GRAPOBERRY – that’s what i call my snacking plates these days. 
i was munching on a few while on my way to the weekly spiritual class at p101

with the winter winds slashing across the doors and slipping under the window slits its been tough going out and hanging around/socializing basically. i stay a lot indoors and read or watch tv…
and certain tv shows are so tempting…

 i need to get on to some baking tomorrow.. but while i watched this all i munched on was- 

  i am sure there is a lot of grape and strawberry mocktail blending inside me right now…
time to grab some calcium and read my favorite food blogs before saying good night!

 i still have a lot of time before the baby pops out yet i am already on the research mode of how to shed off all i gained !
till the next time we meet- have some cocoa and stay warm!
aavjo 🙂
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2 thoughts on “grapoberry

  1. Easy way to lose weight after pregnancy is to breastfeed and if u cannot do that then (if urs is C-sec then trust me u gotta take it slowly becz the stitch hurts but if ur baby comes vaginally then you can start exercising one week later),try going for walks in the house itself,borrow exercise cds from library & try not to take cold stuffs..

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