food that pleases me

 Oops! maybe i was a bit too harsh with the review the other day But i had to be honest about it.
so this time we were called back once again by the owner to have dinner with him and his son abid ali… both are PG’s friends since a long long time. 
yea, so we did plan the dinner there but with my last time’s experience i had a little something just before i left home towards law garden.
good old gujju bhakri and conserve sent by ITC

i wish i had not had this before hand… dinner with the owner uncle was sooo good!
there was a lot laid on the table- the owner’s dinner menu!
but PG mainly had a lotta veg jaipuri and rotis (sans butter… weight concious! as if its gonna work huhh!!)

he polished off his plate in a messy way!


since i wasn’t that hungry… i had a few bites from his plate; abid’s dad ordered a masala coffee for me…

could not have asked for a better drink in this chilly night. wow!! simply amazing.
the owner even gave me the secret ingredient- a little ginger and elaichi…
perfect combo. 
and i had never thought ginger in milk would taste so good!

this time my experience there has been super cool.

what i learnt from this dinner ? never judge food on its first hand experience. u can always be surprised on what the same chef can do the next time around u are there.
3 cheers for bonvivant.
aavjo 🙂 

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