divine Ganesha

Last evening was probably the best one ever! PG and i had a chance to conduct the Ganesh pooja at our place with Ganu’s entry to our flats early last week. the whole charismatic feeling was so good and so difficult to describe. the huge idol with beautiful grey eyes staring at you feels gigantic yet magnificent.

the aarti playing loudly on speakers for the entire mohalla to join in. these are the days when i actually see everyone who lives there in the same building. and its a pity i only know a bunch full of them :/


how can i miss blogging about the food!! the sweetmeats and fruits offered to Ganu. he sure enjoys a lot of delicacies twice a day loaded with ghee and calories. 


we even have a chottu Ganu enjoying the same pomp and care.


no doubt he has a huge belly. and lucky HIM everyone only praises His weight and huge round belly! 

divine ganesha

my current bbm picture! it was nice hearing the story of why is fresh fodder also served to Him along with sweets and fruits from M-I-L. for the elephant in Him. heard the entire story last evening. 


my entry to please Him… no they aren’t modaks. they are momos. they are from an eatery called Momoman dedicated to Asian cuisine,. they were steamed (in my rice cooker)… with lots of veggies… Ganu needs some nutrition and veggies too. 🙂 yet nothing compared to the ones i had in udaipur. i will crave for them till i find better momos in Ahmedabad. and my search will continue…

the lights, the colors, the crowd, the happy faces, lots of sweets to savor in the end (new ones everyday).
this surely is a festival to enjoy the best sweets and meeting happy faces. its ALWAYS great to meet a few neighbors of mine who are just adorable aunties. i love talking to them. and they always give me good beauty advises 😉
are you celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi too ? post me your links and tell me about it. would love to stop by your blogs/picasa albums to see the celebrations.
aavjo 🙂

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  1. Though down south, we don’t celebrate Ganesh chathurti…I love lord Ganesha:), my love for him has only deepened after reading ‘The Siva’ series

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