to digest on though there were a few available on the menu card. to wipe off the olive oil n onion aroma some mints were offered along with the not so pricey bill to be paid. fairly priced i carried two extra mints with me as a souvenir { 😉 wink wink } 
check this place if you are a fan of veggies and breads.

adieu till we next meet,

dazzles glitters and louve


 For some of the blue blooded Indians diwali was all about the 5-0 whitewash, for the others it was about the annual bonus and savories, for a few it was about special corporate much-awaited-gifts and for the others it was all about spending a large sum on ethnic shopping or whooping holidays! for a few others it was about lights and revelry the rest stayed home immersed in pujo and dhan-aarti! 
for me, it was a little bit of everything. after a long time of cribbing and cursing on the 16th page for sports the same sports journalists will talk about dhoni ki dhamaal and firango ki dhamakedaar haar! Freakkk!!!! i hate these hypocrisy yet to be optimist i would be happy to see something new to read about the name and fame of the indian players. 
a nice chocolate gift box from a bank, a mithai box from my radio mirchi and a grand lunch with colleagues later i found myself strolling for a gift i could give to my relatives n friends. what happily surprised me was the variety i found in gifts, i had numerous options! wowdie… i did buy a box of chocolate cigars *(chocolate wafer rolls filled with soft gooey chocolate… sexy Bond 007 type name na ?) plus have a look at these pics… faadoo!


just behind thegift hampers/packages is my all time fav- M&M
yum yum yumm… super liked those non-alcoholic champagne (sparkle water bole to ) are classy sophisticated and looks uber-cool when taken to to their relatives home as a gift! stand apart is a one word way to describe it… savvy?
this time the new year is going to be the best of its kind, shall post you soon on the gujju new year celebration… till them Enjoy a safe and Happyyyy Diwaliiiii tadam te tudum !
dazzles, glitters and louve
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1069 and super happy !

As i write this blog right now i have 1069 reads for my blog. i’m happy and dancing on the tunes of “raise your glass” by PINK !

yea.. pink has always been my favorite color. and for a lil pre diwali shopping i went to a this town mall to buy a chambor lipstick. this is the only store in town that sells chambor!! eeyaa! super loved the brown matt finish stick.


not so costly something around 500bucks. 
while browsing through the lakme counter i could not resist buying this lip palm which comes in shades of peach n pink. again not too costly- it was around 180bucks i guess. if you are fine with paying that much for a few grams of pink shine on your lips. Ethereal !! trust my words on this!


ok.. usually i dont post such pics but i wanted you to see what all i go thru while searching for a color i want! when i decide i want a particular shade i go thru endless stores and their stock to buy my desired one.


and now ladies and gentlemen this is a pick for the diwali season! a chanel pendant. real gold (3grams_ and diamante (cz quality) . just saw this at my jeweler’s store and could not resist but click a look of it. if you want it just put ur email down in the comment box and i shall get back to you! louuvveee this one 🙂


happy diwali shopping fellas !

P. S spread the word for kohllined and some day this should read as 10690 rather than 1069reads 🙂
thanks a ton 

dazzles glitters and louve,

Polka dots in pink

 Love for polka dots has made history. right from marilyn monroe to dimple kapadia and aishwariya rai. i got this pretty top from a store in bandra for my birthday! though the plans i made didnt actually work out but hey i m fine with it as far as i got to shop something i wished for. i was always skeptical about wearing polka dots over a pear shaped indian structure. guess the butterfly sleeves does the trick! and make me look better. i combined it with benetton ripped jeans i bought from my trip to ahmedabad recently!
 a boat neck with a cutsie bow at the shoulder looks extremely feminine.
now that is the trick for pear shaped women. try and engage attention towards the torso rather the trunk. 
another tip for women with pear shape: wear some alluring jewelry. like the bib necklace i just bought. bib necklaces have been in trend for some time now. in india it made news when sonali bendre wore it in her 
reality show india’s got talent as a judge. this is my style statement to show off for the season…
 to buy this and more of such fantastic jewel pieces check KRUCARNATIONS
they have some fabulous collections. including the owl pendants. 😉
if you visit their fb page dont forget to stop by here and join me-
before i sign out for today here is some thing inspiring SHE said-
“well-behaved women rarely make history” love Marilyn Monroe for her attitude

