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on a sweet note


Two hours before the countdown and everyone jumps with joy hugging n kissing n shaking hands… whatever pleases the other person wishing them a happy new year.

While everyone is partying this year i am at home… watching back to back big bang theory on star world and twilight saga on star movies…. last year was  a disaster since i had no friends around… it continues even today; until we bump into someone nice n friendly for the dinner i am about to go to right now…
so a quickie post on how i spend my last day of twenty twelve on a sweet note.

i wiped it clean like its the last ever chocolate plate on earth !!!
talk about pregnancy cravings and i am so deep into that hot pot!
no one makes pancakes as wonderful as chocolate room.
i have never been a chocolate person like my off spring is – just like its dad!
so i dug my teeth into this whole plate … all by myself !!!

 yea.. so proud of my accomplishment of finishing this whole plate of chocolate and calories all by myself. 
time to add something sane and more beneficial for my bod…

all set to leave for the night out! 
see you all next year.. in a happy cheerful note.
signing off for twenty twelve
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food that pleases me

 Oops! maybe i was a bit too harsh with the review the other day But i had to be honest about it.
so this time we were called back once again by the owner to have dinner with him and his son abid ali… both are PG’s friends since a long long time. 
yea, so we did plan the dinner there but with my last time’s experience i had a little something just before i left home towards law garden.
good old gujju bhakri and conserve sent by ITC

i wish i had not had this before hand… dinner with the owner uncle was sooo good!
there was a lot laid on the table- the owner’s dinner menu!
but PG mainly had a lotta veg jaipuri and rotis (sans butter… weight concious! as if its gonna work huhh!!)

he polished off his plate in a messy way!


since i wasn’t that hungry… i had a few bites from his plate; abid’s dad ordered a masala coffee for me…

could not have asked for a better drink in this chilly night. wow!! simply amazing.
the owner even gave me the secret ingredient- a little ginger and elaichi…
perfect combo. 
and i had never thought ginger in milk would taste so good!

this time my experience there has been super cool.

what i learnt from this dinner ? never judge food on its first hand experience. u can always be surprised on what the same chef can do the next time around u are there.
3 cheers for bonvivant.
aavjo 🙂 

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bidding good bye

 yea, so the doc finally said the words- ‘no more junk food! no more breads n biscuits! no more cakes… not even a slice of plum cake on christmas; forget cheese cakes and no more spicy meals at fancy restaurants! atleast not for three more months!’ 
omg!!! how can she expect me to resist the breads n cakes n restaurants?
i just cannot cannot do it.
or maybe…
i can take that as a challenge and show it to her… after all she says this coz she is worried for me. and now that i know that the world is not ending i can certainly wait for a few more months before my next binge!

so how do i bid a good bye? with a final round of bruschettas!

made two batches- one with corn on wheat bread and one with bell peppers on multigrain… its a simple recipe. anyone can make it and the best part is it isnt very messy to make at home, doesnt require a lotta preparation and quick to make. perfect for unexpected guests.
i guess this will keep me stuffed for 3 more months.
if not, i shall visit this blog again n make myself believe i gotta stay away from all this baked crap for now.
anything that u crave for and have been discouraged to have it ??
aavjo 🙂
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christmas reminiscence

 How i wish i could go out and celebrate christmas, visit some cake shop with friends where a stupid looking indian thin n short santa is dancing n trying to amuse all for a few bucks an hour… go back to school and enjoy some plump cute teacher don a santa outfit and singing christmas carols… the decorations back in the mirchi office… geez… how i miss being home for christmas even when it meant nothing more than a foreigner’s festival… the ride to a convent school to see the christmas tree…
it was all so beautiful… i miss it all

chucking the cupcakes coz i just had it on the so called last day on earth 
i opted for a more fruity day to celebrate it while watching christmas movies on tv, the vitamins

the sugar,

some more greens… 

and some sins… yea.. noodles is so off my list for many months but i just could not resist!

and some grape bottled juice… though the tropicana cranberry  was much better and this even tasted fake.. i  mean no where near natural juice. 473ml of sugary water!

 since its going to be all rush mush outside today… i planned to stay indoors!
will look for a cupcake tomorrow!
wat did u do today on christmas??
aavjo 🙂
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beginners luck

the world was supposed to end yesterday- said many a myths!

but  i knew it would not, i still have time to the due date and i was certainly not going anywhere without seeing my tribe smile at me. 
this is ‘mums to be’ -s first blog and it kick starts on a day with a new beginning… i wanted to share my experiences and so did a lot of my pregger friends… its always a special moment when one is either experiencing motherhood or on an edge to begin the journey! 

we shall share our thoughts and dreams, experiences and tips on how to be a mother as beautiful as you were as a wife or a daughter. please comment below if you wish to contribute to the blog. 

a happy woman makes a happy mother. 

sweetness on last day!

 So as per a myth and a movie and a few newspaper tabloids- the world was to end on this day… as i write this blog on the 23rd hour, there is one more hour before the clock strikes midnight! 
not that we beleived it would end but fb updates about the world ending today are pretty funny, the way friends mock about death ending today gives me a relief about how the whole situation was taken too seriously back in 2006!

so anyways, i still wanted to make this day special… making sure i have a story to tell my kids on what i did when the myths talked about the world ending, ‘kids, i and your dad had some cupcakes and watched salman khan on screen!’ 

won’t it be a cute thing to say??

i meandered around vastrapur area (ahmedabad) and found THE cupcake shop i once had a taste at!

the one on left is not distorted! it was too irresistible and the whole of it could not make it to the photo session. its called the AMERICAN DARK CHOCOLATE flavor.
and i swear to all the desserts in the world i’ve eaten… nothing beats this one!!
the softness, the flavor, the creaminess… there is no match!

earlier a few weeks ago, i had got this one on my platter-

 every little bite of it got polished off while watching a film with PG !
red velvet and kiwi flavors!
though they weren’t as good as american dark chocolate!
i had read a lot of western food bloggers talk about red velvet and i wanted to try it… though i didn’t find anything spl. i would certainly want to visit the shoppe again and learn wat exactly they mean by red velvet…

30mins to go… if the world is still spinning and i am still cooking tomorrow… we shall meet again.
aavjo 🙂
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mission red!

