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shobha ka ghosla

I heard what shobha had to say abt kangna… and i just could not stop smiling by the time she finished her talk… 
gawd! she is so jealous of her was my first reaction. certainly this is not the first time i have caught her talking things about the new age young models and heroines in which a lot of jealousy is salivating in her words and talks!! uska bhi ek zamana tha… i so much wanted to hold her arm tightly in my hand tell her upfront that she has to grow up and accept this is the next generation and no matter how many off shoulder n backless blouse you wear with hot pink lipstick and travel all around the world you are still the old horse and she the new mane of the winning race. shobha had problems with the way kangna talks in her newly learned english language… hello! did you forget how your articles are never pure english?? a lot of words are chutnetfied in various languages and decoratively placed to invite praises and attention? rather than complimenting how fast she has adopted the new bollywood hi-profile lifestyle shobha was running into rags about how weird she looked and how wig like her hair is… haven’t you had your bad hair days ever shobha? you think you are Cleopatra ?? well, i cant say it on your face so lemme just write it down here that skirt you wore once for the wine tasting made you look shit n old and grumpy. no one wears such an old fashioned ghaghra skirt anymore. you so badly need to improve your taste when it comes to good films. you find znmd not so good a flick and a flop like patiala house made you write blogs for 2 consecutive days … even if you wrote more than that i cared not to read them after the 2 days of melodrama you praised! you are turning into an old aunt who doesnt like anything that the new generation does and thinks… no doubt znmd is not a film you will enjoy. its a film youngsters or ppl with young hearts would enjoy and you do not fall into either of the categories! you are like those grandmothers who wore cleavage showing dresses in her young age and often modelled in lingerie but when the young girls do that you criticize and talk about the great indian culture v/s her !! grow up and dont label someone as a chameleon because you are the same sweety… you old sick grandmother who cant face the fact that her time of being in the limelight is gone… hay day is here.. open your eyes and see it for yourself!!! huhh!
no doubt your vocabulary is so good. there is always a new word to learn when i listen to you.
 waiting for your next blog, 🙂 (cough, cough) sorry its just the winter setting in and the chill getting in.
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slow brainers would need more signage!

its blue – his favorite !

Every single girl on this emotional land full of love called earth has some day purchased, donned, carried with style, worn with pride or just drapped on casually a color that would impress a man she wants to woo. my story is not so different. to woo a man he needs to see the good looking side of a girl… i did the same. 
but i cant understand the fact why do a lot of men vote their favorite color as blue?? yes.. some do love red and a few others love white and hahahaha a few do love pink even if they are straight (which i pretty much doubt!) but 6/10 times blue wins over a man’s wardrobe! whatever… my statistics after this experiment says, it takes an electric blue and hot pink to impress my guy (wink ! wink !)


its blue

his favorite
what my essemble shouts: a blue indian outfit, some gold n canary yellow bangles, a hot pink lip-paint and nail paint. <3

 and yes, the magic wand of blue and pink did work.. came on with a splash of compliments and ended with hearts in his eyes 🙂 😉
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bag- it

 I don’t know what is it about me and my obsession about hoarding paper bags of all kinds shapes n colors 🙂 they allure me like no other. whenever i shop from stores which gift me one, my eyes have a different shine… and the worst thing is i hoard them, all of them…






black n whites to color bursts , from electric blues to stark red! basic brown to metallic silver… i have so many of them collected from various malls and handicraft stores and coffee shops and chocolate stores, btw, seasons is my fav organic store to shop from… i love the way the fabric feels over my skin (hearts in my eyes)
have u ever hoarded anything? never used them and laugh at your your obsession everytime you see them stocked in your closet ??
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My 50th Baby !

All my blogs have been my babies, nurtured with thoughts and detailed with care n fondness. every blog has been special but today is the extra special day! the day when i write my 50th blog. this feeling takes me to an altitude where i take pride to my courage and your encouragement dear readers. thank you for all the love and support.
“Kuch meetha ho jaye? “
every blog is special and to celebrate the 50th handwritten babe of mine i wish to celebrate it with something yum and chocolaty! 
‘BROWN AND HONEY’ ,  a store at ashram road, near law garden , ahmedabad has the most enriching , delightful, mouth watering, eye striking, awesome Belgium chocolates. now i wouldn’t praise this place so much if its simply not the best place to relish your sweet tooth.

call it truffle or dark chocolate, call it parfait or biscotti, swirls or bars, white and rum … they have it all!
from tarts to pastries, from puffs to muffins, from mousse to brownies… 🙂 🙂 my dil goes hmmmmm mmmmm mmmm… u cant help but salivate and yearn for more and more of it.
from friendly gift boxes to rich colorful corporate packing to cute red valentine boxes… it has a lot to offer. truely if u are someone who wants to make a good impression by discarding old mithai ka dabba and replacing it with a chocolate box this is the right place to go 🙂
the most favorite part of mine at this sweet factory is the hot chocolate fountain 🙂  not too sweet and not too thick … its the perfect hot chocolate fountain to indulge into any evening! you have a variety of choice between choco-pie and wafer biscuits and brownies to dip into this bowl of slurpy brown devil to die for. topped with your choice of nuts (i chose walnut) to fork up the rest! summer monsoon autumn winter call it any evening a chocolaty evening! a treat that will make your taste buds thank you for the rest of the day .
a celebration for me for my 50th blog!!

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an evening well spent!

