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we are back!

my first post since many many months… i was hibernating and learning to be a mommy. its not as easy task yet the most loving n fun part of my life as i get to discover new traits about my infant. i think of writing a post everyday but the constant running around refrains me… and then when i do get time its all about ‘lemme catch some sleep yaar… the back is hurting and i had to wake up thrice for a feed last night…’ that’s the story of my life almost every day..

this doesn’t mean i have turned into a bored lazy freak! i often party on weekends and meet my girlfriends now n then. we have chats and fun and play dates are always so much fun with our kids all grown up now.
i promise to post more updates on how beautiful motherhood is and how easy n smooth you can make each day with a few tricks n tips. also lots and lots of product reviews.



like this instant medical reach right behind my bed… there are times when there are colic pains at 3am and other times when he running about in just a diaper and i need to fetch his vit.D drops… these are the times when this u-pin holder turned into an instant medical box helps. also the transparent big box beneath is filled with all other medicines that i either dont need may need seldom. like gripe water, extra dropper, cold drops, ice packs etc. that box goes straight up in the cupboard and the teddy medical holder stays on the poster platform behind the bed.


and this is also my time saving idea… all his cerelac n cereal boxes go to the dumpster and the packets go into a snack box in the kitchen.. i label all these silver similar looking packets so i exactly know what i want to make my little one… just a marker in hands reach is what i need. this saves space in the pantry plus makes it quick to reach out to what we need while the baby s hungry.

will share more stuff soonish…

take care and do let me know what u think of my new website.