when i saw this on my way back home, 

i knew i needed to stop right there and have a taste test.

a guy from baroda has started this venture and i totally wanted to see what exactly it is all about. it was difficult to order since they all seemed so good and yummy…

the chef was not so busy and i took his help to make a choice… with me craving for some minty flavor he suggested i try ‘dirty harry’ … haha was the new menu created after the vegas incident??? hahaha…


he began his work on a cool icy plate and even let me click while he finely put up the ingredients together…

the mint-dark chocolate was a perfect combination, but this strawberry sauce was a big mistake. it made my live ice cream extremely sweet (and that’s what i didnt want!!)


though i did enjoy the final outcome with some gems dug inside it.
it felt like re-living childhood times 🙂

p.s please avoid PG’s hand… he just could not resist and the pot started melting very soon. 
the place also has a DIY option, choose your own base and toppings:
these are the various things you can add, drizzle, sprinkle, garnish:

there are biscuits to rocher to caramel sauce to oreos and chocolates, white/chocolate drops, marshmallows(non-vegan), brownie and sponge cake…!!

lots to choose from, my take on ice cream on the rocks-
the quantity is too little for a rs.90 LIVE ice cream that comes to me almost melting and needs to consumed quickly.
loved the fancy-ness of the store and the concept.
liked the ‘many toppings’ to choose from.
like the neatness of the place and the live counter!
overall i would rate it a 7/10… had it not been melting i would have given it an 8 ! and a 9 if the price would be perfect! 

its near Commerce 6 roads, navrangpura (ahm). visit it if you really wanna try the new concept and the variety you can get.

have a sweet little something tonight and miss me 🙂

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