the weekend window

Monday morning after I dropped him to school I was gulping down a rather quick breakfast and browsing through facebook while waiting for a few downloads to happen on another window for a seminar i gotta take for a few college kids… I popped in huge spoonfuls of cereal and decided to eat the banana later when I am driving on the way… so much to do my brain was over flowing with tasks to be done by E.O.D ;

I wish every mother was gifted a supernatural superpower that begins on monday morning and fades by tuesday afternoon.

the pretty mess

the pretty mess

i am serious, a lot to deal with on a monday morning exhausts me by lunchtime and I question myself how will I manage rest of the day. some friends say they are glad monday happens, it means kids go to school, husband runs to the office and you have all the time to relax n sip your cuppa joy! yes yes… i so agree with you.
but i hate sitting in that chair and sipping my tea.

i see crumbles of dried food in that corner he was playing on saturday evening. marks from his miniature JCB are mopped on sunday but i see the image in my mind has stamped a memory fresh forever.

i hear shrills of laughter on the bed where the imaginary daddy horse took the kid on a ride over the clouds and near the moon, the laughter has pulled out the corners of the bedsheets and i need to tuck it back in and save the echo in the turns of my ears.


this weekend he colored the apple, the ball, and even the white bed-cover in his favorite colors. we have never asked him to color inside the boundaries of his color book pages. i am glad he colored more than that… i shall now preserve the pictures to review them when he stops coloring to pick a night at the disco.

empty packs of treats and chocolates were lying stray on the side table. I quietly said my prayer and thanked God for giving us money enough to spend more than the daily needs. I folded the comforter and slid down two pieces of the jigsaw [outside] he was doing last evening.
if you have been reading my blogs from my pregnancy days, u know i worked at a publishing house that time…all that reading and researches, the hard work has paid off… my son at 2.4 can solve puzzles meant for 4+
thank you Lord, for you gave us more than we asked for. keep your faith in us forever.



the room was cleaned. I picked up the soiled clothes and popped them in the washing machine. popped in them the bruises on his knee from the evening cycle ride in the parking area; popped inside the worn-out jeans that had a mocktail stain and a cheese sauce stain, has stains of tears and laughter, paw marks of the new pups and of the creamy biscuit hands that were wiped in the car because kids like ONLY creamy biscuits.

the hero

the hero

i closed the weekend window only to open it 5 days later. will dust the weekday off from it and let the weekend breeze get in again. the pleasant aroma of freshly cooked monday lunch filled in the room as the window closed. time to get back to the chores and do some work. weekend.. THOU SHALL BE MISSED BUT WE WILL SEE on YOU AGAIN. you bring in lots of joy and laughter and memories to create and love to share, bonds to make and touch of care.
the weekend window is now shut.
see you soon.

Kunj ๐Ÿ™‚

a woman says

its my birthday next month !!
husband is planning for a huge surprise… cant wait to celebrate.
how wonderful it is to celebrate your 29th birthday , one last year before you turn into a middle aged aunty of the colony.
that 29th birthday with your two year old and a husband who you love a lot spend on a lovely dinner at a posh restaurant that serves a 7 course meal in your favorite cuisine! whoppee… exciting??!! ain’t it ?

maybe not…

because when you post pictures of the non alcoholic sparkling pink mocktail , the diamond earrings, the over-sized kaftan you wear to hide your belly tyre, the main course with lots of cheese, the cute chocolaty smile of your kid, and of course a random picture of the trio trying to fit into a single screen, squeezing and smiling celebrating pictures; somewhere you see your other single friends who recently posted their pics on the same social media website too.. its on your wall and screen and you scroll through them. pictures of your school friend, college classmate, someone you know from your previous work station who color their hair brown or streaks of blonde, wear huge aviators over the sleek bony jaw line and red red stained pout. wearing the shortest skirt available and pose against exotic scenes of Italy and America with her girlies or long time boyfriend with a perfect curve of her body that shall invite a 100 likes in less than 10 minutes while you are in your large lose pyjamas (since you are 12 kgs plus your size since college days )with a tub of ice cream or relishing the bar of chocolate your kid left unfinished.

