cooking with the kid

well, cooking with the kid hasn’t been an easy task.
It takes about a zillion years to take clean-perfect light-angle pics and more than that it takes about a million light years more to click at the right moment. The TODDLER is never stable, he has about a 100 more bones that all function together specifically when I am supposed to only assist him do what he loves doing the best- Get In The Kitchen With Momma And Cook.
I have been dreaming of getting in a vlogging mode since about 2 years but have never been able to do it.
Two reasons for the same- never felt beautiful enough to be in front of the camera. Secondly, never have found time to do any editing… i have atleast 10 videos I wanted to put on youtube last year.
This year in 2018 I have told myself to listen to my heart and just do it… there are more stupid-er and not so perfect looking people out there making videos that make no sense… may be I can be one more of that crowd and count on my lucky stars to be the brightest that day!

Here are we again, cooking yet another pretty looking boxed cake. Trust me, its not that I don’t know how to bake from the scratch but its just so easier to do a box mix cake with a toddler around who wants to be the head chef!
We love the pillsbury box mix- check this reference post . But this time around we tried another box mix that we found at 50% off during the Christmas week.

Weikfield cooker cake mix

Weikfield cooker cake mix

Planned to make this in a rice cooker… well, only because it means not using a stove. my bub would just have to put a double boiler and lid on top and switch it on.

The mixing and churning then began…

mixing the milk first

mixing the milk first

And the rest of the ingredients as mentioned:

oil, cocoa, milk and some of mumma's love <3

oil, cocoa, milk and some of mumma’s love <3 It is really satisfying to do an activity with the kid once a week... I began working full time last March, and that's why less number of blogs; work is just so super cool but I miss spending a lot of time with him so I make sure we do something together once a week... we go to the park or catch an animated movie together or cook something that he can do all by himself while I only help him around... He loves being photographed while he cooks. He loves being photographed while he cooks.

Well, doing any activity with the kid is fun. For instance, picking up a coloring book and just splashing all imagination with a box of crayons on it! But for D and me, cooking is more fun than watching a movie. We get to be with each other to talk and taste in between and clean together and laugh for no reasons, gasp for any spoils and awe at the final product and even go around making everyone taste it and pose pictures together and and and and…. there are way too many ‘ANDs’ when we are in the kitchen together.
He is very interactive at his best when he becomes our head chef!!

the batter is almost ready!

the batter is almost ready!

I helped him dissolve all lumps and put the mixture inside a double boiler rice cooker… And here we are 40 mins later-

oops!! was is this Weikfield???

oops!! was is this Weikfield???

OH MY GOD! what just happened here??? I have buried a few craters with the left over cocoa powder and anardana aka Pomegranate seeds. I was too embarrassed to even share the pic on our family wats app group…
At this moment of disaster lemme apologize to Pillsbury for I ditched them for Weikfield

Promising my 2018’s new soul to stick to tried and loved products.
But it was fun…

For one day my son will grow up
For one day he will love his life with freedom
For one day I shall be cooking his favorite meal all alone
For one day he shall look back at the blogs and pics and hug me tight
For one day WE shall re-connect and bake a cake all again
And that day… I shall churn the box mix with my fragile trembling hands and he will help me set the right temp.
Temperature of being and feeling loved again!

to my lovely son and all the mothers who love cooking with their kids

in other news... this also happened in the same week!

in other news… this also happened in the same week!


bake a cake in 10 easy steps

my son has been very fond of helping his mommy out in the kitchen ever since he turned 1 ! some days he would help me wipe the wet dishes or stack the utensils in a neat pile or even help me with ingredients from the fridge. too much to expect from a toddler to cook one day he expressed his wishes of baking a cake ! we baked a 3 step cake in 10 easy steps. yea… with a toddler making it the 3 steps turned into 10 at the end but the results were really yummy! and i thought of sharing my experience with you all.

