this 2minute microwave cooking was a complete disaster. 
the picture on the screen does not match the dish that actually appeared on my plate. the paneer was hard and tiny in pieces. the burps i got right after eating the meal were horrible.
it took a whole bowl of chocolate ice cream and calories to pace it down.
this was my first MTR experience and i had a bad one. 
would rather rest my tummy now with a little vitamin C.

have u tried MTR before? what were your experiences?


Dasaprakash- a review

A well blended south indian restaurant in Ahmedabad… 

when ever my parents are visiting me, they frequently hog at Dasaprakash. they love the food there. i have never been there before (…work commitments and a lil far from where i work) but this time i managed to hop in with them for a dinner. 



situated opposite Rajpath Club, on the service lane, first floor.. SG Highway is this rice platter that specializes in only south indian cuisine and to top it up they even make their own brand of ice cream 🙂 yummm.. with a few franchises across the country. 

what i really liked about the place was its neatness, little detailing on the interiors- making it look south indain yet not overdoing the whole thing and keeping it neat n decent! an 8/10 for the interiors and look.

winner at times food award and burrrp !  i wondered why hadn’t PG and i tried this before. well, there is always a first time to everything. 
so here i was ordering everything from dosai to their ultimate chutneys and corn cheese rice… awesome variety… would give them a 10/10 for the variety on the menu…

the chutneys were good too… a threesome! the mild coconut one which was so good it was almost wiped off by the time i clicked this pic… a garlic spicy one in orange and a tomato tangy one in red. all three were good. 
i even liked their sturdy silver crockery.
didn’t click the food pics as all the dishes were too greasy… oil/butter !
didn’t want that lingering smell and marks on my camera.
however, the desserts won!
the ‘gold rush’ aka a sundae with coffee at the bottom, chocolate on the top with caramel drops and a cream n cherry topping, placed with a twin biscotti. wow!!!! amazinggggg 🙂
an ear to ear grin on my face.


the icy tall … something something… my mommy’s order. i found it way too sweet. since i am more of a bitter/dark chocolate lover. this one was almond vanila scoop at the bottom, pistachio on the top with cream n cherry and twin wafer biscotti again. i only had a spoonful to taste and the cherry. 🙂
great for the ones who love their ice creams very sweet.
psst… see that tall brown cold coffee behind? that’s my dad’s order- truely a coffee of its kind. a sure recommend for those who like it bitter. (comes with a scoop of coffee ice cream as well)

my overall experience would be an 8/10 🙂
would want to go back again to try yet another dish and dessert. would go for just the desserts too some day.
would recommend all fellow amdavadis and even people travelling here to definitely try food here! its a personal recommendation 🙂
people living in ghaziabad, lucknow, agra, and jaipur- if u haven’t been here do so this weekend and if you have… tell me how was ur experience? what all do u recommend me to try here next time?? 

aavjo 🙂

chick-pea quick recipe

yesterday I told you about my chick pea- bell pepper salad! and promised you a recipe… was going to had my network not tried committing suicide. well, i did save it from dying… and thought of giving it a nice rest for the whole day.

so did ya boil around 200 grams of chick peas (kabuli chana) in boiled water overnight? did ya buy those colorful red green n yellow bell peppers?  
lol… waiting for the recipe and then deciding whether to invest in the ingredients or not?? i m the same crazy thinker la…

after the over night boiling, clean the chick peas in fresh running water and steam them in a pressure cooker or rice boiler. they will turn out hot, soft and aromatic! 

how to check if the chick peas have been boiled/steamed perfectly?
take a single pea and insert your fork in it, if it easily makes a dent, they are perfect. if it seems a little hard… pressure cook them again for 2 minutes on high gas.

meanwhile chop down all three bell peppers (avoiding the nerves and seeds) and crush some black pepper corns (about 5-6).

drain the peas…

in a mixing bowl put together the chick peas, the bell pepper, squeezeeee in a full lemon, the black pepper crushed, a lil salt to taste, vinegar(optional- i didnt use it) and lots of tomato ketchup. use finely chopped fresh red tomato if you are preggers/unwell and dont want to have bottled chemically treated food product.

voila !!!

you will love the taste! my guarantee 🙂

its full of proteins and vitamin C and fatless composition.
it can be easily replaced with a meal when u aren’t feeling like cooking much,
a great filler and can be tossed in 5 minutes in case you have all the ingredients handy/frozen in advance. (put the ingredients in a zip lock bag and you shall thank me for a quick recipe when super hungry or unexpected guests)

try it out and lemme know if you really liked it. 
PG and everyone else at my home loved it 🙂

p.s this is a recipe i learned from one of my cousins… went at her place for a lunch and ended up having more of only this than other items on the course menu.

