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monday is just another day

Yesterday was a day, 
Yesterday was a Monday,
Yesterday was a busy day,
Yesterday was a good day,
yesterday was just Another Day 🙂

Hahaha… life is treating me just so well after marriage; last year in march .. infact since last 4 years march has been the deadline month. when u make sure all tasks are complete , lots of super extra work done. over time are a usual chore with the mirchi music awards plus planning other events. for what?? one word answer for it- APPRAISALS 

being an rj there are many a days (read: most of the days) when i got free time and i used it to do all my shopping, blog writing, facebook-ing, skype-ing , or just ‘go home and zzzzz off’ 

Hence for the 11th hour run around for making up to make it to appraisals. before the rj thing happened march was crucial for those  school exams and Shakespeare pressure 😛 

Now is the right time to enjoy march for other various things. a peak into new chemistry n vero-moda collection, to make other amends that were always a back drop. the front seats of my life’s theater were filled with appraisal pressure. 

Being jobless makes me feel good in days like this when fb updates n bbm updates talk about monday blues. 🙁 
and my update says- monday is just another day 🙂

For a change monday means d same that a tuesday or a thursday means. though i do see a lilttle hint of it when my husband is in a rush to reach on exact office time , not his leisure time that he sets on a friday and saturday 😛 bechaaara 😀

I remember meetings at mirchi were always fixed on mondays and it was always a battle with time n wardrobe to make it on time. a 5min late entry into the conference room at mirchi meant a breakfast treat from me to all those seated in the room. :/ i have been a victim to these a few times.  hahaha.. mondays are so memorable.


Monday is normally a day when choosing what to wear to the studio is the biggest task after waking up. the only reason being- if i have worn the best dress on a sunday evening with my girl- friends its so difficult to chose something more subtle the next day


So while i enjoy my day.. my friends are busy on bbm n fb working with march pressure and posting pics like this, waiting for yet another weekend to arrive .

make the most of today so u can enjoy a weekend worth all the hard work done in the week.

 aavjo 🙂

alternative craziness


I am totally crazy when it comes to experimenting stuff ! including marrying a guy with opposite likes

😛 No doubt the biggest risk ever but its proved fruitful 🙂 cheers to that!

Another crazy thing after a pink stone dented on my tooth i got red extensions…

y extensions?? didnt wanna risk losing more buncha hair after the rebonding thing…
doing something crazzy and different is what comes naturally to me. i just get those weird ‘i wanna try this’ haunting day dreams a million times before i actually do it. when i cannot switch off a single wish in my mind i go ahead and do it. had been thinking of doing this two months back and here i am ..


I love my new look… have been receiving a lot of hot compliments for it. some people tattoo names or go for piercing. some people like my husband go for biking rides and some go bungee jumping. i do this to make peace with my crazy wishes.


With an end to a beautiful weekend i wish u all the success for the last week of march starting tomrw.

march has lots of memories for me, all of them beautiful. i often close my eyes, re-live them leaving with a smile on my face.

Have a beautiful weekend ahead,
aavjo 🙂

a year old with him

We are one year old today .. me and my hubby 🙂

A year of love and happiness. last year on this day our families chose us for each other… and before we got married we were in love, though arranged we call it love marriage. what makes me even more happier today is the fact that like every other couple around d globe we have our ups and downs but the moment i feel i little down he is always here to lift me up 🙂

I have never had sleepless night or a day with a heavy heart!

My blog  writing for today is to confess to the world that i have that perfect prince every fairytale talks about.
though he is no prince on a horse with a giant castle 

I never wanted a good looking prince who would come on a white horse, promise me the moon and the stars and marry me , though it sounds perfect!

I always wanted a guy next door type who can pick me up when drunk in a bar hold my hand listen to all my crazy ideas when he understands none.and i love the way i found the one i was looking for 🙂

I am 24 but i still sing Katy Perry’s teenage dream when with him
i have sung taylor’s love story a hundred times and its all come true! i have my romeo by my side and my fairytale is a complete one today…

The real story starts just after that.

he never reads my blogs, but he can read my eyes in a friction of a second.
he doesn’t know how to cook a surprise meal for me, but he exactly knows how i like my subs and pizza add ons. 😉

He cannot make the bed in the mornings(he makes it more messier even if he tries to) but he knows how long to pamper till i go to sleep.
he’s always late to home (crazy workoholic) but he makes up for every minute i waited.
he has made me cry too… but for every tear he has later given me tons of laughter.
we haven’t been on many dates but he has made every one memorable.
he has been the perfect man to me. he knows when to pamper and when to restrict.
i can go on and on about how much i love him today for all he has done for me. he is still trying to make up for those 23 years we didnt meet 🙂
and i truely thank both my parents and in-laws for making it possible for us to meet.


in love today and forever..

a to-do for to-day

A to do for today simply means how will i make use of most of my spare sunday time meant to be spent with my husband who eventually rememberd in the morning “aaje to india-pakistan match che.. no going anywhere till the match is over”. the couch is his for the day and so is the tv!


