Turning into 7

So my husband and I just completed 6 blissful years of marriage. I have written about PG and me very often on the website but not quite sure if I have mentioned this earlier, nevertheless… everything is cuddly n cheesy on the anniversary day. 🙂
The anniversary date was falling on a Monday so like good parents and responsible workoholics we decided to visit a small deli for a snack and a late night movie on Sunday. He wasn’t sure if it was our 6th or 7th anniversary … and I jokingly added that we have had many people in our family and friend circle who were joining in all odds to make sure we didn’t even make it together for our 1st anniversary; we should throw a party for all of them and feed them for their defeat.
Am I the only one who thinks Indians are nossy?? That there is a squad of 100 relatives who want to play a crucial role in deciding who the young buds of the family should marry!!
Getting back to keeping the post mushy, our pic to mark the 7th official year to commence with.

clicking away at someone else's wedding.

clicking away at someone else’s wedding.

so how does one survive more than half a decade together and that too happily?
my little list of how to be married & happy:

To begin with, turning into 7 th year of marriage wasn’t difficult at all… what was difficult was to be happy and content.

1. be natural : right from the beginning show your bare Heart and Mind to your other half. It may be difficult for him/her to accept certain habits and affinity that make you a weirdo initially but love & attraction is on a high in those same initial years so the weirdness is easily accepted and apprehended as a natural occurrence and nothing disgusts/irritates the spouse later on. Instead, when you ain’t doing your bizarre stuff is when your partner will know something has gone wrong and you need help. ‘

2. count the spouse as a blessing in your life: turning into 7 , this is one thing I swear works and sticking on to it will prove fruitful during the 10th, 25th or even 50th anniversary (if you are alive and ready to cut the cake with dentures). Even today, on days when I am angry, frustrated or even PMS-ing I look at my husband NOT as someone who has no understanding of women but as a blessing that balances my life. I give a vague thought to what would have life been without this anchor in my life. He has been send as a blessing that I never count when I thank God for all the other happiness HE has showered on me & my family.
Life could have been better had I married someone else or fallen in love with someone else but one never knows… it could have been worse too !! how can I discount the fact that I have lived such beautiful memories with my husband and there are infinite of those in the future too. Count your spouse as a blessing in your life, just the way you are thankful for having wonderful parents or nature around you or the numerous materialistic pleasures.

3. learn to feel his pain: be a part of his worries and his dilemmas. Learn to share his pain as much as you would love to be a part of his celebrations. There is nothing that a human wants more than to share life with someone who can feel his pain or share his worries with. Try and see if you can help. On days and times when you cannot help but want them to know you care and feel pain, just cook a warm meal or stay awake with them without saying a word while they are working away late nights… they will appreciate you for being THE perfect ONE.

courtesy : google

courtesy : google

4. invest into something really expensive together: this way, there is nothing mine and yours to fight about. Everything remains “ours” to celebrate with. And by this I do not mean having a baby! the baby will soon grow up and move on its path and you will be left with a void that can end with a separation after 2 or so decades… by investing I mean in a club membership or a holiday or a property that you both can proud to show off and enjoy it together. A good investment only demands your money once, and proves fruitful for the rest of your life- like a harras of horses or a yatch or even a farmhouse/weekend home.

a random one...

a random one…

5. growth is just a number: never count how many years you spend together, how many days you need to celebrate like 8 years since you proposed me, and 10 years since you first told me you love me etc… they wont seem attractive sooner or later… instead count your blessings together, check how much have you grown together as a couple. the grey hair and wrinkles will definitely grow and so will the love an understanding to an infinite level.

moments to cherish...

moments to cherish…

6. surprise them: simple to understand and more simple to follow it, surprise them once in a while by baking their favorite cake or just a dinner at his/her favorite place. Nothing romantic or mushy (although a pinch of it never hurts!) but just a surprising gesture to show how much you love and care. I send him flowers for no reason, he takes me to my favorite coffee shop where we do not speak a word or chat on the way but being there in front of him sipping away my favorite brew is a feeling more achieved than words at times…

from one of my favorites...

