Craving Mexican- a review

Had been craving for some red beans n salsa sauce since Saturday…
but PG n I vowed we would only eat out once a week and mostly that is Sunday evening. 
so i asked for restaurant suggestions on Facebook on Saturday evening and reached ‘Just Mexican’ on Sunday evening.


 we found the seating soon and definitely there was a queue for ordering and a long wait before the order arrived.

waiting wasn’t boring as we had pretty people around, tv tuned to VH1, nice music and lots of talks to share. plus an interesting menu to look at. 

lots to order from- tacos, nachos, rice plates, burritos, quesadilla, wraps and extras.

the self service counter is a good way to save some waiter clutter on the already small aisle of the restaurant. i appreciated it. 
10 minutes later the food arrived. 🙂

the quality did match my high expectations, but the quantity did not. i ordered bean tacos and did not expect only one taco shell 🙁 
PG ordered chili n cheese quesadilla which looked thin like a fashion week ramp model . no doubt they both tasted excellent but we didn’t expect such a small quantity… we never hog during dinner but this still wasn’t sufficient. 
they had lots of varieties for soft drinks too (including the new starbucks coffee bottles- a new trend among ahmedabad restaurants).
totally loved the food!! i was craving for Mexican and my taste buds gave it full marks 🙂 yay!

things that disappointed me – 
i was not happy with the quantity they served. specially not when u are left hungry and u gotta wait 10 more minutes for another tacos to arrive.
they did not have  a soft drinks menu/rate on the card. 
carlos did not serve me 🙁 the food was mexican but no mexican flavor in the atmosphere once you enter the restaurant. 
no sweet side kicks! i am sure mexican cuisine too has some ice cream o sweet flavors to it. and i am still unaware of the what they eat! they cant live on only cheese and chili fo-sure!!

i would definitely go back once more for the lovely taste it serves… maybe not on sunday evenings and rush hours. 

are sunday dinners complete without a sweetdish?? def. not !!! 
we drove across the road to meet mr muffin at ccd.

i have always loved their hot split muffin with chocolate sauce and the fragrance it oozes in my nostrils… incomparable !

the puppies were asleep when i reached home, but it was sweet to see these twins curl up in a heart shape… 
a review
a late night snack before the beautiful sunday bids a good night and a tyrant monday begins… btw, sweet melons are very juicy and healthy for body! lots of vitamins and fibre. 

and the monday morning has been crazyyyy…
wish mondays would just skip and never trouble me again . 

any mexican recipe u can share with me?? have been in love with it lately…

aavjo 🙂

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