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ITC once again

 I have no idea why i never came across this bottle before?? well, i simply asked kitchens of india to sent me this because i like the idea of strawberry and mint together! had no clue it would taste just so fantastic!!

i tried it with thepla this morning… well, what else do u expect for breakfast in a la-la gujju house!!?

it not only tastes awesome but i found it much more better than the other brand of jams and conserves i have had till now! this wasn’t extremely sweet like the normal jams and i even found mint leaves and strawberry chunks in it! that makes my face glow 🙂 its like finding a toy in a cornflakes box 😛 (silly, yet me!)

while the morning started off with jam and thepla… it got worked up again the evening with some bread slices a.k.a the angrezi style!

 it was delicious this way too… and i really dont like to put on dollops of it on my breads n theplas… i like it just a little for the taste. 
what i liked about the conserve was the strawberry wasnt extremely sweet! and the hint of mint gave it a lip smacking taste!
i have a long way to go with this pink bottle 🙂
i am glad kitchens on india sent it to me. 

time to try one more package from the box tomorrow!
aavjo 🙂
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taste testing

 i was away for almost 10 days! blame it on baby’s high metabolism rate and my low hb !
but i had a lovely time relaxing and staying home. while i was home n sick… enrich sent me a voucher to go to the salon and relax myself! and ITC sent me some food products to taste test 🙂 yoohoo!

 there is a bottle of conserve/jam ; a bottle of chutney ; a pack of halwa ; a pack of mirchi sabzi and a recipe cd (volume 1). how cool is this.
this parcel arrived on my anniversary morning when i was planning to cook a sweet dish… and here it was! in a heat and serve package right on my doorstep.

 the moong dal halwa was just perfect for the lunch at home. what you see on this small platter is all the quantity that comes in the package. but it certainly fills in 3 tummies for sure. its loaded with a wonderful aroma , color and taste.

a tip from my end: before heating it in a kadai or pan- heat up two spoons of ghee and add the halwa in the ghee for a fresh(just cooked) taste. heat it for 2 minutes and its ready to serve.
it has a few shredded almonds in it but you can always add in more if serving to a guest or want some yourself!

what i really liked about this ITC product is that it has the same color the package shows and tastes just as good. my earlier taste testing with another company was horrible and i fell sick having it. 
i was happy with the product…
and i have 3 more to try! the jam needs to wait till breakfast time tomorrow.
you can shop more of these kitchens of india products here.
 thank u ITC for sending me the products 🙂
will blog on the other products later… need to hog on the halwa before it gets cold.
 aavjo 🙂
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rest assured!

I was planning to go out this weekend… just a chotta honeymoon before our anniversary next week which apprantely is on a week day and i am sure none of us will be free for mushy love. yaa… maybe a romantic dinner that night! but we are very practical when it comes to work and reserve weekends rather than waste a working day to hold hands and talk like teenagers. hahaha probably god wanted us to stay together on a working day missing work, the only sad part is it came as a tragedy!on wednesday! and had to forcefully spend 2 days outta home in a luxurious maternity hospital with my husband holding my hands and giving me encouraging hugs… waking upin the middle of the night to and day to help me out …. 

we even watched a film together to kill time- baby’s day out!
and yea… quite true! we were there for the baby! so it was literally my baby’s first stay at a hospital even though i still have a lot of time before it comes into the world.

drank lots of cranberry juice… plain/just/only cranberry juice 😛
with a baby around next year we cannot no mixing ppl 🙂

… i found some love in cooking channels.

i even had appliances in my room and was tempted to bake something… only if the needle wasnt into my right hand. 
it was a surprise to see such a fancy hospital… probably all hospitals are… it was my first time in here so it was surprising for me. 

also i wasnt allowed to eat anything! had to stay fruitilicious…

though the tragedy or the location wasn’t perfect but PG and i had a lovely 2 day holiday together. forced to stay away from work/office calls and being pampered by him day and night 😉 now that the pain has gone, i love every part of it.cheers to love , life n good health!aavjo 🙂  

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act of leftovers!

I normally cook in perfect quantities… leftovers are never an issue in my kitchen.
yet some days they just kinda stick into my eyes from the kitchen platform. and i hate stuffing them in the fridge! the fridge has better things qualified to stay in there.
but a few intelligent ones always knows when i have leftovers in the kitchen-




 i love it when i see them eat and fight for those final cabbage bits. 
back at sam’s place we had one more impatient knock wanting us to share our food even before we had ours!


 she had to wait until we finish our lunch… which actually shifted into dinner with so much to talk and in-between chat snacks!


 poor her, she had to wait all afternoon and all evening until we finish a cold lunch and brownie moments

that reminds me, i need to post the 10 minute quick brownie recipe soonish!
see you laterz…
time for some antioxidants… the sheldon cooper way!
aavjo 🙂

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diwali potluck 504

Diwali had one more potluck to see, last night !

yesterday morning was dull. had nothing much to do on a sunday post diwali… woke up late to be greeted with a dry (sans butter/jam/sugar) breakfast.


