dad i want you to be

this post is dedicated to all those happy fathers who think who they great daddys!
no comparisons.. all dads are different and all families need a dad according to how the family grills together… but hey, there are always certain parameters new fathers need to learn. learn by scratch , learn by experiences but please learn these certain things to be one great dad your kid wants to look upto.

little D with daddy

001- you mister hardworking guy at your workplace need to check every bad odor and when things get hot and wet in the bed please change the diaper. and dont ever say i dont know how to do so. u see mommies do it all day all night everyday. dont you fetch someone higher than your title at your workplace a tissue if needed be? here its a diaper. same thing same thing. just learn it.

002- there are beautiful days when the weather is just so perfect. those days are meant to take the kid out and have some dad-baby fun; beer and bachelor friends can come in any other day too! please dont ruin your days with your kid… s/he will never have this day when they are 14 months 7 days and few hours old. your friends on the other hand will still be there no matter whether they are 31 or 51 ! u got that MR. ?

003- please stop trying to gain female attention in malls/movie halls/exhibits/etc by showcasing your cute kid in your arm ! thats just so … so.. ugh! i dont have a word for it but u know what i mean daddy. often lovely short skirt long legs get attracted to this chubby little smiley child and goes over for a cute cheek pull… more than the child the dad enjoys the fragrance of the scent and the look of thin arms and perfect ribcage. something mommy lacks before long long ago you gifted her your semen. whatever.. just dont use the kid as ur bait sexy!

little D and daddy holiday-ing together

004- potty is so natural a thing when you and not at all ugly when the kid does it!! its just a matter of a few mins daddy… dont you wanna see the baby smile in his/her sleep? cleaned bowels and a lovely feed makes them sleep like angels. consider the potty cleaning sessions to be brownie points you can earn at your workplace. its just some messy stuff you have clear up so mommy the boss will give you a pretty smile and praise you in front her family and friends. and by friends we also mean mommy’s pretty girl-friends. wont that make you do some messy work without making a messy face? please daddy??

005- lets make it very clear that your little bub doesnt know how to read the clock. what seems night to you is just absence of some natural light to the kiddo. day or night playtime is not always mommy’s responsibilities. and it will always be appreciated if you be the game-master some times… some nights… some days. momma needs a day off too u know, to watch her fav game on tv or just pamper herself with a shower/facial/window shopping or just whatever! everything seems good when you get a day off from a 24 hour duty!!! the appreciation shall be represented in various forms by mommy just FYI.

mommy enjoying the sunset

any more mommies here who wants to add in? what do you think daddy dear needs to learn/do to make it easier for you?
lemme know 🙂

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love ya all. cheers!
Kunj 🙂