from one of my favorites…

the husband and i

the husband and I

i was JUST DONE with a crazy long Monday and was quite sure things would simmer down on Tuesday , where the brat would crib why school cannot be missed. and the husband would wake up hastily and leave the house and give me some peace. important things and meetings always happen on Monday, the dudhwala is always late on a Monday morning, and the superman maid is quite sleepy and slow. but not on a Tuesday, that day things start settling down. i woke up on time and started cooking. salad on Tuesday for the brat’s school tiffin. and mixed veg gujarati minus the sugar with lots of kitchen king and roti for the husband.
but this Tuesday seemed like a hangover from Monday… he started giving me sleepy looks and turned around such as to pose a crocodile yogasan giving me cues he won’t drop our son to the school today!. oh lord, not again. when will he realize the 3 year old that looks like him is actually his real son and he should be responsible towards him and his school schedule.

nevertheless i woke the brat up and asked him go to the washroom, wash his hands, wash his face , now say eeeew so that i can see your teeth and brush them well. now stand straight so that i can pull out the clothes. now don’t laugh while i scrub your armpits, now dried and now wear the underwear yourself. you can do that , right. no you don’t need me ! do it yourself as pinterest says !! now stand straight and look up while i comb your hair, now drink your milk while i strap your shoes. fast fast , no slowly, don’t choke yourself! husband is still on the bed looking at us from the corner of his eye. like he thinks i don’t know he is awake and still doing his famous crocodile asana. uff, I do my famous long and short jumps gathering things and dumping them in his yellow n blue bag while the kid is sipping milk like its scotch on the rocks, slowwwwwwlllyyy…
hey bhagwan, why did I marry Mr. PG?
Had he told me earlier he won’t help me with the kid’s stuff I would have… never mind, i love him still.

so i do my strides and marathon and the kid reaches school on time, i kiss him good bye and he waves me like the cutest ever chimpanzee !
when i come home my husband calls me cute names and says he needs a favor. i was in no mood to do all that cutie pie stuff in the morning, he senses it when i don’t respond to his smiles… so he told me directly: ‘ kunj, i need that long green stick type gift that is wrapped with a red shiny ribbon and that what is kept on office tables for prosperity thing types’
i stare at him and wanted to call him a pighead but i curbed my wishes and asked him instead to google and show me a picture so that i can understand what alien thing sits on a table for prosperity, i will literally cover my entire home with it if its true.
he could not find a green stick with red ribbon for prosperity online. even google got the joke. hi-fi !!
few minutes later he called from inside the bathroom and says its some chinese vastu shashtra and it comes in a glass bowl and it’s probably also a plant. i rolled my eyes and said ‘ are you looking for a bamboo shoot that stands straight in a glass bowl?’ ‘yes honey you are so smart, now go run and get me one from that nursery on the other side of the road’

‘are u crazy, at this hour ??’ i asked… ‘yup, please baby. i want to gift it to a client today. he is very important…’ when he saw i wasn’t responding to his baby names, he added ‘… i am planning a europe trip next summer for the three of us. ‘

bugger, here he does it again.

ten minutes later i am at the nursery in my track pants and a silly tied up high bun on the head asking for the feng shui bamboo plant which the still sleepy care taker didn’t have. went to a posh gift shop next door and asked if he has one too. they had dreamcatchers and laughing buddha statues so i called the brat’s dad and asked if a dreamcatcher is okay to be gifted to the client. my husband thinks dreamcatchers are for girls, yes, like bamboo has a ‘i am for men’ label… oh lord, had i known this before i would have married… never mind, i still love him.
when i reached home, PG was dressed in his best white shirt and proclaimed he is the best looking dude in his office. of course, i smiled. i still loved this disorganized man i thought while i poured myself a chai and sat with my smart phone to finish the online cafe store orders for the day. yes, i cook some exotic dishes there, some i can’t even pronounce. while i was on the verge of earning 325 dollars for a tea with tapioca and cardamom and fee diamonds for the hospitality from a strange looking aged man my dream game was interrupted with a call from PG.