CONCLUSION: YOU go enroll yourself to a gym next day and vouch no more ice cream nights. does this change anything about you? keeping yourself an arm length distance from your favorite comfort food… does that help? whining about why you have a kid while other friends are having fun… does it help? looking at her pictures and trying to think of excuses why you don’t look so good like her… does it help?

umm… no!

this is my story, this is what i feel right now. today and everyday! but its not just me who is unhappy about her 28th year.
i know a lot of troubled moms who have gone through lots of body changes, two or three kids and a great change in lifestyle.
i know women who have struggled to decide between kids and career. i know women who have ditched work to be with kids.
i knew women who have not shopped anything short and sexy because she thinks a mom should not be wearing this, she should dress up according to her role as a mom.
i know women who cared not which movie just released and which new restaurant serves her favorite pasta flavor, because the baby needs home cooked food.

life certainly has changed, and you have new roles to perform.
a woman says a lot of things that she wants to do but cannot after a baby if you listen to her.
a woman says she needs to get back her old body image, her old self , her old skin and hair.

reversal of time is impossible.

yes sweetie

yes sweetie

all you can do is look around and live in what is with you at the moment.
dear woman,
did you realize the sound of your kid chuckling is more pleasant than Niagara falls?
rewards like hugs and kisses are more soul-refreshing than holidays in short skirts?!
holding your baby’s tiny fingers or feeling your husband’s hand around you at night can be more securing than a voyage with other single ladies!

comment below and let me know why motherhood is more rewarding regardless your age and body image.
pour your feelings to your heart’s content.



THE BEST ENTRY CAN WIN THIS LADY MILLION CHAIN N PENDANT FROM PACO RABANNE for being honest and being the true self that you are.

love ,
kunj ๐Ÿ™‚

grandparents : for my children


my son makes sure i lose at least one of any above once a day, raising a 2+ something toddler is a task of its own. you gotta be a brave mom to handle one all alone. i have my mil who constantly pats my back and keeps me going. i really wonder what would i do had she not been around. right from those really long nights when he would refuse to sleep; days when he was sick and needed only a mommy-hug ; when i wanted to take a nap or go take a 90 min spa break! ; when all a i wanted to do was watch tv in peace or eat from my plate at my ease. these are tiny things but she made sure i never compromised as a woman, wife, blogger or being just a friend to everyone around me. she may be the only one in my home to know about my son as much as i do! he plays with her and she spoils him with treats.

D's first food was fed by his grandmom

D’s first food was fed by his grandmom

i cannot thank her enough for being with us when our child was growing up and these two years passed by more smoothly than i thought/heard/imagined of.

i write today not to thank her. i can do that enough on a personal ground. i want to share with you my lovely friend what the importance of grandparents is in our kid’s life. i am not the first one to talk about it, my child is not the first one to experience it, we are not the first ever family who lives with their parents but somewhere we all crib about how we want to raise the child on our own but the elders always have their wishes and opinions (read: advices) for everything.
we forget that the child needs more than just a mom and dad, that the child is born in a family and family only doesn’t mean parents. one of those many roles that all feminist advertisements forget to boast about is that of a grandmother, or granddaughter. and no one ever tells you that a grandfather and a grandson are also stages of a man’s emotional life cycle.

my dad with D. love them rock-solid

my dad with D. love them rock-solid

there has to be someone who can take you to the temple or the church, someone who can tell you old school stories without looking through a book or a phone app. someone who can share with you anecdotes of how your parents were naughtier than you when they were your age, that things don’t always make a person beautiful but their characteristics do, that bravery is valued and money cannot buy a night under the stars.
the ‘value your parents’ and ‘believe in hard work’ have numerous yarns from the family legacy that grandparents tell you.
when you have done something really really wrong you know hiding behind grandpa can save your life from the angrier than a wrestling bull mom!
when you need a treat or a walk in the market grandma is always the first one to be asked for it,
those mythological stories before bed and the lollipops after the report card day , who else would spoil us for these but the grandparents?
helping her cross the road when she gets old and taunting her for forgetting her medicines makes her equally happy.
learning some hammer techniques or joining the family business is going to make him so happy and proud, his wrinkles will show all over the cheeks.
mothers will feel secure and fathers will feel blessed when their kids play with their grandparents.
my grandparents had tears in their eyes when they held my son in their arms the day he was born. 4 years back when my nephew was born i saw them laughing and smiling and so cheerful for their first ever great grandchild was born.
they feel lucky to be with us and our children and we should feel lucky they are around us, to bless us and give our children all the wisdom they earned through their life.
i make sure my son spends at least a few hours just playing with his grandparents everyday. he has to build memories with them, for when he grows up he needs to tell his kids what a shitty grand mom his kids have, knows only how to blog and create kitchen fiasco where as he was always blessed with baa-dada and a treasure full of memories captured on phone , saved on google. “thank you technology”

