year 2013

The year had to begin on a wonderful note. i had to do some spl cooking n some grt farmer market shopping. not to forget time for resolutions.

 gajjar ka halwa! not that i needed more sugar… had a huge platter of it on new year’s eve but pregnancy cravings are hard to resist. 
what i suggest to calorie conscious ppl- have more of milk and fresh cream rather than khoya or ghee… i had only 4 spoons of ghee added to a huge kadhai… which lasted for 2 days even when everyone was literally hogging in.
choose red carrots which are naturally sweet… u cannot alternate sugar for anything else but heyy… even if there are 4 spoons less of it due to red carrots its still worth the shot. some buys of 2013… i need to get fitter for the third trimester.

my favorite- havent gone thru one day since i saw them in the markets without a few berries in my snack.

 and all the vitamin c i can gather. have been munching on these for a long time now and it has helped me. visible lustrous shine in hair but a boost in immunity. 

and a lovlier winter morning note making- 
what a grt start to twenty thirteen. i love this year. and its going to be the best one of my life! loving every day n every moment. 
aavjo 🙂

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on a sweet note


Two hours before the countdown and everyone jumps with joy hugging n kissing n shaking hands… whatever pleases the other person wishing them a happy new year.

While everyone is partying this year i am at home… watching back to back big bang theory on star world and twilight saga on star movies…. last year was  a disaster since i had no friends around… it continues even today; until we bump into someone nice n friendly for the dinner i am about to go to right now…
so a quickie post on how i spend my last day of twenty twelve on a sweet note.

i wiped it clean like its the last ever chocolate plate on earth !!!
talk about pregnancy cravings and i am so deep into that hot pot!
no one makes pancakes as wonderful as chocolate room.
i have never been a chocolate person like my off spring is – just like its dad!
so i dug my teeth into this whole plate … all by myself !!!

 yea.. so proud of my accomplishment of finishing this whole plate of chocolate and calories all by myself. 
time to add something sane and more beneficial for my bod…

all set to leave for the night out! 
see you all next year.. in a happy cheerful note.
signing off for twenty twelve
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sweetness on last day!

 So as per a myth and a movie and a few newspaper tabloids- the world was to end on this day… as i write this blog on the 23rd hour, there is one more hour before the clock strikes midnight! 
not that we beleived it would end but fb updates about the world ending today are pretty funny, the way friends mock about death ending today gives me a relief about how the whole situation was taken too seriously back in 2006!

so anyways, i still wanted to make this day special… making sure i have a story to tell my kids on what i did when the myths talked about the world ending, ‘kids, i and your dad had some cupcakes and watched salman khan on screen!’ 

won’t it be a cute thing to say??

i meandered around vastrapur area (ahmedabad) and found THE cupcake shop i once had a taste at!

the one on left is not distorted! it was too irresistible and the whole of it could not make it to the photo session. its called the AMERICAN DARK CHOCOLATE flavor.
and i swear to all the desserts in the world i’ve eaten… nothing beats this one!!
the softness, the flavor, the creaminess… there is no match!

earlier a few weeks ago, i had got this one on my platter-

 every little bite of it got polished off while watching a film with PG !
red velvet and kiwi flavors!
though they weren’t as good as american dark chocolate!
i had read a lot of western food bloggers talk about red velvet and i wanted to try it… though i didn’t find anything spl. i would certainly want to visit the shoppe again and learn wat exactly they mean by red velvet…

30mins to go… if the world is still spinning and i am still cooking tomorrow… we shall meet again.
aavjo 🙂
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goodies :)

 This afternoon i finally received my estarer goodies in the post.
it was a long wait but hey, i was happy i finally got it!

 they are here at the right time, with the christmas and new year’s party, i guess i can flaunt a golden bling in my hair along with my baby bump. i had a similar butterfly earrings in gold and lost one of it.. i still have the other one and cannot give it away to anyone… i love butterflies.

the parties remind me i just cannot look bumpy with dull eyes n gloomy cheeks… so i plan to pamper myself with lots of fruits and greenies. PG and I are even attending  wedding on december 31st. (talk about couples who choose a date like this to marry since its easier to remember anniversaries hahahaa)

spinach, tomato and sprouts 🙂
its pretty healthy for everything in flesh and blood. it certainly feels ‘only’ boring salad but you may add in some ceasar dressing or  maybe a little of southwest sauce. it would be more than a yummy dinner!
dinner was heavy today, had lots of guests (attending a wedding in town) at home. had to treat them just so perfectly. it all went well but the best part happened just a while ago tonite when PG treated me with this delicacy…
a white chocolate ice cream 🙂 one scoop just ain’t enough …. i loved it !!!
since i dont wanna pile up much calories… i am gonna wait for a week before i go back to judges bunglow and have one more scoop. 
wat is your favorite flavor till now ?
aavjo 🙂 

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5 steps to Pici Pasta

PG and i are big pasta fans. we can have it for breakfast or even a mid night supper. at times i feel the 2nd biggest reason we are still together is ‘love for food’ . he demands it any day and i always stock the ingredients. 
this time i wanted to experiment with pici pasta after i saw lynn chen talk about it. definitely its nothing different than spaghetti in looks. and its super easy to make. if… u buy some outside help. like i did… and my pasta were ready in 5mins. 

