cream and ice

 was in mood of ice cream but not the usual flavors… 
chose to go back to live ice cream
for a different base and mixture. chose a thick sweet cream base and lots of caramel, brownie and gems. also known as ‘vibgyor’ in the house. 

it was lovely, except nect time i am gonna ask them to change the cream base to a vanilla maybe! caught on some serious reading in the cafe. it was a refreshing change to see such a fresh view on national issues.

came home and cooked on my favorite meal… 

i take pride in the fact that i make amazzzzzing pasta. i have been in love with pasta ever since i remember! had posted d recipe here. though this time i gave the magic masala a pass and instead added a few spices and tomato puree. try this one too… it has its own aroma and taste u will never forget.
end of 2013’s first weekend. and though i have spend a lot of it at home, trying to stay away from the winter winds and crowded restaurants.   
have plans for mexican take out tomrw. will post details soonish…

aavjo 🙂
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