D with my mom. they share d same genes

D with my mom. they share d same genes

the day he was born, i was exhausted plus visitors flooded in the entire day, D spend his entire first night outside my womb with her, cuddled with her , the fragile little one got his first bath, maalish and formulae from her. his guardian angel is what i call her.

D with his grandfather

D with his grandfather

no matter what the time, no matter how tired he is, no matter how tensed he is with things from work; he makes sure D never goes to sleep without laughing out loud and plays with him. sweet dreams is what he gifts D every single night !!


why i dont need a valentine

I met him first on 6th March, I am sure he won’t have remembered the date until he reads this post. It’s been some 4 years since we are together and we already have a son turning 2 soon… that means we had a little more than 2 years to enjoy our relationship and being together before parenthood dipped us in pee/potty/tears/sleeplessness disorder.
not that I demand more but I like every couple who are still enjoying the non-parents phase or are parents but so deep in love they don’t stop woo-ING each other. I love the word LOVE itself. I love the idea of going on dates, surprising each other, romantic beach walks, going on second honeymoon etc… basically I love everything that all those silly Bollywood romantic flicks show. I love watching all those stupid english romantic movies for the same reason. maybe that’s the reason they are called chick-flicks. this chick digs all that cuteness and more.

sadly my husband Mr.P is no where in the vicinity of the aura of the word romance.

he plucked these for me once; a treasure i ate it all!

he plucked these for me once; a treasure i ate it all!

these are small things that matter, getting what you wish for. but its not too easy for other filmy things:

i have to say ‘i love you’ to him twice before he replies a ‘me too’ ; he needs to get drunk to buy a birthday card for me, something I wish happened everyday sans the alcohol but it never happens. he is everything that I had NEVER dreamt of.
ya, its saddening and heart breaking. we have no selfies together, he hates being photographed. he hates taking pictures so i have no pics of myself against beautiful backdrops. if he is forced to take a picture they would turn out so bad that i have to delete them forever, even from the drop box! and i am not just exaggerating my lovely friend, this is exactly how he is. we haven’t celebrated a valentine day. Maybe he would have taken me on a dinner once. nothing so special that i remember of. nothing happened this year too.

together.. forever

together.. forever

Every year on my anniversary I think of reasons why i chose him.
and this is why i still love the father of my only child…

we need no valentine day celebration because everytime i ask for, he takes me all way to the highway to my favorite coffee shop after dinner for that hot cup of expresso. the only place in the entire town i love coffee. he knows that’s the only place i will have a coffee, whether tired or not we always go that only place!

we need no romantic date nights because he often accompanies me those super flop movies and sits through the end just because i wanted to go watch it. even after 4 years our choices of movies are different. i let him go with his guy friends for movies of his choice and he sits through a 2hour film when I want to watch one. He never says it but I know he could have said no and I could have gone with my girlfriends but this way he gets to be with me for 2 hours and just hold my hand because in our daily lives we both have busy schedules.

we need no valentine days because we are too perfect for each other and we dont need any special day to tell each other how we feel,

on our first v-day together

on our first v-day together

on days when our son is unwell and i am worried and sleepless and tired and everything is going wrong as a mother, he holds my hand and strokes my hair. and i know he wants to say everything will be alright, we are in this together, worry not. these are gestures unsaid. gestures that remind me of who i am married to is one of the most perfect person ever. sometimes you need no words or date nights or gifts to express what you feel. and after all these years i prefer it this way. in silence- said through his eyes!
ti need no one to sing me songs,… although i really want him to do it one day!
i need no one to bring me fancy gifts, his debit card is enough… hehaheehee
i need no one to write me letters and bring me flowers, my home is already a mess, where will i store them !!! do u have a 2 year old too??? yes, u know what i am saying then. no matter how big a house; a kid leaves no space undiscovered!

