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So here we are on a really hot summer evening and where i live, there are no breezy evenings to feel better. my son is almost always dressed in boxers and a vest all day long.
He gets super bored in afternoons when we curfew his movements outside the house to play around, so to being in some joy in his already joyous life i bought this packet of 12 sea animals capsules that i found on a rack at a gift store. am not really a fan of magical toys but what the heck! anything to make my baby happy. YO!
and i thought of doing a review for my readers.

i bought it for 80rs. and it has 12 capsules paper minted pack in various colors.

sorry for the impatience my son has

sorry for the impatience my son has

my impatient baby tore it open before i could take a picture but it looked good whatsoever.
these capsules need to be placed in water where the upper plastic like layer dissolves and a foam like material in a sea animal shape pops up, and floats on water like a normal sponge does.
we got a bowl of water excitedly and removed the capsules from the minted packs… put them in water.. saw it floating…
saw it floating…
saw it floating… … …

they wont magically blow up into sea animals!! huhhh//////

while waiting we even played a guessing game on what we shall find in each one of them:

high expectations

high expectations

D had high hopes they WILL open up but by that time i lost my patience and opened them up myself! the plastic covering had to be manually removed.
and I recorded the entire thing and put it right here….

awomansays review: sea animals capsules

well, i am not youtuber mommy, bare me with the quality. i am still learning and i shall be better next time.
p.s reminding myself to record horizontal next time.

it costed me 80 bucks, definitely not a buy if it takes so long for the magic to happen.
also, the packaging was not really high graded , per se the amount i paid for it. could have been better.
12 capsules but most of them were repetitive. kids dont touch things that repeat!
they also come in other styles such as animals etc. will try them for a lesser price.

worth a buy? well, maybe once if such things excite our baby and he/she is patient enough.

what else: makes a good birthday return gift considering the value and idea.

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