his favorite teacher at school showed them how to bake a biscuit cake with out cooking using simple ingredients. which he could not recollect them all but he wished to bake one on his own. giving an ‘ awww, i love you sweetie’ hug to him we went to the supermarket next door. yes, i live next to a supermarket thats open from 9 am to 10pm… i know you are jealous now ! hahaha… every mommy friend i know thinks i live next to luxury and i have no idea what a pain it is to them to go grocery or vegetable shopping with a kid. yes sweetheart i know how it is. and i thank my husband for buying such a property even before we got married… i gotta thank him everyday. hehehe

so we bought this pillsbury cooker cake box at a really good price. it came with a dry powder batter, a sachet of icing sugar and a sachet of rainbow sprinkles. i dunked into my freezer and found some dark chocolate and white chocolate chips from super foods and thought of using them for the cake to add some drama.
while i was reading the steps my son found the opportunity and perched himself on the kitchen platform and i just lost a chance of filming it all on the camera… this was his first time when he was allowed to sit on the kitchen platform ( i am one those super scared mommy who thinks all the wrong things will happen to my son! uff… no more negative thinking mom! just concentrate on the cake baking!). next time we will dress up right and put on some make up and take a good video. and at least avoid wearing a green ben10 vest over plum colored thermal! oh creep, this is not so cute 🙂

so here is the easiest ever cake recipe. thanks to pillsbury!

step. 1 :

open up the package and put the dry ingredients in a non stick microwave friendly bowl. add warm milk according to the package shown. we added 2 cups warm milk. it just says milk but my experience of baking told me it should be warm.

step 2: we added just a spoon of fresh cream to add the softness to the batter. the package didn’t specify.

the pillsbury box we loved.

the pillsbury box we loved.

step 3:

i asked my son to mix the batter well until he sees a creamy texture. my little one tasted the batter about 10 times before we put it in the cooker! i find it dirty to put fingers in the batter but this podgy little fingers and the ‘ yummy… mumma its so nice mumma. really yummy..’ melted all my senses.

perched on the kitchen, my little cook.

perched on the kitchen, my little cook.

step 4: put it in a double boiler cooker and close the lid without the whistle. don’t panic. nothing will happen. i strolled in and out of the kitchen worrying the cooker will blast but nothing happened! my khichdi once got spoiled but this cake won’t ! great invention or whatever the secret ingredient! (i wanted to add more sarcasm but my son was really excited for the cake).

step 5:

keep the bear out of the kitchen for 30 mins. its difficult I know but gotta do it momma!

we bought a new box to play with, and a washing machine came free with it.

we bought a new box to play with, and a washing machine came free with it.

step 6:

pull the container out. no wait. turn on the camera first and then pull the container out. take a fatafat quickest ever picture before the kid turns it upside down without you helping him to scrap out the sides and give a perfect tomb.

the cake was so super fluffy and perfectly brown.

the cake was so super fluffy and perfectly brown.

step 7: let the minion first taste all the icing sugar and sprinkle and chocolate chips. wait, wait so more… until the tasting is done with. *brat*

his first try and looks near to perfect! tasted just perfect.

his first try and looks near to perfect! tasted just perfect.

step 8:

rainbow sprinkles and chocolate chips and all things sweet!

rainbow sprinkles and chocolate chips and all things sweet!

let him decorate as per his wish. don’t guide him. let the creativity flow. and mommy can just feel the aroma of the cake fill the kitchen and smell sweet.

step 9: congratulate him and take a lot of pictures. send it to his grand parents and uncles and aunts. and oh yes, the father of the kid who knows the kid is not potty trained but hell, the mommy can teach him to bake !

proud mommy moment

proud mommy moment

step 10 :

hog ! let him tell his experience over a video and pictures and feel the happiness and proud moment of being able to teach a kid how to bake a cake! put the pictures on social media and soak in all the sweet so cute omg wow lovely comments that follow the entire week !
and don’t tell anyone you bought a ready mix box from the shelf. tell them how he dirtied the kitchen and you smilingly cleaned it all while he ate the cake. drama woman ! drama!

