why i dont need a valentine

I met him first on 6th March, I am sure he won’t have remembered the date until he reads this post. It’s been some 4 years since we are together and we already have a son turning 2 soon… that means we had a little more than 2 years to enjoy our relationship and being together before parenthood dipped us in pee/potty/tears/sleeplessness disorder.
not that I demand more but I like every couple who are still enjoying the non-parents phase or are parents but so deep in love they don’t stop woo-ING each other. I love the word LOVE itself. I love the idea of going on dates, surprising each other, romantic beach walks, going on second honeymoon etc… basically I love everything that all those silly Bollywood romantic flicks show. I love watching all those stupid english romantic movies for the same reason. maybe that’s the reason they are called chick-flicks. this chick digs all that cuteness and more.

sadly my husband Mr.P is no where in the vicinity of the aura of the word romance.

he plucked these for me once; a treasure i ate it all!

he plucked these for me once; a treasure i ate it all!


these are small things that matter, getting what you wish for. but its not too easy for other filmy things:

i have to say ‘i love you’ to him twice before he replies a ‘me too’ ; he needs to get drunk to buy a birthday card for me, something I wish happened everyday sans the alcohol but it never happens. he is everything that I had NEVER dreamt of.
ya, its saddening and heart breaking. we have no selfies together, he hates being photographed. he hates taking pictures so i have no pics of myself against beautiful backdrops. if he is forced to take a picture they would turn out so bad that i have to delete them forever, even from the drop box! and i am not just exaggerating my lovely friend, this is exactly how he is. we haven’t celebrated a valentine day. Maybe he would have taken me on a dinner once. nothing so special that i remember of. nothing happened this year too.

together.. forever

together.. forever


Every year on my anniversary I think of reasons why i chose him.
and this is why i still love the father of my only child…

we need no valentine day celebration because everytime i ask for, he takes me all way to the highway to my favorite coffee shop after dinner for that hot cup of expresso. the only place in the entire town i love coffee. he knows that’s the only place i will have a coffee, whether tired or not we always go that only place!

we need no romantic date nights because he often accompanies me those super flop movies and sits through the end just because i wanted to go watch it. even after 4 years our choices of movies are different. i let him go with his guy friends for movies of his choice and he sits through a 2hour film when I want to watch one. He never says it but I know he could have said no and I could have gone with my girlfriends but this way he gets to be with me for 2 hours and just hold my hand because in our daily lives we both have busy schedules.

we need no valentine days because we are too perfect for each other and we dont need any special day to tell each other how we feel,

on our first v-day together

on our first v-day together


on days when our son is unwell and i am worried and sleepless and tired and everything is going wrong as a mother, he holds my hand and strokes my hair. and i know he wants to say everything will be alright, we are in this together, worry not. these are gestures unsaid. gestures that remind me of who i am married to is one of the most perfect person ever. sometimes you need no words or date nights or gifts to express what you feel. and after all these years i prefer it this way. in silence- said through his eyes!
ti need no one to sing me songs,… although i really want him to do it one day!
i need no one to bring me fancy gifts, his debit card is enough… hehaheehee
i need no one to write me letters and bring me flowers, my home is already a mess, where will i store them !!! do u have a 2 year old too??? yes, u know what i am saying then. no matter how big a house; a kid leaves no space undiscovered!

here’s to 4 years of togetherness and 4*365 days of valentines 🙂