here’s to 4 years of togetherness and 4*365 days of valentines ๐Ÿ™‚

The Maidless Mommy

The maidless mommy often turns into a MINDLESS mommy, the one who goes crazy on what to do and when to do it. The maids in the house have become more important to us than the husbands in the house unless of course your husband is like a strawberry cheese cake and helps you with diaper changing, puke cleaning and picking up your mess from the playschool on time without meeting an eye(read flirting) with the caretaker there. in a maidless home you roller skate to the kitchen and get done with the phulka at 9am when is asleep to be eaten at 2pm. the wait for the kiddo to sleep is often calculated in mommy brains and plans are cooked up on everything from cleaning to clothing to bathing. hahahaa
i have had days when he would sit next to me and play with the water in a small bucket of his while i finish up my daily bathroom rituals… you must have faced this day too , if not… relax and remember me the day you do! because it has to happen some day for sure when you are not left alone even for a pee break.
what more… you cook in a frenzy and husband comes home talking about the great feast party with friends and colleagues at the workplace or his favorite chai-ki-dukaan… that day you wont need a stove to boil water for his tea.. your head is hot enough to suffice it all.


the weekend that just passed was my first weekend with friends over for dinner and inlaws outta town and maid on leave!! i had the most heroic two days of my life where i bargained for sleep and washed my nail paints off with all the crocery in the sink. i just realized raising a child alone is never going to be my cuppa cappuccino, but i learned a few lessons and here i am sharing my world to you for even if it may not be helpful to you but it can be encouraging to go solo someday!

firstly, never ever wait for the kid to go to sleep so that u can do your personal stuff or go cook in the kitchen. i for that matter even had loo rituals all done with him all awake and playing with his toys. he has to know that mumma has work other than just play and goof around with him. cook with him watching you do all the tadka and rolling and beating the mixer. as a matter of fact he will love to watch you do it… i used to get my son involved with me and doing it all along… ‘see what mumma is doing… u want to try to do the same sweety?’

trust me he will enjoy the new game.

secondly, take your neighbors help only if things go way too bad like a fire or a flood in the bathroom… when kids see you are busy and cant play they will get cranky so that you either play with them or leave them in your full-time maid’s lap or worse take them to the lovely neighbors and ask them to look after while you wrap up your bath and essentials. dont ever do that.. teach the child some patience and co-operation… they cant talk but they certainly have the brains to understand whats going on with you. i sang my son his favourite songs while i did my bath and he listened to carefully enjoying himself from far… it was like he was listening to a radio!! what a grand experience it was… i was so proud of it that i told my husband, my in laws and even my friends about what all i did.

thirdly, when you want to take a break and relax its not the same with him… probably he is not in a mood to sleep nor as tired as you since you have been running around the house like a maid… not him!! i often see my friends shout at their kids to go to sleep and sing loudly to them so they get bored and irritated and sleep because they cant handle their wacky mothers gone wild in the woods!! i try to fetch my child what he loves to do while i can keep him on the bed next to me.. i figured out long back my son loves ‘the simpsons’. i made sure i take a rest time break when that on is ‘on-air’ .


it was so nice to lay back and enjoy the show with him… i wonder how much he understood and often worry if he would be inspired by Bart Simpson… i don’t want him to turn into a nut case but what the heck!!! he is enjoying and i get to rest… that’s what matters. i have a friend whose son loves chotta bheem… lucky her that show is aired almost all day long!! hahaa let your kids take the toll and decide. u will realize what a blessing these stupid cartoon shows are. what we once enjoyed as kids and find illogical is fun to to them now!

and lastly, since there is no one around this is the best time to gel and make the best of mumma-child time. my son loves being in the balcony and often i am always so busy i rarely get to sit with him there and show him the birds and monkeys hanging out in the nearby branches… which i must mention he loves watching! i brewed my fave masala coffee and made him some milk.. we took our daily evening sip and lounged for an hour or more! we had so much of fun.. and this got him so tired that he dozed off for more than an hour. that gave me so much of time to make calls and run errands.


being alone with your kid has its advantages and otherwise but what u can focus on is how well you can handle it. how wonderful it is to spend so much of time with him.. he will grow up in a few months and go to playschool.. he will have his own set of friends and will not want to hang out with yours, he will grow up and have a girlfriends and go out on dates during weekends and holidays too… he will go out for his further studies and there will days when either you or him wont get to skype and say hello.. i miss you!
i know i am thinking of things too far!!!! but these things always make me realize how little my kid id right now and how i can spend all my days and hours with him.. and i do not wish to miss out on a single minute of it.

do share with me your experiences, let me know what all you do when you are all alone and maidless at home with your little one.

