finally… a winner!

Yes Yes Yes…
i have never been a winner at giveaways ever!!! i had lost all hope and stopped participating when this give away by Style Destino read more here changed my wishes for once… just once okay!! the buffterfly kaftan looked just tempting.

the site from which i won here
thanks a ton to the blogger SJ 🙂 muaaahhh
the smile for her because she asked me to participate in it., i wasnt even much aware about the giveaway in the first instance. 
and the kiss because she put up in her blog so beautifully,

i loved the background she put my name across on! yay!
with my birthday month i am getting more surprises each day 🙂
birthdays are full of fun and birthday month is full of surprises. have already been getting a few and its just been a week. eeeyyaayaa….
see you all very soon. i need to get out of the lappy screen and enjoy the rains here in Ahmedabad. 
aavjo 🙂

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