‘go find the bamboo plant in a glass bowl and drive to my office immediately. see you. love you. bye.’

fifteen minutes later i saw the pending work in the kitchen and cursed the aged man and 325 dollars tea while i closed the main door shut and slipped into the driving seat, reached the nearest flower shop and purchased the greenest looking bamboo plant with red ribbon around and green soft shoots placed in a glass bowl and colorful pebbles. paid and got it tied in a transparent sheet. few songs on radio and i was in my best mood ever, now i only wished to have a starbucks in hand and a sports car. i did find a plant and i was so super proud to have reached his office in straight 30 mins after he called. like a pizza delivery on time. or the maid who comes home after a 30 day holiday ! hahahahaha
i was in my best maxi dress, wavy hair and black slim glares. he saw my car, he saw the plant in my hand, he said ‘perfect’ , turned around and left. what the …. bleep bleep bleep!
he called me later and i complained, he said ‘… sorry babes, was in a hurry. but have you ever looked bad? you are the best looking wife…’
‘you ever had? ‘ i asked.
we laughed and he thanked me for being so helpful. ‘ i am your jeevan sangini after all. ‘, i smiled and said.
if only i knew this guy would make me run on a weekday like its the last day of the financial year for things that he should have planned the day before and like its not even my duty to make sure his client gets gifts … i would have married… him! just him.

summer , winter, rain or fall
you are the one i always call.
happy 5th anniversary hubby !


mommy x demonetization

9th of dec today, one month since the new currency launch and the same for disposal of old currency cavity.
so how has it affected the normal womenfolk in general ??
lemme tell you how i managed the entire situation for a month.
a normal indian woman keeps cash in all her purses and hand bags. small change and maybe a few notes of high currency for emergencies in a tiny corner of a locked cupboard. i do the same too. i have about 3 handbags that i keep on changing once in a while; color coding with the outfits you see! and i have a habit of keeping change and small cash in a wallet where as high currency emergency cash are usually kept in an envelope in the deepest zipper pockets of the bag. my emergency cash spend is always in fancy stores and malls or maybe a toy my son demanded that is exceeding the amount of what my small cash wallet of about 600-700 rupees carries.

initially the atm as well as banks had a queue that like a centipede was long and too many legs to count. mine would definitely be tired and i knew my 3 year old super-active brat would be bored and cranky as well… so i waited about 25 days and spend whatever high currency notes i had of 500 and 1000 to pay off bills such as credit card payment (which did not have a queue ), i, for a change paid off all other bills such as mobile postpaid connections and local grocery vendors and even got my car tank full. that left me with very few notes that i deposited in the first week of December; there was no queue that day because most of the people had already killed their time playing mobile games or giving their average and over intelligent views about the change Modiji initiated waiting in the same line when demonetization was first announced in November.

once i paid all my bills via old notes i counted the small change i had. counting from 10rupee coins and 100 rupee notes i had about 700rs. with me, which i kept strictly to be paid to vegetable and fruit vendors
and instead of going to my usual grocer i went to reliance fresh & star india bazaar to do all my grocery shopping including bread and biscuits. because they accepted cards. major payments happened with cards including paying for the anniversary gift and dinner and even buying my son a useless playdoh tub that he played for a day and i now use it to dab it over ant holes. so basically nothing changed the way i spend for my monthly expenses except the places where i spend them. reliance fresh gifted me an extra 1kg sugar and star bazaar gave me points into my card that i can redeem in next purchase. my idfc card gave me cash back for spending on an expensive anniversary dinner and gift. so i was actually gaining from this as well.

moving on to the first week of December i went to the bank and stood in a queue for cash withdrawal. remember i paid the credit card and mobile connection bills?? well, once my husband’s salary was credited he transferred the amount into my account and i withdrew all i needed to pay the maid and watchman (small salaried people who do not have a change for 2000). and trust me i was back home in just 30 mins. how ? i knew the bank branch i usually go to has a 2pm-2:30pm lunch break so i left from home at a time that would make me reach the bank at 2:35pm and that is when the computers are re-started and the process begins. those who have literally no sense of time management came in the mornings when the bank has a lot of footfall and they have to wait for their turn and waste a few hours doing nothing, i know some people even curse the bank staff for being so slow and others for breaking the line they are waiting on since morning.
right after lunch break there are hardly a few people standing there, 5 in my case… people started flowing in around 3pm and that was when i was leaving with my cash nicely sealed in my usual blue envelope tucked deep in my handbag. i asked my son to carry his mini jcb and he played around the water fountain while i stood 4th in the line and handed over the self cheque.