my little cake loving chimpanzee

my little cake loving chimpanzee

happy baking mommies 🙂

HOW TO : put your kids to bed

Whenever the weekend is here all I demand is some more sleep, alas! i am a mom and asking for such a luxury is asking thy lover to fetch some stars from the sky in a Shakespeare way!
my son turned 23 months old on Monday, he runs like he is some Tarzan on his way to save the jungle animals from beasts, always running around and jumping! he has learned to talk a lot, a lottttttt !! that makes my ears tired and he is never tired of running around, jumping around, getting curious, talking, asking questions, learning new stuff… no matter what.
so i opened some sites and did a little research, tried to read what scientists and experienced mothers do to put their kids to either sleep early or at least sleep a little more than usual. and here i was trying all of them one by one. after lots of experiments, here are my fool-proof or as you say, tried-tested-successful tips on putting your kids to sleep. no need to rug-mug through various sites yourself! all these seriously work my dear lady!

1. going bananas:

some kids may be fussy eaters but a banana before going to sleep or as a last meal may help the kids feel full and sleep comes easy with the stomach full. eat a little more at a wedding party and you will feel like dozing off at the sofa yourself. bananas are filled with carbs and potassium and often helps kids with energy during the day and with sleep at night. if your kids are allergic to bananas or allergic to idea of having fruits as a meal in itself you may want to skip this idea and move to tip no. 2

we made this banana strawberry choco chip snowman at school

we made this banana strawberry choco chip snowman at school

2. doodh doodh doodh … piyo glass full doodh!

warm milk before going to sleep.

contact on to purchase these

contact on to purchase these

its no secret, milk helps the kid sleep better. be it mother’s feed or a bottle of warm milk. make milk time more fun with a story-telling or just letting the child sit on your lap. many mothers have a dedicated song for milk time and many kids have a favorite cartoon they watch while having milk. I certainly am against kids watching tv before going to bed but some parents have no choice. the images of their last activity stays with the kid all night and i have a sit on my lap and let me call you sweet names kind of strategy. i always encourage my child with words like ‘i am so proud of you D, i love you my dearest, mumma’s so happy she has you with her blah blah blah…’ of course i mean all of this. say what’s true, say what you mean, say something that makes your kid feel how honest you are for your feelings for them. it always work keeping the kids happy and calm. a calm mind means dozing off on time.

3. Fire on the mountain, run run RUN

let the kid get involved in lots of physical activity in the evening. younger kids may want to crawl or turn around, toddlers may like to run and play.

give them a playground and let them get tired

give them a playground and let them get tired

search for playgrounds or gardens around your residence. if you are a working mom and find little time to take the kid to play in the evenings, ask someone to help you get his little feet moving. take the kid to play dates and malls at nights after you come home on fridays where there are special kids zone areas to play.

D loves his 'riding the cycle' time

D loves his ‘riding the cycle’ time

remember, a/any fruit before their play-time always helps keep the kid’s metabolism intact. a healthy diet will make them tired and not weak. weakness ain’t a good aunt to visit to.

4. get them to think

yes, make the kids think a lot. ask them to guess things under some boxes, give them a puzzle or even a book to read if your kid loves to read before sleeping. let them use up the juice in the brains and they will want to ditch everything and hug the pillow.
apparently, lots of kid docs say that the child has lots of activities going on in his brains which make them mentally active all the time. they tend to think more then adults do. and getting them involved in something where they have to think and apply logic may make them feel tired.

shape and color activity at PEEK-A-BOO

shape and color activity at PEEK-A-BOO

adults too like to solve some crosswords and sudoku at night, read something thats heavy on the brains or just watch a film. extracting so much from the surrounding and only letting her/his brain do all the work will create the ‘lets hit the bed now’ feeling. my curious little kitten always blabbers the most just before his bedtime and this mumma lets him drain all that energy and curiousness, it has helped me a dozen times already!

