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breathing life

life is getting back to its routine… eating apples and driving a two wheeler… the whole confinement period is done and enjoyed! not its time to get back into normal food love and chilling out, obviously my baby has the first preference. 🙂  i drove a two wheeler after 5 months… yeah! deffo feels good.

i am slowly getting back into shape.. looking for a post-pregnancy waist belt… any good finds u aware of??

 and now i also get time to look through this brainy baby cd by
it has a few tips and tricks (all in video format) a good buy if you are living alone.
otherwise your momma has tons to tell u.. more than the cd shows. her experience is the best one and you should trust her on that.

what are you guys upto?
kunj 🙂

finding old love

so i am growing up as a mumma…
somewhere inside in am glad i am at my momma’s place; its more relaxing and even the weather is a little more cooler than ahmedabad where its as hot as an oven baking bread!
and yea… as i sneak out more time in between feeds, poops and pees… i took to my former love- baking.

followed the instructions but chose to do cupcakes instead of pan cake.

a 2:30 minutes of heat as the box says-

they were a smashing success… and eaten away hot and lovely! i split one and poured in some chocolate sauce… it had a lovely fragrance and i enjoyed the quick bake fix!

send me in some quick recipes if you have made any!
btw- i am now available to chat on wechat- Amomsdiet is my i.d and all mommy talks are welcome to share.

we chat now

Bbm is kinda boring these days with a lot of friends shifting to new android smart phones and my smart move was to download wechat… A free app to chat for free with just everyone on my phone book and anyone other than that I wish to… I often had to depend on facebook inbox msgs for people who I don’t want to share my number with or vice versa!!

Talking to friends is the most important thing.
Now I am happy… Share an i.d and chat with whoever I want to talk to or search new friends too… Yes, Wechat also has this old world charm where I can find new friends in my proximity or elsewhere… Thinking of elsewhere; wish I could add in a few people around this globe and above to my group chat and get done with a lot of muddles that are sprouting in my brain these days. Majorly there are 5 people I would want to add on wechat and talk to them instantly whenever needed….
1.When I was a child my parents used to take me to our family paediatrician- Dr Silhar who has passed away many years ago but he was a genius! He used to hold my hand, feel the nerve on my wrist and tell me what was wrong with me. All my vaccines, all my coughs and cold and all the tiny little things were so wonderfully taken care of that my parents never had to worry about my health and now that I am a mother myself I miss his presence. When my little one cries in the middle of the night, when he coughs out his daily medicine all of a sudden I silently wish in my mind Dr Silhar was here. If only I could add him on Wechat and ask him to track my son’s health record.
2. I only wish it was possible to chat with my ownself sometimes. Whenever I Come across situations where I have to choose between heart and mind which is happening more often these days and majorly the mind wins over the heart. I wish I could talk to the inner me where only the heart talks and I listen. I listen to the solutions ‘it’ thinks is right for me. I listen to how ‘it’ feels about people around me. I listen to compassion and I listen to my real self which gets lost in this materialistic run around to survive life. There has to be someone so secret to chat with all my good and wicked feelings, someone who will guide me to truth and not greed, someone who will be honest and not playful. The heart is the only one who can say all this to me, if only I could chat with that inner self on wechat it would resolve a lot of issues in a jiffy and someday make me a better person.
3. The third person I want to add to my wechat is my husband !! Someone who works for 14 hours a day… Goes to work early and comes home late… His phone lines are either busy or he has 2 little minutes to talks to me. I wish he would download wechat soon or a better idea- i shall download it for him secretly. I’m sure he would manage to reply to me through those 14 hours. Reviving one’s love life after marriage is of utmost importance. And why not, a little romantic chat can make us happy and even not bother his work or my kitchen hours. Right from telling him how special he is to asking for a small coffee date late night; a 2 minute chat can bring back the old charm. How wonderful it would be to re-read what lovely things he replies back to me. Happy in love means happy in life.
4. I want my bestest friend- also a new mommy like me to be a part of this wechat group… Neha ! Hour child is a year and a half now while my son is a month and half old!!! There is so much to learn from her. Everytime I am confused on why my son is crying I text her, everytime he refuses to sleep I look upto her for some lullaby tips. She has been there and done that and hence a super help for me. Would not it be nicer if she was on the same chat window and I don’t have to send her texts across the country ( secretly I even feel if s.t.d sms rates weren’t applicable I would have asked/referred/talked/seeked advice more and more often through out the day. It would be nice to have this experienced momma around all the time everytime I need her.
5. Well, the 5th person I would love to have in this wechat group would be carrie bradshaw ( sarah jessica parker’s character in sex and the city series). Carrie has a huge influence in my life and it would certainly mean a lot to me if she was easily available to chat. Her wit and sensibility is what inspires me the most. ‘ If only I could meet her in person’ has always topped my secret wishlist. Carrie writes in her books the flawless truth, the truth about relationships, the truth about marriage and the truth about finding one’s true inner self that everyone has to face someday. Her words and wiisdom will always keep me cool in days when my husband doesn’t answer my calls, when my peadiatrician says my son has fever, when my best friend says it will take some time for his immunity to conquer so just wait and relax, when my heart says this had to happen someday so just face it. My world revolves around my newborn right now and carrie would have been the best counseller for me so that my impatience will not ruin my friendship and my relationships. A support via words.

