bidding good bye

 yea, so the doc finally said the words- ‘no more junk food! no more breads n biscuits! no more cakes… not even a slice of plum cake on christmas; forget cheese cakes and no more spicy meals at fancy restaurants! atleast not for three more months!’ 
omg!!! how can she expect me to resist the breads n cakes n restaurants?
i just cannot cannot do it.
or maybe…
i can take that as a challenge and show it to her… after all she says this coz she is worried for me. and now that i know that the world is not ending i can certainly wait for a few more months before my next binge!

so how do i bid a good bye? with a final round of bruschettas!

made two batches- one with corn on wheat bread and one with bell peppers on multigrain… its a simple recipe. anyone can make it and the best part is it isnt very messy to make at home, doesnt require a lotta preparation and quick to make. perfect for unexpected guests.
i guess this will keep me stuffed for 3 more months.
if not, i shall visit this blog again n make myself believe i gotta stay away from all this baked crap for now.
anything that u crave for and have been discouraged to have it ??
aavjo 🙂
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