this is one of her rarest 11 color pics before left abode. isnt she the most prettiest face ever ??…

dazzles shimmers and louve

kohl lined

Weddings are super fun, and i have a zillion reasons to prove those who gave a snarl at my opening sentence. 
to begin with it gives me an opportunity to dress up in those shimmery glittery 3kgs or more outfits i casually dont wear. and wearing a make up always makes a girl happy shappy. not that she looks better than her natural self but a lil make up or touch ups can make her look like someone else, a rock star or maybe a princess fiona in the morning time 😉 (yes.. i love the shrek series).
think of a kohl lined, mascara laden n eye liner smoked eyes as a magic that that cindrella was blessed with.
make up is a daily essential these days but i remember back in school when hot shorts was not too new but a little make up would make my head mistresses fume like an angry dragon! charcoal isnt good for eyes ophthalmologists say. well yes maybe but tell me wasnt it cleopatra or even our mythologicals queens n lord krishna himself who had surma under their eyes ? 
just a kohl /surma makes your eyes speak volumes hidden under your heart…
mothers apply kohl to their new borns for some strange reasons i aint aware of.
and hahahhaa… Kajra re kajra re tere kale kale naina is a national property ! wasnt young abhishek praising a beautiful aishwariya who tried wooing him with her kohllined eyes!!
so many beautiful stories and couplets have been written in the beauty of a woman’s kohllined eyes. 
smudged/smoked kohllined eyes have been a killer trend since i started writing blogs!
i dont know how long it shall last but i know it shall till ‘forever’ comes to an end. the way a simple kohl line makes a girl beautiful is the story of my life 🙂
to all the beautiful girls and women reading this,
dazzles glitters n louve,

a to-do before getting married- as per experience Part 3

Getting married means a lot of shopping which i louve doing… muah! my fav job 365days. 
until now i had all my cosmetics done away in small little velvety or furry pouches. n drawers but hell ya ! i now have a reason to spend a fortune on vanity cases. while surfing thru which ones to buy i was glad to know provides free delivery worldwide!!! eeegads!!! 🙂

here are a few high end vanity cases you wanna drool on:








well a vanity for me needs to be spacious enough to hold on more than just foundations n nail paints or glosses and mascaras or make up removers or chotu perfume bottle. for me a vanity case has to be multi purpose (read : it should even carry an extra tee n sanitation in case of long flight hours) and hence i landed up with a brown caudroy Estee Lauder (sorry , no pics attached.) with loads of estee lauder products…
once again, in case you are looking for estee lauder originals at a reasonably lower rates contact me. leave a comment n your email address i shall mail u back.  my bestie is a distributor! <3

dazzles glitters n louve,

Mirchi Music Masti

 What fun!
Had an awesome time this sharad poonam at a radio mirchi event. nothing can beat us when the four heads (me n my 3 other rjs) get together on the stage.. raita fela dete hai.. lol.. 
lemme give u a view before i describe it all:

 we had invited Hrishitaa Bhatt to the studio, a press conference and a radio show later we decked up to the venue and played gujju garba, hosted the mirchi show and had a helluva time! 
yes, this blog is only for pictures n love for mirchi.

dazzles, glitters n louve.

Color Burst

Since my childhood i have noticed something at movie halls, a lot of people dress up extremely nice while going for a film. is it to impress the date or just another reason to look stylish is a personal thingy. but i swear a color burst at a theatre hall is certain to attract more lookers. and the feminist in me always wants women to be the center of a talk-a-thon! check out :





 a red tunic, yellow lycra leggings, a black chiffon jacket, a bottle green hidesign crocodile bag and colorful slip-ons. a color burst if merged/coordinated well can look perfect or else a mess.
a sneak peak pic of my next blog:
dazzles, glitters and louve,

pyar hua ikrar hua

I’m so much in love with footwear… i get nervous wearing heels higher than 2 inches (i’ve always had nightmares of falling off them in public 🙁 creeepyyyy)
look at these wannabes…

the kareena effect for Metro


so halloween Gothic 

i call this d cindrella heels 

clogs fantasy

steve madden- color rush

steve madden ! i so much want this !!