Wechat group is the perfect place if all these people can chat with me in the same window. I live a new life right now. Life of a new mother and I need all the love and support I can get. All the understanding and wisdom. All the affection and advises. If you have any of these or need some- we can always share. My wechat i.d is Amomsdiet
Check the wechat commercial here-
Find me there, let’s talk 🙂

40 days of confinement

childbirth is like shitting a pumpkin…


been there done that !
and shitting a 3 kg pumpkin means lots of hard word and after that hard works comes all the rewards- watching him sleep in my arms, his small little pink hands and for me??
—-The confinement begins!!!
The spice of life has anyways vanished just 3 days after childbirth… With all the potty, cranky cries, sleepless nights, innumerable pee-s and trying to fit into old clothes which is still not happening even after the baby is out!!
Lots of it happening but this all slowly seeps into your daily life… What doesn’t is the fact that you cannot drink and eat normal food and water for 40 more days.
The confinement period!
40 days of staying at home, and recovering from the muscle straining, tiring, emotional and painful delivery process…
Whether vaginal or c-sec stitches are inevitable and it takes a woman some time to recover from the pain. It may be 10 or 15 days- depends on how well the mother is coping with it.
At 40 days today, I have wrapped up to get out in the real world to breath some outside air.
One isn’t even allowed to go out unless a check up with the gynec is scheduled within these days. I had mine scheduled once but My doc’s clinic was just a 5min drive which means I hardly had a good view of the city…
Anyways, that doesn’t matter much.
Check this link for a better idea of how to deal with confinement period, also it may answer dozens of your questions in terms of food, travel, b-feeding, exercising, and dealing with the new life as a momma (in case this is your first time like mine).
What is more important is how you deal with it.
and how others around you make you feel about it… this is no prison term that you arent allowed to move out of your room…
this is also not house arrest where you arent allowed to sneak out for a short drive as a relaxation chime with you hubby once in a while… motherhood can be exhausting and these 40 days are for you to feel better about your new baby , your new body, your new life and specially to give you time to adjust with the whole new phase of life…
its not easy for every woman to behave normal and have just the right start with everything after the baby is born.. some may have trouble adjusting with sleep, some with b-feeding, some with the new routine, some having trouble attending guests and baby at the same time!! these 40 days help you get back to the same energy and also teaches you how to accommodate the  me-time and baby-time in a single day.

40 days

we indians are very lucky we have this ‘go to mom’s home for delivery’ ritual… there is no bigger help than a mother! she has been one half of her life and is always your biggest emotional and physical support… of course your husband is always there but an experienced mother is always the best thing to have next to you. to teach you and guide you and help you at the weakest hours!
i have had a great time learning things from my mother.. she would teach me things and then pour in anecdotes of my childhood and i would smile even when i am struggling while learning.
and she cooks all the right food for me- brinjal, gourds, bajri, milk products, lentils… all stuff that is easily digestible… that my son can digest well too… u know, at the end my milk produce is all what i eat. anything that is gaseous is also not good… anything that is chilled is not good… anything with lots of cocoa in it is not good too..
that are too many things to take care of…

my suggestions-
eat lots of food… like i said here.
eat lots of fruit
rest well … as much as you can!
eat a lot of coconut
have lots of milk and milk products..
have protein powder (mamma and baby kinds)
and feel happy… yes! thats the main thing.. feel happy…

 40 days confinement

kunj 🙂


There will be moments when u wish to cry, just cry a little bit, for no reason at all and for many reasons in all.

When your kid will pass a lot of stool and even when he will strain and yet just pass out a lot of warm smelly air for a day or two. 
When he will shout/cry on his loudest voice or when he wil stay quiet and not play at all.
When he will not want u to leave for a single moment and cry for u to just hold him in his arms for hours n hours and even when he will not be in his best moods and want to stay aloof.
There are several more moments when a mother wants to cry, just shed a few tears in silence and then get back to her ‘I’m a strong mom’ character!!
And that’s how life goes on… 
When u r terrified to face your biggest fears about your child just think of how God wants you to face this too, and he has definitely put in that extra energy within you much more in advance before its ‘use in force’ occurs. He knows what shall happen and how will you react to each situation so he fills in that extra strength for you to stand on your toes and run an extra mile ( literally and figuratively). Just thank him for that extra bundle of courage he mailed to you while you were busy to even notice it…
While you were trying to get your kid to sleep at 3am,
While you were washing a pile full soiled clothes he poop-ed ; pee-ed ; puked on,
While you were holding him in your one hand and having lunch with the other,
While you played with him for hours after a hard day at work,
While you were attending to his sickness with a brave heart and a smile that reads ‘ this shall pass too’…
Yes, every day is a new adventure in a mom’s life and whether good or bad it shall all pass by in a few hours or days…
If its bad god has given you the strength
Andif its good god has given you ample time to cherish it.
Love each day and each moment with your little one, attend to all his needs and kiss him good night every time he takes a nap because some day you are going to miss it all. 
And that day all that god will leave u with shall be memories…