christmas reminiscence

 How i wish i could go out and celebrate christmas, visit some cake shop with friends where a stupid looking indian thin n short santa is dancing n trying to amuse all for a few bucks an hour… go back to school and enjoy some plump cute teacher don a santa outfit and singing christmas carols… the decorations back in the mirchi office… geez… how i miss being home for christmas even when it meant nothing more than a foreigner’s festival… the ride to a convent school to see the christmas tree…
it was all so beautiful… i miss it all

chucking the cupcakes coz i just had it on the so called last day on earth 
i opted for a more fruity day to celebrate it while watching christmas movies on tv, the vitamins

the sugar,

some more greens… 

and some sins… yea.. noodles is so off my list for many months but i just could not resist!

and some grape bottled juice… though the tropicana cranberry  was much better and this even tasted fake.. i  mean no where near natural juice. 473ml of sugary water!

 since its going to be all rush mush outside today… i planned to stay indoors!
will look for a cupcake tomorrow!
wat did u do today on christmas??
aavjo 🙂
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2 thoughts on “christmas reminiscence

    • sigh!!! one doesnt have to! but i m forbidden by my doc to stay away from all this…. my today’s blog has a see off to these edibles.. do chk it out!

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