aavjo 🙂

my first potluck

I haven’t made many friends since i have shifted to ahmedabad last year. i only remember hanging out with PG and his friends and all those fellow hometown people who have shifted here/or on random visits. 
so here i was on my first potluck with a bunch of beautiful women at P101 in Prahladnagar. so far i only know their names… i am sure i am gonna make some girlie buddies soon 🙂
my entree for the potluck. a chick pea-bell pepper salad loaded with a high level of protein and vitamins.

my first

the music therapy before the potluck by Prachi was awesome (no pictures, will capture a few next time). she is a psychologists and knows just how well music helps sooth our mind and heart. i have never had such a unique experience before. regret not taking pics.
the lunch spread that afternoon-

my chick pea salad and aloo paratha on the right corner…i m not sure how many liked it. sorry for the dull picture. i took it all on my phone. the bread bell pepper pizza were amazing, there was some handvo, idli… the most amazing coconut chutney i have had (no clue who made it!) samosas… i had a small one.. wanted to avoid high calories. 


the biryani and curd- touched my taste buds… spicy and lovely aroma! just perfectly cooked rice. i totally dig it, and muthiya… no clue what’s it called in english/hindi !
more idli sambhar n chutney and aloo parantha 🙂

my first

some pau bhaji… just the way i like it- beautiful color with lots of veggie and medium spicy. i cannot handle hot spicy food. so i loved it. and the entry on the left corner. rice khichu! the most most most delicious dish on the table. i need Payal to give me its recipe soon when we meet next. she got some oil n spices as add-ons 🙂

my first

the spread was so grand i could only taste it all and i was already filled up.
though i knew some special sweet dish was to arrive and kept a little space for it. 
had three platters- 

my first

the incredible khichu with oil n spice add-ons. i wish i began with that and could eat more of it. felt a little shy asking Payal for packing a little more to take it away. :/

the sweets soon lined up. our host and owner of P101 Rita had spread out bananas and candies and wheat pie/sukhdi for the pretty ladies-

i had an amazing chocolate fudge prepared by meenakshi-

and another sweet lady got these for us, i picked out all 5 colors thinking they are different flavors. but they are all the same, and they taste really good. pocket sizes and a grt grab in case meal is atleast 30minutes away and your tummy is growling. you may buy some here.

off to home after a grand meal… will post on the chick pea recipe tonite. meanwhile just boil some water and soak chick peas into it… around 200 grams, go out to the market and buy bell peppers- in yellow green and red! 
see ya all later…

do u have any quick potluck recipe that isnt very messy to carry around and eat as well? plz do share folks.

aavjo 🙂

divine Ganesha

Last evening was probably the best one ever! PG and i had a chance to conduct the Ganesh pooja at our place with Ganu’s entry to our flats early last week. the whole charismatic feeling was so good and so difficult to describe. the huge idol with beautiful grey eyes staring at you feels gigantic yet magnificent.

the aarti playing loudly on speakers for the entire mohalla to join in. these are the days when i actually see everyone who lives there in the same building. and its a pity i only know a bunch full of them :/


how can i miss blogging about the food!! the sweetmeats and fruits offered to Ganu. he sure enjoys a lot of delicacies twice a day loaded with ghee and calories. 


we even have a chottu Ganu enjoying the same pomp and care.


no doubt he has a huge belly. and lucky HIM everyone only praises His weight and huge round belly! 

divine ganesha

my current bbm picture! it was nice hearing the story of why is fresh fodder also served to Him along with sweets and fruits from M-I-L. for the elephant in Him. heard the entire story last evening. 


my entry to please Him… no they aren’t modaks. they are momos. they are from an eatery called Momoman dedicated to Asian cuisine,. they were steamed (in my rice cooker)… with lots of veggies… Ganu needs some nutrition and veggies too. 🙂 yet nothing compared to the ones i had in udaipur. i will crave for them till i find better momos in Ahmedabad. and my search will continue…

the lights, the colors, the crowd, the happy faces, lots of sweets to savor in the end (new ones everyday).
this surely is a festival to enjoy the best sweets and meeting happy faces. its ALWAYS great to meet a few neighbors of mine who are just adorable aunties. i love talking to them. and they always give me good beauty advises 😉
are you celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi too ? post me your links and tell me about it. would love to stop by your blogs/picasa albums to see the celebrations.
aavjo 🙂

food food everywhere

So even when i planned not to blog today because of weekend yawns and monday blues… i am still here writing to you.So even when i planned not to write about food today, i still came across only food food and more food in my work and youtube.