5. cranberry and grapes

nope, i am not suggesting alcohol but cranberries and grapes have juices that helps calm the mind. a glass of cranberry tart juice or a string of grapes for a mid night snack always helps relax the mind. having it in the morning is very healthy but certainly not for adults who want to rush to work rather than feel relaxed early morning.
cranberry has melatonin, which is a hormone that regulates sleep or sleep patterns. cranberry flavored juices are often famous to be taken along with alcohol for adults. it releases all your stress and creates a calmness.
giving some harmless cranberries and fresh grapes from the market will help your kids too. also its a good substitute for sugar just in case you are not giving any other form of raw or processed sugar in your kid’s meals.
you know how sugar works! ask all those bars of chocolates and those desserts you had during pregnancy to feel better.

these are a few of his favorite things

these are a few of his favorite things

6. press it warm

its a super tried and tested and recommended tip from my MIL; she says keeping some cloth, a soft toy or anything that’s bulky but not heavy against the child’s chest always help them sleep 60 to 90 minutes longer! wow! this sounds super hai na ? i tried inculcating a plush toy habit for my son, he preferred keeping a soft Dohar. this is his favorite blue one.

D in his cradle

D in his cradle

this works for a lot of kids, it did for my husband and a neighbor’s kid and my kid any maybe your kid too. i tried to look around for those cutsie elephant soft toy pillow but didn’t find it here. contact me on in case you have those and would like to share/sale it to me please. so the theory says, anything that presses against the kid’s chest that’s not heavy in weight but feels warm and soft will replace the mother’s womb or her bosom and keep the kid emotionally happy and secured. this directly affects the sleep pattern and the kid shall sleep 90 mins longer. have tried this myself. the short cap nap in the noon turned into a nice 3 hour long sleep time. i am very happy with him waking up fresh and happy in the evening.

7. you and I

take a short walk with your kid in the morning , or just spend some lovely cuddle time at night,

marching and giggling, D and mommy

marching and giggling, D and mommy

let the kid feel happy before going to bed. the child when happy has a calm mind. a mind with no heartbreaks or sadness has the power to feel more relaxed compared to that which isn’t. let the kid feel loved and pampered. play on the bed and kiss him goodnight, make the kid feel specially taken care of and loved. you will see the magic happening when the kid sleeps peacefully and for a longer time. you will see the kid smile at you when you see him first thing in the morning. [ no kidding with all the kids i just mentioned] :p

love has no substitute

love has no substitute

the day my kid sleeps happy and loved he sleeps for an hour more than usual. yelling at your kids to sleep or getting angry because the child wants to jump a little more on the bed will not only sleep a little less but even his sleeping patterns and his dreams are not weighing on a healthier side of the happiness scale. you don’t like to be yelled at, and nor do they!

8. bathe and clean

a tried tested recommended and favored by all mothers across the world. now that summer is approaching, a warm bath before bed and a lotion massage will do the trick. let the kid feel fresh and light and clean and happy and tidy and relaxed! the pretty smell of the lotion will also make you want to cuddle next to the kid.



a few kisses and a fresh nightsuit, a bed time story or a hymn, do whatever favors you both and the kid will sleep with a smile without creating any fuss.

“The only love that I really believe in is a mother’s love for her children.”
― Karl Lagerfeld

let me know if you have any interesting and experienced ways to putting your kids to bed early or sleep till late.
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lots of wishes and good luck on these.

HOW TO: make ice creams at home in winter

my son is a big time ice cream fan.. he wasn’t one until a few months back. he hated it last year, then around christmas a tiny elf came to our room one night and added two sweet tooth in his jaws… it took us a week to see them sprouting out. they are still tiny and can only be seen when he laughs out loud showing all those gummies. i like to believe its those tiny square ones that have inculcated the love for ice cream in him. well, every mom is a story teller and so am i 🙂

my nephew

my nephew

i have had ice cream all my pregnancy days and cannot blame my little one if he demands one too… ofcourse he is the obedient one out of us two who never asked for it at a silly odd hour until now. but i was not happy when a single scoop of flavored milk in pretty colors frozen to perfection landed into runny nose and sleepless coughing nights. i also hate giving him meds.
so i started thinking on what new i can do…

little D

little D

“all natural yogurt popsicles” :

