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AWS reviews: sea animal capsules

awomansays May 9, 2017

So here we are on a really hot summer evening and where i live, there are no breezy evenings to feel better. my son is almost always dressed in boxers and a vest all day long. He gets super bored in /...

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dear son

awomansays Apr 5, 2017

A week before you turned 4 I received a report card from your teacher who said you need more practice holding a pencil and writing numerals and alphabets… not that you don’t know how to trace them /...

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toddler visits walnut factory

awomansays Feb 3, 2017

so here we were in a super chilled Kashmir in 2016 holidaying with a bunch of wonderful people.. about 17 of us! we didn't wanna go back. when i went to Kerela i thought there is nothing so heaven /...

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bake a cake in 10 easy steps

awomansays Jan 30, 2017

my son has been very fond of helping his mommy out in the kitchen ever since he turned 1 ! some days he would help me wipe the wet dishes or stack the utensils in a neat pile or even help me with ingr /...

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mommy101 : treating constipated babies

awomansays Jan 10, 2017

last evening a really good friend called up and asked what can be given to her 1 year old twins- a boy and a girl- who are severely constipated. she is here for two of her medical treatments which act /...

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the husband and i

awomansays Dec 15, 2016

the husband and I i was JUST DONE with a crazy long Monday and was quite sure things would simmer down on Tuesday , where the brat would crib why school cannot be missed. and the husband would wake /...

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