check these pics i came across in the worksheets i was browsing (i basically had to convert these simple worksheets and books into game forms with new ideas and formats)


i even saw a cute and funny video of a hamster… is is it a mongoose? dunno, the animation is pretty nice. why wouldn’t it be. its an oscar film.
check out the video 🙂

aavjo 🙂

fruitilicious day

There are days when i feel i need to de-toxify myself! eat a lot of organic stuff and breathe in fresh air. and for me, detoxification means eating a lot of veggies and fruits. you should try this too… it not only helps your body gain back all the vitamins you may have missed while having all the wrong spices but also help clean the stomach and give it a light happy feeling. for a change the tummy doesnt need to growl on what all shit it has to digest and how long it may take to complete the task (yes… children picture books and cartoons do influence my such thoughts!)
begin the day with no oily paratha breakfast but a healthy fibrous fruit juice. i always have sweet-lime.


and a dear friend gifted me these this morning. they are so yummy and chewy. makes up for the caffeine i wanted to ditch for the whole day.  

the afternoon was pretty lame, a few more fruits for lunch. i have always loved them but they dont feel satisfying with out the spices… well, remember! thats what we feel but the stomach is pretty full with whatever you eat with/without spices. while detoxifying, taste buds are not always happy. 
the evening saw me craving for some real food. something that would crunch and crack in my mouth with juices tingling my tongue. i went back to charbhuja , my favorite airy eatery and asked him to pack some vegetable sandwiches. i was heading my way to meet a cousin of mine. pretty neat and clean in their eatery… and they make it all in front of you. good fresh hygienic stuff!
what i did while waiting or her… picked up lots of greens veggies and some other stuff for PG. (psst: i love to shop for him :))

and there i was unpacking charbhuja delicacies while she popped out a bday gift for me ! yay!!!! how i love receiving gifts 🙂 
she made sure it was kept a secret till i get my hands on it and bwoy… i was truely surprised and flushed with love on this gesture of hers.
popped in a glass full of sugarcane juice and lots of veggies and chutney layered on the bread. my favorite evening meal ANY DAY !!


The late evening snack didnt leave me much hungry for dinner… good for me! 
i slivered a huge guava and kept on munching slices in between cooking and while watching some tv… this constant munching of a single guava every few minutes was my way of not feeling hungry later in the night. 

a whole day of fruitilicious flavor. enjoyed the light feeling of the stomach, a clean digestive system for the day. lots of fruits and juices for the vitamins and fibre i need. 
you should try this once a month at least. 
this would give you the lost glow on your face too. if you see all the pics again- i haven’t had a single spoon of oil in the day. so i keep myself calorie free. i have heard a ‘strawberry&oat’ day is also detoxifying. will have to wait for the strawberry season to try this one. 
aavjo 🙂

the birthdaysss

Well, like every year ever since i have felt like a grown up my birthday never ends with the day… birthdaysss happen to me! i love to continue my birthday for a day or two more! 
isn’t it practical enough? i wait the whole year for one single day and it lasts only for 24hours? how mean can that be 😛 
a birthday dinner on thursday for the extended in-law family. lots of calories and ummm… sugary talks 😉
friday was when i really went vegan (sans calories) because i knew what was coming at midnight…


 i knew it was a surprise and i certainly behaved like i was surprised… hehehe
didnt wanna spoil the fun my mum-in-law had planned for my first bday in the sasural. she certainly laughed it off when i told her i knew it ! because since more than a year i have been planning all the midnight and mid-day cakes for everyone in the family. burrrrr… 🙂

the saturday morning was filled with wishes and lovely bbm msgs/voicenotes/ calls from all over india and overseas. ahhh… how i love it when ppl call. the smile just broadened when PG announced a surprise weekend getaway to Udaipur. 

ever ready for a holiday it took me no time to pack my bags… and we drove some 250 kms to see this wonder
birthday means my favorite breakfast., a mc veggie with lots of ketchup dabbed in it. i can have this mouth watering burger 365days a year and yet would not be tired of it.

the legendary king still lives in the palace, even if he doesnt rule the princely state. this place has its own awe. an honor that nothing can take it away. no government, no wonder of the world can replace the majestic feel of Udaipur’s palaces and its history, lots of pictures in the next blog… 
check out here here and you would want to plan your visit this very minute.

the day was well planned by PG, he knows how much i love my food and how i love blogging about it even more. he knew what i would love for dinner. MOMOS 🙂 vegetarian ones strictly !

the yummiest momos i have ever ever ever had in my life! could not have a better birthday dinner. yeaa.. we had to eat them in the car. no parking space near the momo-man.
we later thought of wiping the chilly momo taste with something extra sweet, cake cutting celebration was done on friday night itself. so we rested our butts in the cool dessert eatery shakes delight and looked around when elvis and srk went on the same wall of fame… creepy!