the day began with a potluck planned for the evening, and i was thrilled as it was at my bestie samina’s place- block 504. the bengali miya-biwi lives alone in a gujju land so i carried some typical new year snacks for them and tried a little hand on baking


tried baking brownies in microwave! 10 minutes and hot fresh raisin brownie was ready to hog into!


it definitely turned out good because we had it before dinner! moist, aromatic, delicious… loved it! 

the food is not something i would want to paste pics of here… the kitchen was messy and so were our plates n bowls. but it was a lovely day spent together… late night we craved for some more dessert.
no place in town was open to serve us ice cream… we landed up in tgb’s 24hour coffee shop.


the fruit pastry i ordered. could have been more soft and moist and less creamy and more fruity…


the choices i had… oh! let it be.. i prefer local bakeries more. somehow these only looked good. samina’s chocolate dessert was not so good!

the lights on my way back:

and the ones i lighted at home:

happy diwali guys 🙂 and wish u all a prosperous new year…
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aavjo 🙂

diwali potluck 101

Diwali has always been my favorite part of the year… its like christmas for us at home. the christmas we see in hollywood movies… certainly diwali that is shown in bollywood movies is a little more than realistic. there are no women clad in heavy clothing ready to dance in the background as the kuwari girl sings and dances to lure all the kuwara-s of the tinsel town- things like this doesnt happen in real. what happens in real is lots of lights, colors, new painted houses, well furnished homes, rangolis, new clothes, lots of delicious food and of course firecrackers!

i had quit bursting crackers since middle school. the whole pollution and hurting the birds and environ factor had seeped in too deep and now i believe in an eco-friendly diwali. this year was my first diwali in sasural… my in-laws made sure its a great one with lots of love and care. hubby darling made sure i dont miss my home, my friends and my family. such a swweettheart!

even at P101 we celebrated with one more potluck!
this time i made sure i make a dish that is favored n loved by all… i began searching the whole town for taco shells. being new to ahm it was difficult to search for it- for a moment i felt the whole ahmedabad was eating tacos last night, i didnt find shells at the best places in town but i managed to find a few at the dead of night ! 12 midnight… 10 hours before the potluck.

we made some color-flower rangoli too before the potluck n movie marathon began…


what more?
food food n lots of food
payal’s bhel… actually she is d one who has made us all girls go ga-ga over food parties! her food is addictive!


from right to left- shweta’s gatte ki sabzi and parantha, my taco beans with veggies and cheeze, and swati’s yummmmmyyy sandwich! cant believe that girl can cook so fab! loved it ! and oh yea… next to my red beans are the amazing pasta by Dhara! loved it to death! 


the muthiya and the idli, the dhokla and the mango milkshake!! what a spread! it was like a grand wedding menu 🙂


ending on a high sweet note. brownies and chocolate cake.


i had half servings of all 3 sweets keeping calories in mind. the mango milkshake prachi made and the brownies …. errr.. i forgot her name! it was spongy n yummy ! ekdum jhakaas. 


the rangoli stayed up the whole time… with our dumbells in the corner 🙂


we were all fed with lots of food and love n laughter… by the time movie began… we were moving towards a sweet sleep hour. we decided to postpont the movie plan and 4 hours later went home to sleep and dream of all the yummy time we had. 
i suggest every pregger lady to join p101 because of the all the happiness and good health we are surrounded by. 

more of diwali blog coming tomorrow. its time for a good night sleep and waking up to more beautiful colorful gujju new year. 

aavjo 🙂

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Bonvivant- a review

One of the best things about being a food blogger is being invited to a restaurant to try their new menu. i was more than delighted to give it a try. 
we went to this place called Bonvivant at law garden… right in the middle of a busy bustling place. its often closed down for vehicles in the evenings and mornings. one has to walk around and shop from the streets, catch a play at the auditorium or go hog at multiple options!




i found the place neat and hygienic. i loved the lights and the seating didnt hurt (it didnt have cushioning.. but was still comfy). 
i liked the fact that loners or non-talkers can always watch some tv while waiting for the order. 
overall… i liked the interiors and cleanliness.
i began my order with some corn tomato soup (sans cheese) and harra bhara kebabs.


i have never tasted such a tomato soup. it had more of sugar than the actual tomato!!! and soups aren’t meant to be sweet as mithai 🙁
and the corn was hard and chewy!!! it was truely disappointing, left it mid way to try the kebab.


sorry the the intruding hand… PG has this rare habit of spoiling all my pics and i really don’t mind it ! and he also loves to eat with his hand… he says that’s how a gujju eats! true 🙂
the kebabs were not so bad.. the chutney was good.. however 2 hours later i had swings of kebab burps… and that disturbed me. i wasn’t sure whether it was the kebab or the soup working uphill!

though i was not much happy with my dinner i dogged into a subway sofa and ordered something originally sweet…

even when i didn’t enjoy the food, law garden has some exciting stuff to see, specially if you are with your family!