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the paranoid mommy

yea… mommies can often be described paranoid… remember the day your little one fell down the bed?
or that day when he just refused to sleep the whole day? and the worst … when he screamed and shouted in his sleep and you have no clue what just went wrong. i have been through all of this. and trust me just like you i often turn into a paranoid mother. i want to do all things right for my kid which includes singing lullabys are 2 am in the night to pushing aside the bowl of dal-rice and mashing the strawberries for his lunch. its not difficult being a mommy but its not easy being a mother in a world where every second person around you is either trying to advice you on how to raise your own flesh n blood or telling tales of how they did the raising and how well it worked for them.. secretly advising you to do the same they did.
all i ever want to tell such people is to mind their own business… had my son been a cattle i would have listened to you and did exactly the same but he is my baby… my tiny little part who i have known from the time he breathed inside me.


it scares me too when he makes weird noises while breathing… it scares me when he doesnt want to play with his toys but lay down next to me with his head all cushioned in my arm and just play with my hand n fingers… it scares me when he is trying to walk on his two tiny paws all shaky and unbalanced… it scares me when he sneezes in the middle of the night… it scares me when he refuses to pass waste in the morning.
mothers have so much to worry about , dont u agree? what has scared you the most? her fall? his low digestion? her fingers always tucked in her mouth? his constant running around the house?
her toothless smile even after a year? his weight gain???
there are hundreds of things that mothers think every day every moment… can we do anything about it? NO
can we keep calm and just sleep for a night? NO
should we get some experts and let him talk to our child?? NO


these are the aching lows and the happy highs of motherhood which should be cherished and not to be worried about. paranoia is a part and parcel of being a mom… my mom still is at the age of 57 and i believe she still will be worried about me and my needs till she can remember my name.
its like one of those banyan trees in our granny’s backyard that keeps on growing new branches every year. the main trunk vanishes in a few years yet the branches keep growing around it and builds a new trunk. the branches keep growing and builds a new tree upon the same tree. the circle of life gets a re-birth.


share your views if you feel the same as i do, if you too are a happy to be paranoid mother.


my birth story

had read and talked a lot about contractions and labor pains but until you don’t experience it you don’t understand it in real!
on march 31st while every office in town was working till late i was feeling uneasy in my tummy. my mother felt it must be acidity or indigestion so we went for a walk in the street lights walking on the footpath and watching every office building shining with lights. everyone was working, including my dad and husband. working on the last day tax papers and stuff! i took a pause every time i had a tummy pain while on the walk, and that time it clearly felt it was gas and nothing else.

