how to make paneer

The other day when i posted the blog my friends called up asking if i really made paneer at home… affirmative answer later they screamed on the phone why i didnt invite them!!

hello… i was making something special for my husband! 😛
and here is the paneer recipe.
i got some really fatty milk from a local shepherd here. she works part time at my mom’s place too. she got a heavy cream buffalo milk fresh in the morning. the kind of milk usually used in making ice creams at home.
stir it well and strain it (in case u got it from the shepherd too)
keep it on room temperature so its easier to cook.
next step- add a little sugar! sounds strange but since the milk wiil get boiled up some amount is sugar is needed to give it a lil taste plus to keep it moist within.

grease a pan or thali with oil so that the paneer doesn’t stick to it.
pour in the milk content. and on a double boiler cook it the way you cook dhokla or steam idli.

close the lid for about 5 to 7 minutes and u are ready with fresh white paneer 🙂

dont wait for it to cool down, slice it while it warm to get clean smooth sides.
scrap out the little bits stuck on the thali and re-use it for paneer sabzi the way i did here

try it ans lemme know soonish how it tasted!

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