5 steps to Pici Pasta

1. boil the pasta in water (with a pinch of salt)


2. chop some veggies in the meanwhile, any you like. i added bellpeppers(green+red), tomatoes, and carrots. 


3. in a non-stick pan~ 1.5 tablespoons of oil, and saute the veggies. let it simmer for 2 mins and add this ching’s noodle/rice schezwan masala. 


4. add the pici pasta (drained out of the water)


5. mix well. let it get moist in the masala n veggies, add a pinch of more salt and serve hot. 


guess who i rescued later in the night?? it was dying in a cold freezer and needed some warmth.


saving the poor kid wasnt a good idea… it wasnt my favorite flavor 🙁 this is one place where i and PG differ… he has always loved chocolate.


mocha brownie fudge – for me- doesnt taste as good as it sounds. 

went to a spl place for burritos on sunday night! will talk about it in the next blog.
what do u add to ur home made pasta to make it delicious ?

aavjo 🙂


when i saw this on my way back home, 

i knew i needed to stop right there and have a taste test.

a guy from baroda has started this venture and i totally wanted to see what exactly it is all about. it was difficult to order since they all seemed so good and yummy…

the chef was not so busy and i took his help to make a choice… with me craving for some minty flavor he suggested i try ‘dirty harry’ … haha was the new menu created after the vegas incident??? hahaha…


he began his work on a cool icy plate and even let me click while he finely put up the ingredients together…

the mint-dark chocolate was a perfect combination, but this strawberry sauce was a big mistake. it made my live ice cream extremely sweet (and that’s what i didnt want!!)


though i did enjoy the final outcome with some gems dug inside it.
it felt like re-living childhood times 🙂

p.s please avoid PG’s hand… he just could not resist and the pot started melting very soon. 
the place also has a DIY option, choose your own base and toppings:
these are the various things you can add, drizzle, sprinkle, garnish:

there are biscuits to rocher to caramel sauce to oreos and chocolates, white/chocolate drops, marshmallows(non-vegan), brownie and sponge cake…!!

lots to choose from, my take on ice cream on the rocks-
the quantity is too little for a rs.90 LIVE ice cream that comes to me almost melting and needs to consumed quickly.
loved the fancy-ness of the store and the concept.
liked the ‘many toppings’ to choose from.
like the neatness of the place and the live counter!
overall i would rate it a 7/10… had it not been melting i would have given it an 8 ! and a 9 if the price would be perfect! 

its near Commerce 6 roads, navrangpura (ahm). visit it if you really wanna try the new concept and the variety you can get.

have a sweet little something tonight and miss me 🙂

my first potluck

I haven’t made many friends since i have shifted to ahmedabad last year. i only remember hanging out with PG and his friends and all those fellow hometown people who have shifted here/or on random visits. 
so here i was on my first potluck with a bunch of beautiful women at P101 in Prahladnagar. so far i only know their names… i am sure i am gonna make some girlie buddies soon 🙂
my entree for the potluck. a chick pea-bell pepper salad loaded with a high level of protein and vitamins.

my first

the music therapy before the potluck by Prachi was awesome (no pictures, will capture a few next time). she is a psychologists and knows just how well music helps sooth our mind and heart. i have never had such a unique experience before. regret not taking pics.
the lunch spread that afternoon-

my chick pea salad and aloo paratha on the right corner…i m not sure how many liked it. sorry for the dull picture. i took it all on my phone. the bread bell pepper pizza were amazing, there was some handvo, idli… the most amazing coconut chutney i have had (no clue who made it!) samosas… i had a small one.. wanted to avoid high calories. 


the biryani and curd- touched my taste buds… spicy and lovely aroma! just perfectly cooked rice. i totally dig it, and muthiya… no clue what’s it called in english/hindi !
more idli sambhar n chutney and aloo parantha 🙂

my first

some pau bhaji… just the way i like it- beautiful color with lots of veggie and medium spicy. i cannot handle hot spicy food. so i loved it. and the entry on the left corner. rice khichu! the most most most delicious dish on the table. i need Payal to give me its recipe soon when we meet next. she got some oil n spices as add-ons 🙂

my first

the spread was so grand i could only taste it all and i was already filled up.
though i knew some special sweet dish was to arrive and kept a little space for it. 
had three platters- 

my first

the incredible khichu with oil n spice add-ons. i wish i began with that and could eat more of it. felt a little shy asking Payal for packing a little more to take it away. :/

the sweets soon lined up. our host and owner of P101 Rita had spread out bananas and candies and wheat pie/sukhdi for the pretty ladies-

i had an amazing chocolate fudge prepared by meenakshi-

and another sweet lady got these for us, i picked out all 5 colors thinking they are different flavors. but they are all the same, and they taste really good. pocket sizes and a grt grab in case meal is atleast 30minutes away and your tummy is growling. you may buy some here.

off to home after a grand meal… will post on the chick pea recipe tonite. meanwhile just boil some water and soak chick peas into it… around 200 grams, go out to the market and buy bell peppers- in yellow green and red! 
see ya all later…

do u have any quick potluck recipe that isnt very messy to carry around and eat as well? plz do share folks.

aavjo 🙂