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picking up from where i left last!

The whole of april has been like a holiday. have been out of town every weekend. seeing new places, having lots of fun. making new friends and shopping after a whooping 4 month gap! not that i wasnt interested in it or i was already stocked with new clothes but i hated shopping alone. after marriage i moved in to another city, a city where i have no friends. no girl-friends and gossip gangs to hang out at the mall and shop unlimited. i was missing them a lot. so this weekend was a special dedicated one to all my girlies. girls day out, dinners together at fancy restaurants. bitching together and cribbing forever !! i love them.

Long back when we were the best of kamini friends we used to shop together and often similar stuff. we shared a similar taste in case of clothes, shoes, fragrances, food and even men 😛 Classic !!!
What wonderful days i have had with them. unforgetable 🙂

And they are gonna come back, looking forward for a girls gang-get-together today evening. msgs and plans are being made on bbm. excited to meet them all after a long long time. not everything comes for free of course. we did go thru a bad phase, a patch of pain and anger. yet, love rules! we are back with a new beginning…. no. actually. we picked up from where we left it last 🙂

In these last four months i have had times when i went shopping , tried on outfits and watches, tested fragrances and yet they all became uninteresting while i carried them to the billing counter. i used to go back and put it back in the racks. the look on the sales person’s faces did make it embarrassing but i would not have enjoyed wearing them since i bought it alone. rather then what i was buying it has always been fun who i was buying it with. friends are more important than anything else.

We even had codes on how to reject a particular dress. if we rated a dress “dimple tye” it meant they are d kind of dresses one of the college mates dimple wears which means it a complete no-no and we should not even be seen in such a dress ever ! not even in d trial rooms.  hahaa.. i loved our code words. and that time is back! i hope it is here to stay 🙂 forever 🙂
waiting for d adult-rated evening to begin 🙂

aavjo 🙂

and i m here to stay!

Have been a lot busy with muddling thought s and two holidays to enjoy 🙂
Going on a third one tomorrow, yay !!

Its been long since i was away from blogspot and i had too, i needed certain time to know myself n to clear certain things over my head. it was all hazy and i had to clear it out.

I was stuck in those times when it was difficult to choose who to believe in, the heart or the mind?? take my word – they both have to balance. there are times when the heart is right and in other the mind, and in scarce none of them are true! you just gotta be patient and let time reveal it to you.

Going back in time its been more than a year now that i have been blogging. and it take pride to be able to do it !! i have seen bloggers start with a kick and drain down with time… there are others who grow bolder and better with time.

So far.. the diet plans have crashed every time i started !!
i joined mickey mehta and have been able to work out only twice in 15 days !!! now thats more embarrassing.
i made a new pen pal 🙂

Though i have known her in the past but we were never actually friends back then, it looks like a new flower is bat to bloom, fingers crossed !!

Hated the new zara collection fabrics (except fot the pants n denims). they are so inappropriate for the summer here in amdavad.

On the other hand i m a new fan of chemistry.

I love awkward on comedy central. its kinda cute and reminds me of my awkward days in school. though i wasnt as pretty as Jenna


yes… so i m here to stay and i shall see you more.
the the new blogspot be a kickass one !!!!!

p.s – the fb radio mirchi and kohllined pages have been purposefully deleted. if you come across any rj kunj fan page its hoaxed !!! plz dislike it.
thx 🙂