the wait was worth every bite!! nutella and nuts waffle with a dollop of vanilla ice cream! i liked my waffle only with nutella though. it was yummmyyy!! what a perfect birthday dinner for someone like me who doesnt have a liking for normal roti-sabji-dal-chawal food plate. 

wait… it didnt end there… PG took me back to the resort and into the bar to drain the sweet and the spicy!

though i am not a drinker myself i chose this apple-something something mocktail for myself. asked them for a platter of munchies and let the night pass out. in the pic- my apple something something and the bartender. 

pretty long a blog! but i love my food and i love to talk about it., the nbext time u are in udaipur you better have some momos near the fatehsagar lake,
pancakes/waffles at shakes delight. and wash down the spices and let your hair down at jeevantara resort… links enclosed in the blog itself.
more about the birthday that continued even on sunday and monday tomorrow 🙂


I am experiencing one of the most delightful Saturdays when its raining outside and and the weather looks perfect! the ahemdabad peacocks are seen dancing on a few rooftops and pakoras are being fried for breakfast and brunches! its been the most monsoon-y week of the season. and friday-yesterday was loaded with visitors.. visitors of all kind. the street dog who took shelter near the lift out of cold n rains last night… 
the parcels that awaited for me to rip them open and relish the stuff 🙂



well, i have started e-shopping again. when i was recently married i had lots of free time as i had recently moved in the new city and had nothing much to do, no friends to hang out with… so i fished a lot of stores when i had to shop something. now with work and travelling taking most of my time i have resumed my love for shopping online. from ordering bday cakes to clothing to music cds. its fun doing this thing! this time around i have found some new sites that provide a wider variety than the ONLY SITE i used to shop earlier with…
the next visitor were these bunch of lovely flowers 🙂


one of my aunts brought it for me, she visited us last evening and its always fun catching up with the rest of the in-law family! they are a bunch of sweethearts. 
later that night hubby dearest bought home some cookies. he always surprises me when he kinda finds out exactly what i would like and which ones i would never eat even when they are the last cookies on earth, he is too good at reading my taste buds… (yuck! that was certainly a bad line)

the sugary oat ones and wheat cookies are for me, while the double chocolate chip cookies are for him he loves all things chocolate, didnt i tell u abt it here
well, the visitors string didnt end here… it continued this morning too when we had visitors outside our office windows, hanging out 😛 literally!!

long tailed wicked n wild… yes, these langoors are as wild as a street dog. mess with them or try to shoo them off and they will show u their huge dirty scary teeth that will pull out a chunk off your hands/legs. 
the rest of the day is still open for new visitors….
oh yes.. i did find an old friend on fb today!!! i had been trying to get in contact with her for almost 10 months now!!! and she just joined fb!! wow to this site… i would have never been in touch with so many friends far away without this social website. so one more visitor this afternoon and still counting… 
hoping for the best to happen this evening.. its saturday baby!!! it gotta be good.

birthday month is surely filled with lots of happiness and surprises. one more week to go 🙂 eeeyay!!


sunday munchies

Sunday is normally the best food day of the week for me, when i go out and try something new! this sunday was about a lunch get-together with PG and his colleagues. a bunch of really intelligent people way too  much senior to me  and as foodie as me! yippie, there certainly was some connection. while all the others hogged on all things non-veg on the buffet at the Pride Hotel , PG a few other like me munched and crunched all the delicious all veggie food being pure vegetarians. (i even refrain to have eggs!).

sunday /div>

a bright and beautiful setting. we have often dined here before, but a lunch had never happened before. what a nice change 🙂
specially the food. i loved the vegetable something something soup and cucumber-bell pepper-tofu salad … the coleslaw salad was too good too,


i never really feel like having main course in a buffet house. i eat all things apart from roti-sabji. my platter of food was more greeny.

the best kashmiri pulao i had ever had! with same methi malai paneer, pepper noodles and more of coleslaw salad. (it won my heart n my taste buds)
i was saving for the huge dessert spread out on a table that was luring me since i entered the place.

the rich red watermelon and white chocolate gateau with lots of fresh cherries. and a small shot glass of cold chocolate milk. the platter in between belongs to PG, he loves all things chocolate with that dash of apple pie and coconut pound cake. this certainly was the most wonderful part of the afternoon, i didnt count the calories… i counted the happy faces and it just seemed right!!
here is my star of the evening, apart from food, Arthav was the sweetest munchkin around. everyone wanted a bite of his cuteness… well, not literally of course 🙂

he played with PG or Pg played with him… whatever! they both love each other 🙂 
the team that met, ate, laughed and cheered!
oops! could not get everyone in the same frame because of PG’s bazingaa… :p
anyways, the 4 hour meal wrapped up in coffee and chats. would wait for yet another meal with these wonderful guys. 
cheers to life n food!