right from the time i started using a smart phone i have been using mobile banking apps and since my first job in 2006 i am habituated to scratching my debit and credit cards for bigger purchases which means i never needed to keep a lot of cash and worry about it. i have always paid my jeweler with a card as well and the bank i have account in has a small branch on the way to my son’s school so often i deposit whatever little cash i save or earn every fortnight while on our return to home. i have been doing it since a few years and all my cash was deposited , except the few emergency notes i had at home, before 8th november announcement that made everyone go crazy! this is why demonetization hasn’t affected my daily routine at all !
i have always seen my mom do the same too. maybe this habit of depositing whatever savings i do on a weekly or monthly basis that saved me from standing in long bank queues, listening to curses on the management and government and time.

if you as a woman are still in a troubled phase of how to get things done until 31st dec; here are a few tips:

1. go to the bank right after lunch break, very few people standing there and you can avail the cash faster.

2. ask your husband or friend to teach you how to use mobile banking apps. it’s easy and you can also link it to the joint account you share with your partner so you need not worry incase your balance goes to nil.

3. for mommies with little kids take a toy or two along with them, i am sure if the bank staff is good they won’t mind your kid playing instead of screaming’ i want to go home’

4. if the staff is not so cordial to your kid and you, change the bank !!!

5. ask your bank to send personal banking managers to your home for helping you with transactions in case you cannot go all the way to the bank. idfc has one such facility and i am one super glad mommy to have an account with them.

6. go spend some money in malls and super grocery stores and buy a month’s grocery and needs in bulk that would be more than happy to even provide you free home delivery if you don’t have a car.

7. use the small cash to pay off people who won’t be able to give you large change. also do not forget to use the same for toy train rides and flashy car bumper rides.

come-on your kid doesn’t even know how to spell demonetization !!! he/she should never be at a loss !

8. stop reading about how difficult it is for people to do all work due to this money changing into pink in newspapers! instead see who spend on a 50kg cake on his 50th glamorous birthday!

9. empty all your wallets and handbags and those return gift envelopes from aunts and uncles at weddings.

10. raid your son’s piggy bank for small change. no, not your daughter’s … #girlchildrights

i think everyone has benefitted from the change.
-people did extra shopping to use off old notes. there was sudden cash flowing in the market and shop-owners were happier than ever. diwali was back in a month!
–some elderly n womenfolk started thinking about owning a bank account.
—lots of technical awareness among women folk who owned a smart phone but never used it for banking and payment apps but stupid social apps only.
—-people started using creativity to create funny memes and showcasing it all over the internet! the pink panther notes became a star overnight.


4th anniversary issue

its been long since i last logged in to this website… i have been either busy or lazy to pen down some stuff that rotates in my mind.and at times either of us are down with a never ending cold and runny nose, although i am quite regular in updating my instagram feed and facebook profile… just in case you want to follow what happens to me everyday do like my page.

facebook page
instagram page

so its my anniversary week and we have been together sharing a life since 4 years now. 4th anniversary… seems like such a long time for us two because we are a very boring couple. 4th anniversary means 4 + 1 years together. the ‘1 year’ was all mushy and sweet like a bollywood movie and the other four seems so boring. we watch a movie every weekend like, yes, every weekend. so boring! and we dine-out together every sunday night, so boring. we have different taste buds all together so we never share food at any restaurants but he orders for me and i order for him. because we exactly know what kinda food the other person would enjoy. yet, we do not share meals… so boring! whenever we have a fight we shout at each other and either of us walks away from the location. two hours later we hug and patch up because being angry for two hours has drained us and left only specks of tears and aroma of love leaving behind a trail to find each other… we never do the roothna-manana stuff! how boring ! there are no patch up dates or gifts or roses or blings. yuck!

we never buy each other gifts because we … again .. have different choices!! i go to a mall and send him pics from the fittings room. he gets a cue and buys me that !!! so simple for him na?!
but i have a real difficult time buying him one. he is such a perfectionist… he has the best of shirts in all his favorite colors. he has atleast 4 dozen ties in his wardrobe, and about a few handful watches all from the world of titan, his favorite.
he has a really nice mobile phone and even an ipad and a laptop. he has accessories for both his cars all updated and his favorite songs are always in his pendrive. he never uses any fancy ‘all for men’ creams and he often gets gifted scents of the finest quality from friends who travel overseas or clients who are stinking rich! such an issue – a gift!
he had recently ordered a pen and he also bought himself a blazer while he was at the mall fetching my gift! uff… crazy guy. why is he such a perfectionist ?