Heyya people,
yeaa, as the title suggests i’ve had a great evening yesterday. not only it was relaxing but also educative! had been enrolled to a salon in a half-yearly membership and the benefits are very high and admirable. 🙂 i enjoyed a free body massage as a member benefit and this not only helped me relax from hectic work schedules but i also learned a thing and two about the benediction it has. 

for insomniacs  massages are good as one hour of it means 7-8 hours of good peaceful sleep.


massaging only your earlobes relaxes the brain and also builds immunity… remember massaging the ears for a minute after you remove your earrings?? it comes in naturally for brain birds !


massages reduce weight: as blood circulates around body part increases so does the metabolism rate and any fat that has jammed in that area shall dissolve.


aroma therapies help destroy bacterial or fungal deposits.  the oil and dried leaves helps in healing. this has been famous among masseurs since world war II


it is very important you check what oils are being used before getting a massage done in hair or body to avoid allergic irritations. check by rubbing a little oil over your wrist (where its the warmest) and rub in circles for a minute. if it doesn’t leave bubbles/scars/irritation/rashes it means it suits your skin.

a massage well done is the one done at a lower temperature than the environment since your body temperature gets high when sesame seed oil or aroma oil has been massaged over in a circular motion.
a massage is good for people at all ages, remember special masseurs came home to massage you while you were just born? a body builder and ring-wrestler always gets a massage done before a fight, that helps his body metabolism rate go high and muscles become flexible. a massage is also a stress buster for those who face long hour work pressure and traveling, a massage is also good for students as it increases blood circulations hence the more the brain receives pumping hot blood the sharper it works and a better memory granted!
get a salon booked for one today! while i prep my blog for the grand half century! my 50th blog has to be yummy 😉
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The Complete Man

 It was on one lazy sunday afternoon while i was about to doze off in tender slumber when i was shaken awake by a friend to accompany him for his third outfit trial at the Raymond Store. i seriously loathed for a few minutes until he made a clear statement on how much he wants me to write my first blog on men… hmmm roger that! i never thought of wandering into the male fashion sphere (men never take friends and partners to shop usually!) and here i am clicking away pics in my blackberry and the hospitality of the franchise owner just gets better.
what i liked about the store is the wide variety it provides to the customers, a vigor to do a bit more than asked for to make the customer happy, the satisfaction they receive with a smile when the customer compliments their work quality, the neatness and finishing of the fabric and work, and the wonderful ability to customize wedding trousseau for less than half the price what other metro city stores charge for it! 
a series of pics tells my tale of a wonderful afternoon spend at the store located at:







 Haven’t we always loved those raymond advertisements ??  be it print or tv commercials, they have won our hearts always with that special background music of its! visit this store for the customize feel (they can literally make anything you ask for! ) and its value for money… paisa vasool as my friend calls it!

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quick serve!

This post has been re-written a zillion times before being published! umm, just coz i wasn’t sure enough if i can write good food posts !!! i have been writing a lot of fashion posts and writing a food post means more clutter and experiments in my kitchen! lol… 
recently i learned to cook dragon potatoes from a friend. yes, its not everyday that they will cook and serve you hot n fresh ! there will be times when u shall pick up your ass and ‘learn it if u love it’ ; here is a recipe to share., its easy, anytime cook and most importantly anywhere cook for the vegans.
dragon potatoes– (a serving for 4)
ingredients : potatoes boiled (4 large ones )
                  onions (2- regular size)
                  bell pepper (1)
                  tomatoes (3)
                  salt & pepper (to taste)
                  schezwan sauce (1 bowl)
                  rinsed flour (maida- i cup)
                  water (1 glass )
                  oil (to fry) … in a wonk of course!
how to make : now, i m not such a good cook nor can i make any schezwan sauce at home so i bought a bottle full of it from a nearby store and chopped the ingredients into small little sizes.. except the potatoes which needs to be cut into bigger squares.
step 1– get the oil in the wonk on a stove to boil at a temperature i can fry; meanwhile i made a paste of the white flour sprinkling a little salt n pepper for taste and loosening it with water.
step 2– roll the boiled n chopped potatoes into that paste and fry it. once they turn a little brown, drain the access oil and place them aside. 
step 3 – leaving a little oil for cooking, pour out the rest of the oil for future use. now add a little chopped garlic (optional) to give it a zest if you are a garlic lover. if not carry on and add the chopped veggies (peppers, onions, tomatoes to the oil and cook it for a few minutes. 
step 4 : once the veggies turn soft, add a bowl full of schezwan sauce and let it cook.
i.m.p note: you may find the sauce a little thick if bottled bought so a little water can be added to give it a gravy like consistency.
step 5 : add the fried potatoes and mix it well. 

serve hot!
a sneak peek into my next post :

 my first blog for men! 🙂
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Apples n Pears!

 Yes, there would have been times when during parties n night outs an apple-pear shaped structure blessed girls have cribbed to their closet and swore on the holy titans for such a state where wearing a mini skirt or a skin tight short dress is a sin! dontcha worry sisters i’ve been a victim of those teary eyes days too! and this is what i do… i am blessed i have heavy bottom but a perfect shoulder and i am the bitch who takes advantages of the same… be a bitch and highlight your assets !!! LITERALLY!!! 😉

concentrate more on your shoulder cuts or wearing loads of jewelry if you love it, this shall fo-sure help divert looks to your torso leaving your large ass-et comment free!
a lot of women prefer wearing long tunic in solid colors or scarfs in lovely bold prints or donning a lot of chunky jewelry or as i prefer it- play with the neck style. 


 also one more beautiful style tip is to merge the tunic colors with the color of your leggings or pencil jeans. here is a sneak peek into what i’m saying

this gives you a slender look and helps highlight the shades rather than the bumps!
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P.S kohllined is at 1282 peeps and growing, thank you all for such an encouragement 🙂