1 bowl yogurt (preferably made at home)
1 bowl fresh strawberries and grapes
1 spoon sugar
1 bag of patience
and some sprinkles (optional- i used chocolate chips)

take a bowl of yogurt and tie it in a soft cotton cloth, hang it lose somewhere to drain out the excess water.
while the hung curd gets done, make a syrup of strawberries , grapes and sugar (only 1 spoon of sugar is enough since fresh berries n grapes are always sweet).
pour it over the hung curd and use a beater to mix it well. (i use a all in one beater)



add chocolate chips or sprinklers or anything you wish to; pour it into Popsicle cans and freeze them. an hour later pull them out and let the kid get dirty enjoying them.

add sprinkles or chocolate chips

add sprinkles or chocolate chips

you can also add in it tiny pieces of fruits or home made jelly or just crushed rice flakes- as it pleases your kid. sorry my phone had been hijacked and now its almost broken and cannot deliver good pictures , i missed out on clicking a good pic of my son enjoying his yogurt ice cream but you may check my instagram account – @awomansays and even account.

you may write to us at while enjoying the yogurt ice creams,

re-useable popsicle cans

re-useable popsicle cans

thank you for such a great response and all those loving mails,
we are coming up with some surprises and collaborations soonish.


Keeping the cold at bay !

I had always been advised by friends and family that if my son loves fruits and veggies there are few chances of him having cold and fever struck days… very true. but virus is a deadly non budging and fearless bug that can fly in from anywhere and enter the soft gooey body of these tiny tots. the super active spiderman becomes mr.bean all of a sudden, not that i love him calm and composed sleeping on time with a teddy in hand but i certainly dont like him sneezing and moodless. Cold oftens lasts for about 3 to 4 days and with some kids even more because they dont know how to throw out the mucous from the nose or throat… i often catch my son gulping down what pushes itself out from the lungs to the throat and on the tongue and phussssss goes down again. I encourage D to puke it on my hand and pat a little hard on his back to throw it out but he stares at me like i talk greek! he gulps the mucous and throws the bread/milk/veggies/legumes etc. what a son i have!!!

so then my MIL suggests this awesome healing from the kitchen that she always used to do with her kids… i.e my husband. I prefer not to give my son any meds until its incurable from herbs and home remedies. sharing with you all this perfect mixture that will pull the mucous out and throw it away in the dirty diaper and potty chairs.

ingredients: cardomom (full/unpeeled) – 2
milk -luke warm – about 6 spoons
safety pin – 1
ghee no diwo – 1 vatt (i have no intention of searching what it means in english. please check the picture and look it for yourself… i need to finish this post before he wakes up from his cat nap… thanks!)



light the diwo/vatt and pinch the cardomom along with the skin in the safety pin… hold it safely far enough not to get a burn yourself and burn it in the flame.


now once the full cardamom is burned let it cool down to normal room temperature.


crush this with a pestle or back of a spoon into tiny particles… and add it to lucke warm milk.


strain the milk into another cup and while its still warm feed it with a spoon to the kid.


trust me, it works wonders… must have passed it on to a dozen more mothers and it works on every one of them for keeping the cold at bay. and since it has been helping them all i thought i may post it here and help you moms too… i know its difficult to reach to everyone but we can always talk! email me on and lets share our stories…

will post your story in this space if you have one to share with others like I just did.

lots of love to you and your little ones,
Kunj 🙂

Long Live the Gujju Thali

Love for food when you are pregnant stays on forever even after you deliver the baby until and unless you are those moms who want to look like Kim Kardashian at her wedding. of course all those cravings go away but you become a food junkie, not because you want to eat all that but also because you are always trying to cook something new and interesting and at the same time healthy for your kid… yes, most of us Indian moms do cook our kid’s food at home with our hands… a few are super broad minded to let the cook’s sweat drip into the food while they prepare and the mom watches tv or signs documents at work place.

i say this out of observation in real life… cannot name her but this new friend i recently made and that too we became friends because we incidentally met and our kids are of the same age was constantly complaining of how she goes to an 8 hour work shift which she cannot leave and behind her back her m-i-l makes no effort to cook good food for the kid… i dont know who to feel sad for, the mother or the child. both of them are losing out on the wonderful meal time that should enjoy while they can. once the kids grow up they eat on their own and once they become adults meals are never at home except some occasions and festivals. why cannot a mother be there just thrice a day for the kid?? is it demanding too much from your professional life? i fail to understand such mothers even when she is a great friend of mine and a wonderful person at heart.