i thought of gifting him a life long stock of pudin hara … hahaha then he said he is on diet and the need won’t arise.
i thought of gifting him an arm candy but he said he likes to pick one on his own, and his colleague recently gifted him a citizen.
i thought of gifting him a 50 things we can do in the dark wish chits in a fancy fish bowl but we have a two year old toddler! oh f**k! there is nothing i can gift him.

at the last moment i decided to gift him a dessert goodie basket and take him out for a dinner. i arranged this really cute invitation inviting him on a dinner date…
i dressed my best and called a cousin who makes desserts to swing by with her best desserts. i send her some pictures of us together and she made this for us.

dessert hamper by Femi Vasant

dessert hamper by Femi Vasant

it was the best ever anniversary gift i gave him (us actually, i could not resist tasting it again n again numerous times). loved the rose almond pudding the best…

it was only after the date and dinner and movie was done that i found the best ‘for him’ gift ideas. well, maybe on valentines now but here is a gift list for all you peeps who can plan in advance.

1. these two women make amazing night lounge wear of the utmost luxurious kinds. if your guy is into cottons to bed at night maybe you should buy a few from

bhanumati ka pitara by ridhie
wink india
the fabrics and designs they use are so so pretty and you can customize it as you like it! how perfect. i love how ridhie uses the cutsie buttons on all #bhanumatikapitara night wear she designs. they along with the fabric is a winner. if your man likes it he is gonna ask you to take care of his wardrobe refills everytime! check mate.



one more screenshot

one more screenshot


2. PG used to own a royal enfield and we often took those late night vroooommm rides to places with nature surrounding us from the eyes to the horizon. expansion and work load had him lose the love with no time left to look after the mean black babe but in case your guy loves a lady like this one; has some really cool gadgets for him and you can gift him that.

app wala screenshot

app wala screenshot

3. one more instagram page i like is fadjuice for men
they also have a website and one more shirt in his wardrobe with the perfect ink blue shade for a night out with his buddies is always going to be appreciated. i remember when i married PG , all his shirts were blue!! yes. i am not joking. light blue dark blue ink blue indigo blue blue-white stripes black-blue stripes faded blue royal blue! my man will appreciate a blue any day! now he has all colors in his wardrobe and he can always thank me for it!

limited options though

limited options though

4. the goodie hamper. when i told my husband how much it costed he smiled and said you would have got it at a cheaper rate at any cake shop. i then handed him a pudding bowl and asked him to taste… he was bowled over!!! he loved every bit of it and asked for more once over. no bakery would make me this for sure. a customized flavor in 24 hours!

contents: pudding jars, coffee-chocolate shots, truffles, cocktail chocolates.

contents: pudding jars, coffee-chocolate shots, truffles, cocktail chocolates.

he simply loved it… u can contact Femi by searching pretty little delights on facebook. she is a fab baker.

my handsome young man was quite impressed with the packaging as well as the contents: the puddings were yummy, i had never tasted a mocha chocolate brownie shot ever! the truffles were right sized too. the winner for me was the almond rose pudding in white chocolate. i am craving for more of it!!

the detailing was perfect

the detailing was perfect

if you have any gifting ideas for christmas or anniversaries/birthdays do pop a mail to us and we can feature you here.


the weekend window

Monday morning after I dropped him to school I was gulping down a rather quick breakfast and browsing through facebook while waiting for a few downloads to happen on another window for a seminar i gotta take for a few college kids… I popped in huge spoonfuls of cereal and decided to eat the banana later when I am driving on the way… so much to do my brain was over flowing with tasks to be done by E.O.D ;

I wish every mother was gifted a supernatural superpower that begins on monday morning and fades by tuesday afternoon.

the pretty mess

the pretty mess

i am serious, a lot to deal with on a monday morning exhausts me by lunchtime and I question myself how will I manage rest of the day. some friends say they are glad monday happens, it means kids go to school, husband runs to the office and you have all the time to relax n sip your cuppa joy! yes yes… i so agree with you.
but i hate sitting in that chair and sipping my tea.

i see crumbles of dried food in that corner he was playing on saturday evening. marks from his miniature JCB are mopped on sunday but i see the image in my mind has stamped a memory fresh forever.