So i plan to clean some trash on my lappy and also post some most awaited, most demanded pics of my recent trip to thailand from friends… i post only a few.. not those that they wanted to see.. haha and i enjoy a quite laugh when they comment.. “bas??!! this is it? where are the actual pics? we wanna see them” and i diplomatically reply ” some other day, for sure” haaaaa! as if i will ever do that *giggles giggles*

One more to-do task on my list is to unfollow (ehh… i am not even sure if there is a word like that!. but what the heck! my blog, i write what i like) certain fashion blogs . some of them had 500 and some upto 8000 followers and counting… they are simply wonderful but i kinda dont connect with them anymore, even if i read them its only to know whats in (tangerine and neons and OPI) and to see how pretty are their pictures! photoshop makes everyone picture perfect.. so i never learned it ! and it felt guilty to follow them only to see pics and new stuff… like window shopping. unfollowing/dis-following later i sit down to write this blog.

And in between the two i saw this amazing blog… i have always loved the way she puts up stuff, the way her thoughts reflect in her pics, and the moment she captures in them.
Karishma from mumbai. creative. gorgeous.

Moving on.. its late afternoon and i still have the whole evening to figure out what else to do while the match is on… :/

this is one of my secret hobbies.. now revealed – a often see picture albums, and see it again. i like re-visiting the time i once enjoyed a lot. dozens of picture folders on my phone gets a regular check n see from me. i just like seeing them. i smile at it and move to the next pic. no thoughts, nothing to share. just a peep! folders from last year have already lined up on my screen.


next in list:

Maybe a little window shopping again, this time for real. malls should be expected to be empty today… pakistan-india match che ! who would want to miss it??!!

A little chit chat on BBM and maybe a few search engine walkathon on diet tips, healthy food options blah blah blah…

and if india wins, it definitely means my man is gonna party tonite. crossing my fingers, not for the win,.. for the party! haha… yes, i am a girl-girl. i dont like cricket. tennis is good, mean n sexy!

Taking a little nap for a while, lemme know what are your sunday plans. i dont mind trying them next week.. ipl aa raha hai na yaar… the same would repeat with my man n his hunger for cricket!

aavjo 🙂

sometimes u just wish…

Sometimes you just wish u could slip in 34b or a size M (i have forever wished for this since 5 years).
Sometimes i wish i had leaner taller legs to carry off that denim skirt.
Sometimes i wish i had natural long straight hair like kareena kapoor… uff!!
Sometimes i wish i had the courage to fight against my parents wishes n get into that fashion school 4 years back 🙁 

Sometimes i wish i had the courage to develop courage into that one person who means the world to me.
Sometimes i wish i rewind time and re-live my childhood and say sorry to those i have hurt but never got a chance to say it !

Sometimes i wish i could take back my words n actions and save my image!
Sometimes i wish i could chase my childhood dream and be a confident ‘me’ today!!
Sometimes i wish i could shout back on my neighbor ‘fukc ur ass u fatso!”
Yes… she is the one i can actually vent out all my frustration on…

I have been away from blogspot since more than i week i guess, the reason being- managing a home all alone. with my m-i-l out of town to visit her mum, i was the home minister for a week.. ending tomorrow 🙂

Hehe it was fun.. for the first two days…

The third day began with the neighbor aunty noticing i was the only one doing the chores. she asked me the reason and i said the same as above.. her reply to me was.. “oh ok, thats nice, she left u home to cook n clean” !!! haaaaa! i didnt choose to be a housewife after 5 years of work so that some day a fatso lady could taunt this to me!!

I so much wanted to shout back at her and say a thousand words but for the sake of a good image -i have saved in the neighborhood till now- i kept quiet.

women should understand a girl is not only to cook n clean the home or make babies and make them ready to go to school every morning. she is more than just a female who can manage a million dollar business balancing it with her child’s PTA meeting. alas! if this could be understood by all :/ 

She.. is a special one in her life, her family, her workplace n whenever she looks at the mirror to admire what she is today! cheers to that lady!

Its selcouth to find women who would discuss things like hiring a surrogate mother or buying a lingerie … these things are bold where as taunting the other person is so easy.. it comes naturally to some people! i guess i am not one of them…
if i share a good bond with the person i am talking to , i can share what works with husband on bed or what material can make you look thinner to simple cooking tips to how was my first visit in a non-veg restaurant being a perfect veggie. if only the listener would appreciate rather than criticise!


I have learned to maintain peace the hard way- by keeping quiet! a modern married girl’s life in India is not so easy. 
P.S i am still waiting for that one big day when i can say it on her face how Down-market her thinking is 😛
 till then i shall wait for the first mangoes to arrive home… yummmm 😉


dhuleti chhe !