on 1st april at 5am in the morning i felt a contraction and since i had studied magazines on the same and learnt it in my P101 class from Rita, i knew it was contraction!!! a 14 second contraction every 40 minutes. i had trouble having food and walking around. yet i made it a point not to rest. i could not sleep… every time my eyelids shed there was a contraction and i lost my sleep. i called my husband who was in ahmedabad at that time (and me at my mom’s place in rajkot) to come over, i told him its time now! i could catch on some sleep out of tiredness for 2 hours in the afternoon and spent the rest of the evening in pain… i did some squats and tried walking in my parking area.
by late night my husband arrived and i was still in pain. the contractions had reached 20seconds intensity with 20 minutes apart frequency.
i was awake the whole night, counting seconds and the minutes apart and while passing the time i was constantly in touch with my pregnancy mentor Rita. she told me to continue with squats and breathing exercises.
on april 2nd, i woke my mother up at 5am and told her i just could not sleep the whole night and my contractions were now 10 minutes apart…
at 7am, i puked out last night’s dinner and the contractions were 7 minutes apart… with 30 seconds intensity. i woke my husband up and told him we had to go to the hospital and my mum woke my dad up. by 8 am everyone was ready. i took a quick shower and took a few last snaps with my husband and my tummy showcasing in bonus my puffy eyes (due to sleeplessness and stress).
8 30am- my contractions were 40 seconds intensity with 6 mins of frequency. i had already prepared my hospital bag a week before and left with it immediately.
my doc’s hospital was not that far away… we reached there in 5 mins. my gynec at that time had just finished a caesarian delivery and was washing up before examining me.
the whole labor room was bloody and dirty!!!
she examined me and said i was 2 cms dilated! i could wait for a few more mins, she asked me to lay down on the bed next door and i was admitted at 8 45am.
by that time my in laws were informed and they were on their way to rajkot,
around 9 15 i was given enema and excess hair was shaved off, clothes were changed and i.v line was inserted on my right arm.
the frequency of contractions increased and so did the intensity, when i was at a 2mins apart contraction my doc Mamta Limbasiya pinched my insides and burst the water bag. i felt a lot of warm water like substance gushing out of my body… she asked me to make a squat like position while on my back on the bed and push…
i did it a few times and i was told i am now 7-8 cms dilated. i was taken to the next room- the labor room and was asked to place my feet up on the L shaped rods and just push… as if i want to push mucous out while constipated!
all this while my husband was on the phone and wats app with Rita and passed on her msgs to me.. and as per my request my mom and my husband were allowed to stay with me in the labor room.
the doc was all set and i could feel the local anesthesia being injected… i pushed pushed and pushed…
6 huge pushes and the little one was out… at 10 55am.
as already mentioned in my birth plan all the blood was first transfused in the baby from the cord before cutting it off.ย  i wanted to give my baby skin to skin hug but an over-enthusiastic ped.doc took him away and started cleaning it. i was told its a boy!!
though under anesthesia i could feel the stitches being sutured at the vagina and a pain killer was injected on the right side of my waist.
the over-enthusiastic ped.doc forgot to measure my baby’s height and only weighed him. he was wrapped in a cloth and given to my husband first. he was speechless with joy. i saw my darling little angel while the sutures n cleaning continued. the doc pressed my tummy and removed all excess stuff.
the baby made a showcase to the rest of the clanย  while a tired new mommy was shifted to the resting room. the ped.doc who i was told would teach me how to make a contact with the kid and teach me the basic b.feeding techniques was so enthu that he took his fees and rushed out. the new mom was left unaware of what to do next. the nurses helped at this hour and by noon i had my first b.feed session. soon i was visited by my gynec, she told me a few do’s and don’t ; she gave me my meds and explained when to take which ones. she asked me to take some food and b.feed once again. Dr. Limbasiya was very kind and asked me to call her up anytime i had trouble with the baby. there were two nurses who were asked to make rounds every few mins to check if i needed a change or any help.
i had normal daal-chawal and some juice. and once the i.v line was called off i slept for a generous three hours in the afternoon next to my kiddo. i hadn’t slept the whole night and was tired of course.
Dr. made one more round in the evening and said i could be discharged.
by 7pm i was home and on the same bed with my newborn in my arms.
life had changed in a few hours. i was promoted and had a new status to flaunt ! well… now right now. as i needed rest but i could soon do the flaunting.

ย cheers!
kunj ๐Ÿ™‚

breathing life

life is getting back to its routine… eating apples and driving a two wheeler… the whole confinement period is done and enjoyed! not its time to get back into normal food love and chilling out, obviously my baby has the first preference. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  i drove a two wheeler after 5 months… yeah! deffo feels good.

i am slowly getting back into shape.. looking for a post-pregnancy waist belt… any good finds u aware of??

ย and now i also get time to look through this brainy baby cd by
it has a few tips and tricks (all in video format) a good buy if you are living alone.
otherwise your momma has tons to tell u.. more than the cd shows. her experience is the best one and you should trust her on that.

what are you guys upto?
kunj ๐Ÿ™‚

finding old love

so i am growing up as a mumma…
somewhere inside in am glad i am at my momma’s place; its more relaxing and even the weather is a little more cooler than ahmedabad where its as hot as an oven baking bread!
and yea… as i sneak out more time in between feeds, poops and pees… i took to my former love- baking.

followed the instructions but chose to do cupcakes instead of pan cake.

a 2:30 minutes of heat as the box says-

they were a smashing success… and eaten away hot and lovely! i split one and poured in some chocolate sauce… it had a lovely fragrance and i enjoyed the quick bake fix!

send me in some quick recipes if you have made any!
btw- i am now available to chat on wechat- Amomsdiet is my i.d and all mommy talks are welcome to share.

we chat now

Bbm is kinda boring these days with a lot of friends shifting to new android smart phones and my smart move was to download wechat… A free app to chat for free with just everyone on my phone book and anyone other than that I wish to… I often had to depend on facebook inbox msgs for people who I don’t want to share my number with or vice versa!!

