braiding days

If u have been reading my blogs lately u probably know i am expecting and ready to hatch any day now… currently in my week 38 i have always been careful about all products i have used ever since i came to know i have a little life inside me…

there were times when people suggested a lot of things to me… ‘dont wash your hair with shampoos- they have chemicals that may harm your baby’ ; ‘ dont drink soda- the carbonated water may be harmful for the little one’ ; ‘ dont drive- you may suddenly get low on sugar and feel dizzy’ etc etc!

yea, somewhere they are all myths and somewhere they all have a truth in them. there are a lot of things that can be harmful to the baby. and i made sure i took utmost care on how to handle them.
shampoo is priority one on my list… living in a hot city like ahmedabad i cant even think of not washing my hair for a whole week!! forget not washing it for 9 months… since my brother deals with chicco products in his business line he suggested i use those baby products. they are extremely safe with parabens free… if they suggest it for new borns, i can definitely try them. i used to use that until dove sponsored me to try their new range…

Braiding Days

check this link
  dove to manage split ends

and why not!!
baby shampoos are chemical free and really safe but they dont treat split ends!!

 as a school going kid i remember having thick dark beautiful curly locks of hair… i grew up, fantasized with all disney characters and film stars and got caught in endless hair straightening sessions… which only ruined my hair.
as a child i remember never having any split end problems, why would i even have any? i regularly oiled and shampoo-ed my hair… then the whole keeping the hair oil free in college days made the after college hair days miserable!

the hair wash seemed such a refreshing change!!!
the fragrance of dove lingering in my hair… mmmmm its incomparable!! 
the wonderful fresh n light feeling it gave to my hair is recommendable too. my hair felt lighter and felt like it has more air to breathe now!
i m just 4 washes old with this product and i can already see the difference!
this post is surely sponsored but i cannot lie to my readers! i will recommend this product to whoever have split end problems…
specially someone who do not want frequent visits to the salon to go cut-cut-cut on the length of her hair to keep the split ends away! 
i hate short hair and this product can be really useful. i can now braid my hair and i am sure 2 weeks later when I LET THE ENDS OF MY BRAID on my new born’s cheeks to play with him/her the baby is not going to cry; but enjoy the nice smooth feeling. 🙂
cant wait to see my little now in my arms now… counting the days 🙂
the you tube video to the product:

try it and see the difference!
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6 thoughts on “braiding days

  1. People advised me after my “shimant” that now tradition is i should not be washing hair and putting some special things in my hair. But well i just couldn’t bring myself to do that and so i washed my hair till last day and 2 days after my delivery.

    And i ate everything, garam pade k thandu pade i ate what i liked. Only thing i didn’t eat was what was advised by doctor so no raw meat or fish but that i actually don’t considering i am vegetarian and avoided some kind of cheese which is unpasteurized but ate some other kind of which was safe ! 😛

    • oh yes,
      even my pre-natal class trainer told me the same. to stay away from unpasteurized milk and products.
      u can so much relate to me right now 🙂 even ppl here at my place call my mum up and say ‘have ene thandu nai khavdavta’ 😛
      so glad to see u on my blog lopa…
      hope to hear more from u.

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