i hear shrills of laughter on the bed where the imaginary daddy horse took the kid on a ride over the clouds and near the moon, the laughter has pulled out the corners of the bedsheets and i need to tuck it back in and save the echo in the turns of my ears.


this weekend he colored the apple, the ball, and even the white bed-cover in his favorite colors. we have never asked him to color inside the boundaries of his color book pages. i am glad he colored more than that… i shall now preserve the pictures to review them when he stops coloring to pick a night at the disco.

empty packs of treats and chocolates were lying stray on the side table. I quietly said my prayer and thanked God for giving us money enough to spend more than the daily needs. I folded the comforter and slid down two pieces of the jigsaw [outside] he was doing last evening.
if you have been reading my blogs from my pregnancy days, u know i worked at a publishing house that time…all that reading and researches, the hard work has paid off… my son at 2.4 can solve puzzles meant for 4+
thank you Lord, for you gave us more than we asked for. keep your faith in us forever.



the room was cleaned. I picked up the soiled clothes and popped them in the washing machine. popped in them the bruises on his knee from the evening cycle ride in the parking area; popped inside the worn-out jeans that had a mocktail stain and a cheese sauce stain, has stains of tears and laughter, paw marks of the new pups and of the creamy biscuit hands that were wiped in the car because kids like ONLY creamy biscuits.

the hero

the hero

i closed the weekend window only to open it 5 days later. will dust the weekday off from it and let the weekend breeze get in again. the pleasant aroma of freshly cooked monday lunch filled in the room as the window closed. time to get back to the chores and do some work. weekend.. THOU SHALL BE MISSED BUT WE WILL SEE on YOU AGAIN. you bring in lots of joy and laughter and memories to create and love to share, bonds to make and touch of care.
the weekend window is now shut.
see you soon.

Kunj 🙂

date with daddy!

seriously, we did go on a dual date with dad!
D’s dad that is.
i so badly needed a break and a friend of PG was hosting a destination wedding at Daman, although i would not have mind doing the baby and daddy work and the heap load of traveling work myself but its always such a pleasure when the husband decides to take over!
i relaxed and he took care of the kiddo and his food tantrums.
he was teething with side tooth sprouting out and his time had a major diarrhea issue, daddy decided to make a fun day for all of us.
specially for this mommy who, rather than enjoying the wedding was busy changing soiled diapers and managing kid friendly food in between getting dressed up for an indian wedding.

here i was on saturday morning after the wedding got over late friday night!!

mommy's dirty mess!!

mommy’s dirty mess!!

then came our superhero to the rescue, of course with lots of back up help by mumma. but i am glad this happened!
my son loves spending time with his father, he calls my husband “papai” .. sounds a lot like popoye! and we love it…
i got the bag ready and shoo-ed them out of the room. turned on the tv to a cute bollywood film and ordered in some food to relax myself.
our staycation for the weekend was at a resort called sandy resort at nani daman. it had a beautiful pool and my husband was super excited from the moment he saw it on the internet before we drove our way there early morning. he knew our little dolphin would love to go splash and have fun there.
so leaving me and my mess in the room… began the date with daddy.
they left to the pool straight away!

daddy-mode ON!

daddy-mode ON!

and began the splish splash n more fun around the pool…

the anchors of my life

the anchors of my life

there were a lot of words and tiny talks exchanged. i really dont know if they understand each other that well.. but i know them both in and out. i know daddy gets less time to spend with his growing toddler. but once in a while PG comes home early, calls me when he is on his way home to get the little hunk ready and off they go on a drive or just the play area and rides nearby.
its always so easy for a son to connect with his dad.. they are always alike. they not only share the same surname but even the same family legacy… the same habits, the same profession at times. the same home from childhood and in many cases the same state of mind. they think alike. they often have same choice of favorite sports and food… they share hereditary pros and cons, they often have the same sharpness on their faces. growing up they share the same car, the same house and same family members till they depart.

i see my dad look like my grandpa these days.. i see my dad in my brother and i see my brother in my nephew.. this is weird but this is how love travels… in family. and stays in family.
i share a strong liking for daughters but they soon get married and become someone else by molding into the husband’s family. its true for most of the indian households.
i love this ” look alike, feel alike, talk alike, do alike” stuff in fathers and sons… it always keeps the intimacy alive through generations.



