diaper dirty n fresh!

i talk so much with my girlies everyday, right from when to swaddle the kid and how to burp while asleep without waking the kiddo up and even which diapers are good for all night long freshness..
lemme tell you, diapers only smell good when in the packet… once on the kid they get soaked and dirty and smelly and you are always in a hurry to discard them asap after you check in the kid a few hours later…
finding a diaper for my new born (when he was just 15days old ) was a difficult task…
the new born pampers that is for 3-8 kg fit hit like this-

too large !!!

then my brother got me pigeon new born diapers for 3-5 kgs.

this fits him so perfect!!
i recommend pigeon for new borns and pampers for infants!
there is a brand of huggies organic also available in middle east countries… in case you have any friends or relatives visiting (even when u are pregnant) ask them to get you a few! i havent tried any but a friend says they are very good since the cotton layers are organic!

and an imp thing to remember is to change your kiddo’s diapers every 4-5 hours… even if he asleep most of these hours.
keep him powdered before and after you tie the diaper.
you can get some amazing diaper deals here-
pigeon and pampers ; they often have lots of discounts and offers and give free home delivery.

lemme know if there is any other brand you have tried and like.
kunj 🙂

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