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up above d world so high

 have been lost from the internet world for a long long time…
and i am perfectly happy with it.
a few weeks back we celebrated sankrant here… like last year this time too we camped at PG’s friend’s place for two days. eating, shouting and gossiping while the men flew on cloud 9 flying kites all day and night…

those aren’t stars.. they are tuggals… thai lamps… all over the sky making it all so beautiful. one has to be here and experience it in chilly winds !!

one of them taking off for a flight in the air,

and then comes spring… birds chirping in the sky flowers blooming..
i tried to capture three birds singing outside my window… i can only wish u can see them behind leaves! its always a beautiful morning hearing them.

so wat are u guys upto these days??
a glimpse of my next post… a recipe one indeed!

aavjo 🙂
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the missing week

 i have been away for a while. blame it on bigger belly, pregnancy cramps and fatigue!! 
but the kitchen has seen more of me recently, cooking the most wonderful dinner treats for PG and his gang… and eventually my P101 gang too! all the young ladies loved it.
starting with a delicious platter of 300 calories in every 5 bites!

my dietician calls it unhealthy sin but i call it samosa, like every other girl !
i am allowed some calories these days… its time to celebrate my entry into the third trimester. some more love flowed in last week… PG got these for me when i mentioned i can smell some muffins in the air! everything chocolate filled seems delicious these days! blame the hormonal changes 😛 i love them !

i had to balance the calories with more nutritious and good looking stuff! helped myself with a green snack in the evening.

 and a mug full of cocoa after dinner! this cocoa mug was a gift from me to PG when we were sorta dating each other! he never used it! he thinks the flowers make it look girly! wth!! nevermind, i have been using it ever since we married!

lot of love flowing in from all corners… have some great recipes and pics to share with u all… see u soonish 
aavjo 🙂
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GRAPOBERRY – that’s what i call my snacking plates these days. 
i was munching on a few while on my way to the weekly spiritual class at p101

with the winter winds slashing across the doors and slipping under the window slits its been tough going out and hanging around/socializing basically. i stay a lot indoors and read or watch tv…
and certain tv shows are so tempting…

 i need to get on to some baking tomorrow.. but while i watched this all i munched on was- 

  i am sure there is a lot of grape and strawberry mocktail blending inside me right now…
time to grab some calcium and read my favorite food blogs before saying good night!

 i still have a lot of time before the baby pops out yet i am already on the research mode of how to shed off all i gained !
till the next time we meet- have some cocoa and stay warm!
aavjo 🙂
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mexico ahoy !

 was craving to dug my teeth into some beans and sauce!
remember those mexican craving days of mine??
we visited just Mexican again, this time we were a little lucky with our order. we didn’t have to wait much longer. got these buttery babies hot n fresh!
my crisp wrap with lots of oozing cheese, red sauce and an orange drink.

crisp bean wrap and bean n rice burrito 

 it was fun! they even are very clean with the small eatery, neat.
but wat i really liked the most is- though small one never enters into bean n sauce n cheesy smell even when everyone is eating the same!
there is no food odor in the rectangular restaurant. which is the same reason why i visit it more often!
there are many ‘just mexican’ outlets in the city, yet i prefer the one closer to my home- the judges bunglow outlet. it even has a lively atmosphere in and around!

 some late night snacking while blogging. time to summon a strawberry thick shake. aka lots of vitamins followed by lots of calcium

 strawberry has literally entered my brain waves n blood veins!
got one more box from the market today!
aavjo 🙂
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cream and ice

 was in mood of ice cream but not the usual flavors… 
chose to go back to live ice cream
for a different base and mixture. chose a thick sweet cream base and lots of caramel, brownie and gems. also known as ‘vibgyor’ in the house. 

it was lovely, except nect time i am gonna ask them to change the cream base to a vanilla maybe! caught on some serious reading in the cafe. it was a refreshing change to see such a fresh view on national issues.

came home and cooked on my favorite meal… 

i take pride in the fact that i make amazzzzzing pasta. i have been in love with pasta ever since i remember! had posted d recipe here. though this time i gave the magic masala a pass and instead added a few spices and tomato puree. try this one too… it has its own aroma and taste u will never forget.
end of 2013’s first weekend. and though i have spend a lot of it at home, trying to stay away from the winter winds and crowded restaurants.   
have plans for mexican take out tomrw. will post details soonish…

aavjo 🙂
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year 2013

The year had to begin on a wonderful note. i had to do some spl cooking n some grt farmer market shopping. not to forget time for resolutions.

 gajjar ka halwa! not that i needed more sugar… had a huge platter of it on new year’s eve but pregnancy cravings are hard to resist. 
what i suggest to calorie conscious ppl- have more of milk and fresh cream rather than khoya or ghee… i had only 4 spoons of ghee added to a huge kadhai… which lasted for 2 days even when everyone was literally hogging in.
choose red carrots which are naturally sweet… u cannot alternate sugar for anything else but heyy… even if there are 4 spoons less of it due to red carrots its still worth the shot. some buys of 2013… i need to get fitter for the third trimester.

my favorite- havent gone thru one day since i saw them in the markets without a few berries in my snack.

 and all the vitamin c i can gather. have been munching on these for a long time now and it has helped me. visible lustrous shine in hair but a boost in immunity. 

and a lovlier winter morning note making- 
what a grt start to twenty thirteen. i love this year. and its going to be the best one of my life! loving every day n every moment. 
aavjo 🙂

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