Talking to friends is the most important thing.
Now I am happy… Share an i.d and chat with whoever I want to talk to or search new friends too… Yes, Wechat also has this old world charm where I can find new friends in my proximity or elsewhere… Thinking of elsewhere; wish I could add in a few people around this globe and above to my group chat and get done with a lot of muddles that are sprouting in my brain these days. Majorly there are 5 people I would want to add on wechat and talk to them instantly whenever needed….
1.When I was a child my parents used to take me to our family paediatrician- Dr Silhar who has passed away many years ago but he was a genius! He used to hold my hand, feel the nerve on my wrist and tell me what was wrong with me. All my vaccines, all my coughs and cold and all the tiny little things were so wonderfully taken care of that my parents never had to worry about my health and now that I am a mother myself I miss his presence. When my little one cries in the middle of the night, when he coughs out his daily medicine all of a sudden I silently wish in my mind Dr Silhar was here. If only I could add him on Wechat and ask him to track my son’s health record.
2. I only wish it was possible to chat with my ownself sometimes. Whenever I Come across situations where I have to choose between heart and mind which is happening more often these days and majorly the mind wins over the heart. I wish I could talk to the inner me where only the heart talks and I listen. I listen to the solutions ‘it’ thinks is right for me. I listen to how ‘it’ feels about people around me. I listen to compassion and I listen to my real self which gets lost in this materialistic run around to survive life. There has to be someone so secret to chat with all my good and wicked feelings, someone who will guide me to truth and not greed, someone who will be honest and not playful. The heart is the only one who can say all this to me, if only I could chat with that inner self on wechat it would resolve a lot of issues in a jiffy and someday make me a better person.
3. The third person I want to add to my wechat is my husband !! Someone who works for 14 hours a day… Goes to work early and comes home late… His phone lines are either busy or he has 2 little minutes to talks to me. I wish he would download wechat soon or a better idea- i shall download it for him secretly. I’m sure he would manage to reply to me through those 14 hours. Reviving one’s love life after marriage is of utmost importance. And why not, a little romantic chat can make us happy and even not bother his work or my kitchen hours. Right from telling him how special he is to asking for a small coffee date late night; a 2 minute chat can bring back the old charm. How wonderful it would be to re-read what lovely things he replies back to me. Happy in love means happy in life.
4. I want my bestest friend- also a new mommy like me to be a part of this wechat group… Neha ! Hour child is a year and a half now while my son is a month and half old!!! There is so much to learn from her. Everytime I am confused on why my son is crying I text her, everytime he refuses to sleep I look upto her for some lullaby tips. She has been there and done that and hence a super help for me. Would not it be nicer if she was on the same chat window and I don’t have to send her texts across the country ( secretly I even feel if s.t.d sms rates weren’t applicable I would have asked/referred/talked/seeked advice more and more often through out the day. It would be nice to have this experienced momma around all the time everytime I need her.
5. Well, the 5th person I would love to have in this wechat group would be carrie bradshaw ( sarah jessica parker’s character in sex and the city series). Carrie has a huge influence in my life and it would certainly mean a lot to me if she was easily available to chat. Her wit and sensibility is what inspires me the most. ‘ If only I could meet her in person’ has always topped my secret wishlist. Carrie writes in her books the flawless truth, the truth about relationships, the truth about marriage and the truth about finding one’s true inner self that everyone has to face someday. Her words and wiisdom will always keep me cool in days when my husband doesn’t answer my calls, when my peadiatrician says my son has fever, when my best friend says it will take some time for his immunity to conquer so just wait and relax, when my heart says this had to happen someday so just face it. My world revolves around my newborn right now and carrie would have been the best counseller for me so that my impatience will not ruin my friendship and my relationships. A support via words.

Wechat group is the perfect place if all these people can chat with me in the same window. I live a new life right now. Life of a new mother and I need all the love and support I can get. All the understanding and wisdom. All the affection and advises. If you have any of these or need some- we can always share. My wechat i.d is Amomsdiet
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