so then i made a food chart and a meal time table for her kid; asking her to put it on the fridge or wherever its easy on the eyes and constant hit on the mind. it included milk-veggies-dairy-fruits and grains.
now, preparing the food is not a big deal.. a complete gujarati thali/meal plate is just the right thing for your kid if he/she has begun eating solids. it has wheat rotis, boiled rice, cooked veggies and necessary spices, protein in form of dal and dairy products such as curd or buttermilk. the right amount of salt and sugar and pepper and lemon and chilli and coriander and turmeric… wow! serving the perfect amount of all of this in the meal plate makes it the most complete food for your growing toddler’s needs.

incase your kid needs some help wiping off all this from the plate, you can decorate the food and add some color to it, beet gives red, turmeric gives yellow, lemon gives whiteness, dry coriander gives brown, curd and beet beaten together gives pink! broccoli and fresh coriander gives green.

sharing pics of a few meal plates i have given my son and REMEMBERED to click a pic before i feed him.







ofcourse with all this food in front of him i have to sit with a bib and a waste cloth and face wipes and lots of patience… at times all this vanishes in the hungry tummy in about 15 minutes. yet i have seen some random moments when the food is tucked under the chair and over the floor and after 30 minutes i thank the Lord for blessing me with only one child and i thank the scientists for technology and smart phones with memory so huge to store and play over a dozen nursery rhyme videos. we talk and play and shout and blabber and i call him cute encouraging names to finish his food. i am cherishing every meal time with him, it gives us both the time to look into each other’s eyes and talk. It gives me moments where i realize what his favorite food is and which are his all time favorite food combinations too. God has simply made a favor to me, my son loves his meals. and i love watching him eat it all and give a burp at last. we sing songs to make his meals interesting at times… what do u do with your kid???

please do share your meal plate pictures with me on my facebook page.. i am running outta options soon.

love ya all
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killing days with calories

my gynaec says i still have time before i hatch but these days i get really tired very soon and i kinda dislike doing a lot of activity or cooking… rest is all i need and calories is all i crave for.
she has given me all d freedom to eat n drink watever i feel like…
so just a fortnight before i hatch i am killing my indoor time eating all that i wish for.
right from white forest and strawberry cream to the last of fresh strawberries and green figs and mc d burgers to chocolate crunch…
have had a calorie filled week!

wat i enjoyed more than the all the above is the fresh cranberries of the summer start!


and playing with my nephew’s balloon at the age of 25

as of now i am enjoying a calorie free lunch- lots a green salad and apam- the south indian style! ayyo mind blowing it is !!

this is the most amazing green salad i have ever had!!! the recipe belongs to my aunt! she made this for a sunday dinner at her place and mum kinda tried making the same today… will post the recipe soonish… its healthy as well as 0 calories! perfect for ppl like me who has gobbled up on a lot of creamy stuff the week before!
apam at the same time has really low calorie and since its a roasted cuisine it makes the taste even more better!
cheers to a life full of food and leisure!
there is nothing more wonderful in the world than the food mommy makes 🙂
loving all this rest time.
post some nice calorie free food recipes if u have any 🙂

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how to make paneer

The other day when i posted the blog my friends called up asking if i really made paneer at home… affirmative answer later they screamed on the phone why i didnt invite them!!

hello… i was making something special for my husband! 😛
and here is the paneer recipe.
i got some really fatty milk from a local shepherd here. she works part time at my mom’s place too. she got a heavy cream buffalo milk fresh in the morning. the kind of milk usually used in making ice creams at home.
stir it well and strain it (in case u got it from the shepherd too)
keep it on room temperature so its easier to cook.
next step- add a little sugar! sounds strange but since the milk wiil get boiled up some amount is sugar is needed to give it a lil taste plus to keep it moist within.

grease a pan or thali with oil so that the paneer doesn’t stick to it.
pour in the milk content. and on a double boiler cook it the way you cook dhokla or steam idli.

close the lid for about 5 to 7 minutes and u are ready with fresh white paneer 🙂

dont wait for it to cool down, slice it while it warm to get clean smooth sides.
scrap out the little bits stuck on the thali and re-use it for paneer sabzi the way i did here

try it ans lemme know soonish how it tasted!