Had a crazy day playing dhuleti with friends, thats what its actually called… holi is just a word for the non-gujju crowd. holi basically is celebrated a day earlier when at night a huge bonfire is made and a puja is held to welcome summers and bring in health n wealth. the next morning is craziest ever! the whole city looks colorful. the bazaar is closed and people play hard with gulaal and colors. new chemical colors are a wrong way to play actually. its unhealthy. traditionally orange flowers called kesudo is picked up from the tree, soaked overnight in a tub of water and yellow-orange water is used to play dhuleti. natural colors. gujju folk songs also talk about playing with the colorful water from soaked kesudo.

Its fun, people play like the world will end ! and my friends behave like they have never had basic schooling and mannerisms taught at home… haha i behave d same way too! its a mad world outside on this way. one cannot leave home or commute if ain’t playing! had a grt grt dhuleti this year.. and i wanted to come home to play this year splly to make up for what i missed last year.

Sad but true i had opted not to play last year… certain family obligations to keep myself from the untidy colored look… i had this guy coming to meet me with his family. and it did pay off well. i got married to the same guy! 🙂

cheers to life!

But… yes, there are always ifs and buts in my life ! but this year the after effect is bad! i got my hair rebonded for my marriage and i played dhuleti like a crazy frog in and out of murky colorful water and chemical colors. my hair feels life-less , its lost the shine, it looks dull and my skin itches.. its dry.

A hot oil hair massage is what shall help me to a certain extend. hair spa and keeping it away from direct sunlight shall be practiced. and i promised myself never to get my hair straightened again. i now know what all harmful chemicals my hair has to be dipped in to get the straight look and how life less it then becomes. even if you buy costly shampoos and treat it with the best products it still wont help because that can never undo what chemicals have done to your hair and lightens your pocket by a a couple of  grands.

Love your hair and eat greens. cut down on junk food and chemical treatment. this may help.

there are pics form yesterday’s dhuleti but i prefer not to post them… they are too colorful n i am too shy !
P.S this dhuleti was special. back to my old friends, my parents home and lots of food! <3

Girl Going Gadget Shopping

Last week i had so much to say and so little time to mould it into a blog while this week has been strange… i have time but have a writer’s block to deal with!

Being a lovely husband PG suggested i go shopping, maybe that would make me feel better. and give me more time to observe things, have a wider view apart form internet browsing on what all is happening in the exterior world@!
that’s so sweet of him and yes, i am about to leave for a shopping spree. thank god i have not reached that phase when he would want me to buy socks for him… he asked me to do some technical shopping for him! i am in a mess… when in d world did he feel i am good at shopping gadgets?? oopsie moment! thank him for the 24hr internet service he has blessed me with i am browsing sites comparing gadgets and making sure i impress him with my 5-6 figure buy ! eeyay! 
wish this could be other way round… but he is always so good at everything.

He knows how to shop the best clothes for me… he also knows how to shop the best footwear for me… yes yes yes.. he is a husband all women would want 🙂

He definitely knows jimmy choo and EC <3 hearts to him :)
and he … i feel shy saying this… but he knows how to buy lingerie too. he knows the laces n the satins… he is so perfect!
and i need to satisfy his gadget love this time by buying the best for him and proving to him that my brains can also work in areas apart from shopping malls and cooking!

He recently bought me a leather satchel, though i still havent debuted it. this made me feel proud of that he does know this tan satchels are making a peek-a-boo on every shopping e-sites and stores.

Cranster stuff for his biking trips, a new a.c becoz the old one is… just old.. he wants a swanky new one. thank god he doesnt think like this for his car or his wife! well, he did mention me if we could exchange old wives and get a new one during one of those big bazaar exchange offer mall trip. he wants a surround sound speakers installed for those days when i visit my mother’s place and he can have all the fun watching action films in dolby digital style. men men oh’ men !!

Biking trip gears and surround sound system is done with.. i am now on my way to buy a new a.c … while they all look alike i shall still try and use my girlie brains to make a good cache.. i m highly inspired by that blonde diaries and i think  i can do it in the court with a pink lawyer suit.


gujju tip .. seariously?


. done with a gujju meal and now time for an afternoon nap. but before that a skype interview. 
i am scared of interviews, not because it makes me feel nervous or that there are doubts whether i shall be selected or not. but the interviewer always makes me feel i have a hint of gujju lingo when i talk in english or even hindi… 
earlier that used to embarrass me but with time and to specially say after my job as an RJ with radio mirchi the same remark makes me feel proud that i take my mother-tongue or my identity with myself wherever i go ! 
here are a few gujju tips that have been taking some famous likings all over fb lately.

Gujju Tip Seariously