cookin with paneer


I have been a lot lazier than i thought i would be, even with all the time in the world i spent useless hours watching ‘packed to the rafters’ on tv rather than blogging…ย 

on the other hand i have been exercising regularly (pat on my back) and going for regular doc visits n tests…
while waiting for my baby to hatch (sometime soon now) i often chat with my mom how ahmedabad is different from rajkot even though both are filled with gujjus and heat and food joints.

i once told her i dont find good paneer near my place, the one i get is not so soft n tender that i enjoy enjoy cooking with.
and here was the masterchef of the kitchen boiling some hot water in a kadhai and teaching me how to make paneer…
woaaahhh!! this was something i would never miss and thought it would be nice sharing it with u.

packed some of the good looking pieces in a container and gifted it to my mommy’s music tutor.ย 
and let the shreds be treated for an afternoon meal.

PG was visiting me that day so i made something with bell peppers (his favorite), chopped all of it with a huge tomato and some garlic petals and green onion stalks.

got them sizzling in a pan of hot oil and some great gujju spices- the usual red chilli powder, salt, turmeric, dhana-jeeru and a lil bit of hing!

added the paneer to add some drama…

ย and voila! here was my home cooked paneer and bell pepper sabzi with the perfect combination of spices n tangy flavor!

PG loved it and so did i ๐Ÿ™‚
all thanks to mommy for the cooking lesson- paneer made from extremely fatty milk in just 20 minutes.
aavjo ๐Ÿ™‚
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