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stuffed bellpeppers- recipe

 sounds simple…. just stuff the filling and show fry it!
it tastes even yummier.. if you are fond of gram flour stuffing like i do!

i am not sure if this is a typical gujju dish but we make it a lot more often at home and everyone loves it!

for the stuffing you will need:
gram flour (1 cup) roasted.
red chilli powder – 3 tspns (more if you like your veggies spicy)
turmeric- 1 tspn
salt- 1.5 tspn (or acc to taste)
coriander-jeera powder- 3 tspns
lemon juice – freshly squeezed 2 tspns
sugar- 1tspn (avoid if u want to… this is to balance the taste)
vegetable oil – 2 tspns.

wash n dry green bell peppers, and pull a vertical cut into each (for the stuffing). i suggest buying small to medium sized bell peppers as they are easier to cook and also serve. bigger portions might create wastage on the plates. (something i really hate).

keeping them aside, roast the gram flour on slow heat. 
mix it with all the spices and lemon juice. a semi-dry like paste will form. 

fill this paste/stuffing into the bell peppers… through the vertical cut. DO NOT CHOP OFF THE STALK OR HEAD of the bell peppers. if you do so, u will have to deep fry the bell peppers. a vertical cut ensures less oil (shallow fry) and a better taste as well.

heat oil in a kadhai/shallow frying pan while you stuff all the bell peppers.

done with the stuffing?? add one or two of the stuffed bell peppers into the oil and fry them till you see the skin peeling off or the color changing.

remove and let it cool, add other two and fry them.

this picture has been taken to show you how the stuffing would be filled n fried by the heat of the bell peppers. do not cut them open… eating this would become messy n not so delicious. see how little oil i have used to fry these?? less oil=fitter you!

once the last of the bell pepper is done with frying, add to the kadhai/pan the already fried ones and top it with all the remaining stuffing/paste/gram flour masala. 

stir the bell peppers in that paste for about 2-3 minutes on slow to medium flame. no high flame as the gram flour might just burn into black… burnt taste!

scoop it all out in a bowl… serve with kebabs or with roti/paratha or even biryani.

you will love it when its hot/warm.

i am submitting this recipe in the gujju tips contest.
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aavjo 🙂

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glutten-free sandwiches: recipe

learned this recipe from a preggy friend of mine…. preggy at that moment… shruti now has delivered a beautiful baby boy as adorable as her!
congrats to her n and those pretty P101 ladies who recently delivered…

now for this colorful healthy brown bread sandwich recipe.

 it was easy to make… like any other vegetable sandwich… and since it involves a lot of yogurt and green fibres it makes the perfect large meal for all those health n calorie conscious humans out here…

looks easy in the pics?? its easier to make it too.
glutten-free sandwiches:
hung curd (a medium bowl)
bell peppers (chopped)
carrots and cucumber (shredded n drained off the water)   
cheese (loose or spread) 

pepper n salt to taste

mix the hung curd and veggies
add in salt n pepper to taste
you may try adding some herbs too if you like it
apply green chutney on one bread, apply butter on the other one,
lovingly apply a huge chunk of the mixture to the bread
and make yourself a sandwich 
you may try adding in more veggies like peas or onions,
try different breads for a flavor (oats/multigrains)
in short lot can differ and you may experiment a new flavor everytime.
PG loved it, we had this in the car as a carry off on our way to a friend’s place for a midnight bday celebration.

 we picked this cake from star india bazaar near my place…
its moist, soft n lovely in flavor!!
everyone in ahm should try these some day… they have a good bakery in there at the end of the store.
lots of other food also sold there… havent tried that yet. 
some other day maybe…
its time to devour my glutten free sandwiches n a piece of that lovely strawberry.

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