good buys for toddlers

i wanted to write a post like this for very long.. there have been certain very good products that i have used and found it to be very helpful all along these 10 months…
10 MONTHS??!!!

yea.. it has been 10 months of motherhood already. times flies like it was just yesterday when i rushed to the hospital and told her i need to deliver him right away… it was just yesterday when he first stood up on his wiggly tiny feet and climbed up the sofa on his own. PG and i often joke he was a chimpanzee in his last birth since he can climb anywhere and everywhere with little space or no steps at all! i wonder how he makes the strategies on ‘how to climb’ .

my brother gifted me this mat. numerical on one side and a beautiful sunny picture on the other… its as huge as our regular carpets at home. plastic coated its good for those ‘only underwear’ play time, helpful for cold days, and the thickness is good enough to keep him from hurting his head if he falls right over!

play mat

this is a pic from some 3 months back… when my son was too tiny…
actually he is always going to be tiny for us. my small little baby who i dont want to grow up so fast.. so fast that it makes me miss his rolls and turns and his frequent tries to climb upon us.

one more product i can vouch for its quality is this johnsons mosquito repellant. great buy for any age. non greazy and think water like density. the made in india johnsons is a complete NO-NO in my list.


if you are an avid shopper and often go to local drug stores to see whats new… you may bump into sudden unannounced freebies and discounts. found this at perfect mother store last month. chicco is my fave brand when it comes to my son s hygiene.


though this product is only a waste of money for me. you can invest some great bucks in this product while your little one is still a new born. my son has outgrown all the stages. he may surprise us any day by running around the house freely now. aaahhaaa cant imagine what a great day it would be for me and for PG and everyone who jumped with joy when he first crawled. somewhere between 7 to 10 grands this is a great product to buy. you may search for better deals online.


talking of chicco.. all these are great buys too… in case you want any leave a mail…


now for some good news… i am so meeting my girls tomorrow for a quick meet and high tea. i have been looking forward to meet all of them and the kids of course. a few of them are younger to D and a few elder to him. will post some pics. a ME-TIME guaranteed day!
cheers to motherhood n a happy healthy life. 🙂