thanks you daddyscapes for the perfect tee. it just felt like a perfect pre- father’s day celebration for us. although our family doesn’t believe in such fathers and mothers and whatever day. but its being talked about everywhere and it won;t really harm to mention this that we don’t need a special day to celebrate our love for each other.
here they are, giving a much needed break to me and celebrating the SR.JR combo!

meet the daddy

meet the daddy

the duo went for mini train rides (pic not available) and bought balloons and sweet corn (yes, a plate of sweet corn is a fancy meal for my son) and the day ended with fries-ketchup-milkshake

nom-nom fave meal

nom-nom fave meal

i was so touched by the love and bonding they share, i wanted to hug them both tight and never let it go! thank you , wordpress. u helped me preserve this in form of a blog. love these two to the moon an back.

planning another trip in july on the same ground rules: one day for mommy to relax, another for daddy, and one day to have fun as a family. sounds so perfect. and this time i am gonna get all my tanning creams and beach hat packed on time! yay!
what are your perfect daddy-date plans? do mention in the comments below.

lots of love

why i dont need a valentine

I met him first on 6th March, I am sure he won’t have remembered the date until he reads this post. It’s been some 4 years since we are together and we already have a son turning 2 soon… that means we had a little more than 2 years to enjoy our relationship and being together before parenthood dipped us in pee/potty/tears/sleeplessness disorder.
not that I demand more but I like every couple who are still enjoying the non-parents phase or are parents but so deep in love they don’t stop woo-ING each other. I love the word LOVE itself. I love the idea of going on dates, surprising each other, romantic beach walks, going on second honeymoon etc… basically I love everything that all those silly Bollywood romantic flicks show. I love watching all those stupid english romantic movies for the same reason. maybe that’s the reason they are called chick-flicks. this chick digs all that cuteness and more.

sadly my husband Mr.P is no where in the vicinity of the aura of the word romance.

he plucked these for me once; a treasure i ate it all!

he plucked these for me once; a treasure i ate it all!

these are small things that matter, getting what you wish for. but its not too easy for other filmy things:

i have to say ‘i love you’ to him twice before he replies a ‘me too’ ; he needs to get drunk to buy a birthday card for me, something I wish happened everyday sans the alcohol but it never happens. he is everything that I had NEVER dreamt of.
ya, its saddening and heart breaking. we have no selfies together, he hates being photographed. he hates taking pictures so i have no pics of myself against beautiful backdrops. if he is forced to take a picture they would turn out so bad that i have to delete them forever, even from the drop box! and i am not just exaggerating my lovely friend, this is exactly how he is. we haven’t celebrated a valentine day. Maybe he would have taken me on a dinner once. nothing so special that i remember of. nothing happened this year too.

together.. forever

together.. forever

Every year on my anniversary I think of reasons why i chose him.
and this is why i still love the father of my only child…

we need no valentine day celebration because everytime i ask for, he takes me all way to the highway to my favorite coffee shop after dinner for that hot cup of expresso. the only place in the entire town i love coffee. he knows that’s the only place i will have a coffee, whether tired or not we always go that only place!

we need no romantic date nights because he often accompanies me those super flop movies and sits through the end just because i wanted to go watch it. even after 4 years our choices of movies are different. i let him go with his guy friends for movies of his choice and he sits through a 2hour film when I want to watch one. He never says it but I know he could have said no and I could have gone with my girlfriends but this way he gets to be with me for 2 hours and just hold my hand because in our daily lives we both have busy schedules.

we need no valentine days because we are too perfect for each other and we dont need any special day to tell each other how we feel,

on our first v-day together

on our first v-day together

on days when our son is unwell and i am worried and sleepless and tired and everything is going wrong as a mother, he holds my hand and strokes my hair. and i know he wants to say everything will be alright, we are in this together, worry not. these are gestures unsaid. gestures that remind me of who i am married to is one of the most perfect person ever. sometimes you need no words or date nights or gifts to express what you feel. and after all these years i prefer it this way. in silence- said through his eyes!
ti need no one to sing me songs,… although i really want him to do it one day!
i need no one to bring me fancy gifts, his debit card is enough… hehaheehee
i need no one to write me letters and bring me flowers, my home is already a mess, where will i store them !!! do u have a 2 year old too??? yes, u know what i am saying then. no matter how big a house; a kid leaves no space undiscovered!

here’s to 4 years of togetherness and 4*365 days of valentines 🙂