diwali potluck 504

Diwali had one more potluck to see, last night !

yesterday morning was dull. had nothing much to do on a sunday post diwali… woke up late to be greeted with a dry (sans butter/jam/sugar) breakfast.


the day began with a potluck planned for the evening, and i was thrilled as it was at my bestie samina’s place- block 504. the bengali miya-biwi lives alone in a gujju land so i carried some typical new year snacks for them and tried a little hand on baking


tried baking brownies in microwave! 10 minutes and hot fresh raisin brownie was ready to hog into!


it definitely turned out good because we had it before dinner! moist, aromatic, delicious… loved it! 

the food is not something i would want to paste pics of here… the kitchen was messy and so were our plates n bowls. but it was a lovely day spent together… late night we craved for some more dessert.
no place in town was open to serve us ice cream… we landed up in tgb’s 24hour coffee shop.


the fruit pastry i ordered. could have been more soft and moist and less creamy and more fruity…


the choices i had… oh! let it be.. i prefer local bakeries more. somehow these only looked good. samina’s chocolate dessert was not so good!

the lights on my way back:

and the ones i lighted at home:

happy diwali guys 🙂 and wish u all a prosperous new year…
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aavjo 🙂