my verdict- i started with the soup n starter.. did not go to main course menu, jumped to the dessert at another place… so yes- its a one time go and if you are a person who likes every cuisine made the gujju-way u shall def. like the place n food as well. i would pass it off.

aavjo 🙂
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nibble nibble

So It was karva chauth on friday ehh??
no clue what it exactly is apart form all that DDLJ and hindi tv sitcoms have showed me all these years. I am a pure gujju and gujjus dont celebrate karva chauth … yet it is always nice to be pampered and loved with food and gifts by the ladies gang at P101 who do it.

though the bumpy bellies ain’t fasting this year, they sure wanted to celebrate it in their own cute way,
Payal got us these..


they still rest in my car dashboard and i haven’t yet got time to apply it… probably tonite 🙂
Prachi got us some dry fruits and churmu… a part of sargi… yea.. i remember Jaya Bachchan talking about it in K3G..and in that little right corner lies the rasgulla dabba that got wiped off before i could click the gigantic sweetness.


that didn’t get over there… we had Shaily gifting us a baby shower gift too..
i am having so much fun here..yay!!

she made these herself. what a pretty package. u can get your customized envelopes and gift packages too.. comment below on the post (it shall be passed on to her) to get such customized paper products done for ur special occasion. 

on coming back home, someone else was also nibbling a feast…

and guess what they got to nibble at??
one of my favorite shoes 🙁

‘every pup has his day’ 
i am glad they found them delicious 😛

the weekend was even more busier than the usual day… PG and i got invited by a restaurant to try their new menu. 
a restaurant review coming up …

aavjo 🙂

The Okra Show

Hahahaaa… the other day a friend at P101 told me how she began learning kitchen rules and cooking after her wedding date was fixed. she thought she knew it all until on the 3rd day after wedding she was asked to cook bhindi aka okra aka ladies finger. she chopped ’em into pieces and dumped them in a pressure cooker with water and spices! whooopss!! it surely is something you will laugh at a lot in future. but for now it was such a gigantic mistake!!
she isnt the only one who told me about such a blunder. a few other friends also tried cooking bhindi the similar way. freak! how can you even think of it??

well, i in that matter didnt make that mistake. (doesnt mean i never made a cooking blunder… remember this?? )
but for now, i make perfect gujju bhindi sabzi and i hereby declare the recipe open to use. just mention my name/blog url in case u are referring it to others. feels nice when ppl appreciate it u see.

i diced the bhindi and added a medium sized potato (i thought the quantity wasn’t just enough… cooking intuition )

add 5 tsps of vegetable oil in a kadhai or a deep cooking vessel and let it heat at a medium flame. once its evenly heated.. add 2 huge spoons of garlic paste *optional* (garlic petals smashed into paste with salt and red chili powder), saute it for a few seconds.
next- add the bhindi (and potato) into the vessel and mix well, put a lid over the container and let the lid be a little deep (i use a thali / dish as a lid) so that you can pour in half a glass of water over the lid. that means no water inside the vessel but over the lid. let it cook for a minute.

next- drag the lid carefully aside. the water filled lid still needs to used. add in the spices – chili powder, coriander-jeera powder, and salt. use it as per the taste you or your family likes. gujju food is normally very spicy. you may prefer to vary according to your taste buds. 
mix it well and notice it getting sticky. put on the lid again… if the water has evaporated, fill it again. 
let it cook for 7 mins. (varies according to quantity,… plz keep on checking it)
once cooked, garnish it with coriander (i dont do with mine… )
serve it with chappati or parantha. 

things to take care of :
1. do not dice the veggies very thin… these are not french fries.. if tastes better if kept bigger.
2. be careful with the chili powder in case you are adding garlic paste. you dont want the burning sensation later. 
3. heat it again in case it still feels sticky. 
4. do NOT add water in the vessel.
5. do NOT cook it at high flame. low to medium is just perfect.
6. let the bhindi cook a little in oil/garlic paste before adding the spices. let the oil seep in for a better taste.
7. do NOT overdo the quantity of oil… you dont want others to typecast gujju recipe as oily and unhealthy. its NOT^^ 

lemme know if you tried it… lemme know if you have a yummy okra recipe too. 
would love to read or share with my readers.

aavjo 🙂

post honey singh evening

Guess who we met last evening?


it certainly has been a while since Ganu last


people gave him money and he let them touch him, i touched his trunk… so strong n rough! it sure was a cute experience though…


we were at a Honey Singh concert that turned out to be a flop show!! i pity those who paid a huge amount for the passes which was tuned off within 20 mins of its beginning! 
anyways, it was still nice catching up with a few of PG’s friends and hogging on these mini wheels of dough veggies and cheeeeeese 


and a mid night snack!!! 
i am not surprised at myself to have started mid night snacks since past whole week 🙂

this sweet fellow is often called as buddha fruit or sharifa! and many other names in different places. mo matter what it’s name… it manages to satisfy the human hunger and the happiness quotient !
and …. that’s what really matters, right? oh yes !! 

what are your fav mid night snacks?

aavjo 🙂