 I still cant forget those horrible two days last month… 
it was painful and now i have decided to get back my hb level by the next time i get tested… thats sometime next week. 
remember the cranberry from the hospital day?
hehe… i continued painting my plates red last week and i experimented in the kitchen this week too…

guess who i met this morning for breakfast?

 we spend a good half an hour together… me and the melon!
met the other half again late afternoon while watching bernie and howie get married! wow!!

alrite, the wedding was over, time to celebrate! i could avoid the sweets n cake and lavish dinner, and make myself a passing mocktail to feel like i am a part of the party 😉
threw in some beetroot, tomato and carrot with sugar n salt to crush it into this

 lovely color aint it ?
for all those who need a blood level shoot up session, can try this. for a better taste i would recommend not to crush the juice fully, keep a few crunchy pieces in there for a great texture and taste- like you get to enjoy fruit bits in a fruit punch!
or just munch into this bowl like i did late last night.

i have 3 days before one more hb test… and this time i better get a double digit result! 

cheers to fun and food 🙂
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today’s menu 12.12.12

 so its a spl date today huh?? how abt cooking something spl too ??

today was more of a red day through out!

so the day was on a great anti-oxidant mood! time to punch in some oil and veggies and SEAWEED !
rita got me this sushi leaves and i wanted to try it ever since it landed in my kitchen closet. 

so… sushi ehh?? i dont even know how to make one… and my husband doesnt even know wat cuisine it is… korean or japanese or both?? 😛
well, watching pretty women eat it on ‘sex and the city’ was no help. i knew i had to find a recipe soon. Rita helped me… suggested avocado and veggies .

its super thin.. paper like… doesnt smell so good as well… i only hoped it would taste better! i arranged some rice and veggies (avocado, carrots and bell peppers) layered over the sushi leaf !)

 at the end… i guess it didnt turn out that bad. i sauted the veggies… and now i think avocado should not be dealt with like that.. there has to be a ‘real’ way to cook it. 
anyways, so i rolled the leaf over and cut it in wedges.

 so it didnt turn out to be very delicious… i will have to ramp over youtube tomorrow for a better veggie recipe. maybe some paneer would be good to stuff in.
i tell you.. no matter wat you fill in it never satisfies a gujju’s hunger the way spicy gujju food does,
i even proved it tonite… sushi v/s ringda no audo n rotla…
no guesses on who won.

will try making sushi once more with some alternate stuffing.
 till then,
cheers! try experimenting and make 121212 memorable !
aavjo 🙂
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mirchi afternoon

with the wedding season all over the country, we have been invited to a few. initially its fun, its all dressing up and meeting people- socializing and catching up on each other’s lives. after 2 events i was all drained… the baby bump is difficult to carry around everywhere and the caterer’s food is something i really wanted to avoid after 2 such meals!!
PG and I stayed home in pyjamas on one such day when the others went out looking their best !!
since it was just us two eating last afternoon I pulled out the package from the my anniversary parcel
and cooked this-

what i really liked about the sabzi packs is that they come in really good packages, no chance of food spoil, even the halwa was in such a thick silver pack.

 i will be very frank here… i initially didn’t like the taste.. since our taste buds are so much used to gujju spices and texture… i added in two spoon-ful of fresh cream, a little salt and a little red chilli powder and heated the pack.

and it tasted just perfectttt…. i made some rotis to along with it!
cheers to my culinary skills and a huge thank u to ITC for sending over the meal 🙂 you can go and purchase some here
we later indulged into something sweet… oh dear, i dont event remember the name but its was fruit custurd pastry or something like that. 
it tasted horrible! we both shared this piece and left it midway paying hefty for something that we could not even gulp down! call it falling for fancy names on the menu ! jeepers !!

have u even fallen for such fancy names and then regretted 😛
lets share a laugh.
aavjo 🙂

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goodies :)

 This afternoon i finally received my estarer goodies in the post.
it was a long wait but hey, i was happy i finally got it!

 they are here at the right time, with the christmas and new year’s party, i guess i can flaunt a golden bling in my hair along with my baby bump. i had a similar butterfly earrings in gold and lost one of it.. i still have the other one and cannot give it away to anyone… i love butterflies.

the parties remind me i just cannot look bumpy with dull eyes n gloomy cheeks… so i plan to pamper myself with lots of fruits and greenies. PG and I are even attending  wedding on december 31st. (talk about couples who choose a date like this to marry since its easier to remember anniversaries hahahaa)

spinach, tomato and sprouts 🙂
its pretty healthy for everything in flesh and blood. it certainly feels ‘only’ boring salad but you may add in some ceasar dressing or  maybe a little of southwest sauce. it would be more than a yummy dinner!
dinner was heavy today, had lots of guests (attending a wedding in town) at home. had to treat them just so perfectly. it all went well but the best part happened just a while ago tonite when PG treated me with this delicacy…
a white chocolate ice cream 🙂 one scoop just ain’t enough …. i loved it !!!
since i dont wanna pile up much calories… i am gonna wait for a week before i go back to judges bunglow and have one more scoop. 
wat is your favorite flavor till now ?
aavjo 🙂 

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