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am i a good mom?

He was in my womb for 39 weeks!! and i was all ready to love and take care of him once he was out and now he is 20 days old while i wonder each day…
am i producing enough milk?
am i giving him enough attention?
do i need to change my food habits?
am i eating the right nutrition ?
is he receiving the right nutrition??

all these are nightmarish questions that google my brains for answers and i fail to provide a relevant one each time….
but i have this set of beautiful mommy friends…
friends from my p101 gang, and we chat a lot over wats app!! we discuss our kid’s cranky situations and share pics/videos of how beautiful our little ones are growing up..
mine little sleepy fellow is the youngest one of all (20days)… with the eldest one 4 months old.

these girls give me a sense of belonging… that i belong to the world of motherhood and that some day as time passes i will be just fine; i will be able to understand why he is crying so much… i wil be able to understand what food i intake makes him gas-prone.
and i am loving every difficult and lovely moments with my little one right now…
a little note of a big thank you to my lovely girls- prachi, payal, shaili, shruti, vijayeta and dhara…
they have been the only and the best friends in ahm now.
we share an equilibrium that is bonded via our little cute ones.

what have i been eating these days to make the milk flow go zoom???
here are the pics:
basically hot in nature- papaya.

suva dana (dili seeds); helps improve digestion .. since i am resting most of the time and eating more than usual.

protein powders once a day in milk… these are two different varieties i tried… a detailed blog on them coming soon.

katlu: one of the wonders of food world! it reduces back pain, increases milk flow and keeps my energy level high! lots of benefits!
a recipe shall follow soon.

a mid night milk and wheat biscuit routine… i know biscuits are not a post- delivery food but who can cook at 4 in the morning?? certainly not me!!

a detailed wat to eat and wat not in the 40 day confinement period in my next blog.
till then,
to all the mommies out there…
be happy to make ur kid happy.
a happy mom = a happy kid!

i hatched !

Yes, i was away for a while and i am extremely happy to say i hatched and i did it just so perfectly!
i had not thought i could be so strong and patient. i had a tough time and all i could think of was ‘ i am sure i am not having any more babies…’ hahahaa even before i gave birth!
but the moment i saw my little boy i forgot all my pain, i forgot how weird my body structure was at the moment… i could feel the little medical procedures happening down there but i cared not how much it was paining because the joy of seeing my boy made it all the seem like a prick.
there is so much i want to write and share through my blogs… so much about motherhood and the daily challenges i have face and learn to overcome  but today as i write my first blog as a mother whose baby is no more in the tummy i have only one thing to say….

my m-i-l as well as my mother have been constant support system to me but i could not have done this so well without Rita.. my trainer, my guru, a friend, a calm listener, a guide and a lot more…
she had been chatting with me even at 2am in the night and back at 6 in the morning … checking with me how i am doing…
she had been so encouraging through those 24 hours that giving birth seemed easier than the way elders (read society butterflies) described to me…
i have no words to thank her enough of the help she provided me all through the 5 months…

there is always this someone u find in a new land that changes ur life forever and for me that someone was her. i found love for my little one there- when i broke the news to my hibby i said it very reluctantly as i wasnt sure if i wanted the baby or rather i was ready for it in the first place. Rita helped me cope with the fact that life is abt to change and that change is going to be beautiful but it will all depend on how i enjoy it. she taught me to love my body that was changing day by day in a curvy and beautiful one. as i write this i miss my tummy n i miss my young one’s kicks inside me even when i have him right here in my arms.
Rita came as an unheard blessing who made sure i ate right stuff, i exercised right enough… i thought positive and behaved positive as well..
its in her aura, in the vibes of her classroom which acted as a meditation class to  a picnic spot to a celebration hall to gossip adda and even at times a therapy room…
she has been a perfect mentor to me… and i cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me and all the other girls.
please visit this website and spread the word to those preggy women u know in ahmedabad and surat. it shall benefit them in tons.

she is also very active on her facebook page-

now this blog needs a makeover… will be back with a new blog and a new look in a while… actually i dont know how long that ‘while’ will be.. it all depends on how much time i get between changing nappies and taking a nap. 😉 a new life begins
 cheeers to motherhood.
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shopping marathon begins

I still have time before i hatch… but who knows when it shall happen, where and how!!!!
so i began shopping for my little one;
it was one fine spring morning …


 and i was munching on my favorite platter of fruit… the papaya… good for eyes, good for skin, good for my system, good for the baby etc etc.

 when this arrived!!

hoopos had sent me a voucher last week and asked me to try their products… i knew i wanted something cheerful and bright… the baby stores i had visited in ahmedabad had only pink n blue stuff for kids!!! which i want to stay clear from, why categorize kids into pink and blue right when they are born??

to all those mamma to be… chicco has this amazing stretch mark cream that should be applied pre and post natal! its a must for every mother. i ordered this 200ml bottle (mine was about to finish… i received it right on time)

and these cute little rompers… cant wait to try them on my cutie pie… reds, greens and stripes are something that can look cute on any kid… and no gender bias-ness with these colors 🙂

it was easier to shop on hoopos plus they gave me COD option (something i opt for when i am purchasing from that website for the first time… i have had some bad experiences shopping with an e-fashion website earlier.)
and what i liked the most about the website was fast delivery… it reached my place quicker than i had expected.
cheers to the website… hoping for more such wonderful shopping experiences with you in future.
aavjo 🙂
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