busted happy weekend

 Even when a lot of things went wrong on the weekend that just passed by; it was still so beautiful with all its flaws…
the gobbling up of a whole pizza— i have never eaten the whole of this thin crisp tomato gravy oregano n cheese at one go!

 and while i ate all of this i surfed the internet looking for good online deals 

totsy.com is a good website in case u dont mind paying in $ for shipping.
the later half of the day saw me mingling with friends over dinner… they got me this <3 <3 how i have always loved cham cham from 'bengal sweets'
bengal sweethttp://awomansays.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/bengal-sweet.jpg
compensating for the 1 and 1/2 piece i ate i let the meal be strictly salad types!
they way i did the other day . and added this to the after meal snack,

all this happened on saturday… i believed i managed to balance my calories but sunday turned out to be the same… (ewwwww)

why is it so difficult to stay away from ice creams??? why do they make my will go weak??
mint milk chocolate has always been my fav! 

a friend forwarded this to me… and i so agree with the thought!!! immediate action was taken.. and results were seen…

all is well that ends well… i had a wonderful weekend even when it had lots of unplanned calories… lots of rubbish gossip with my girlies… and a lot to be happy about!!! 
how was ur weekend??
btw… my march giveaway has ended, will announce the winner tomorrow…
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