Laugh Out Alone- LOA

Alright, LOA is my own personal term i use only for myself… i laugh

alone, every afternoon. i don’t need laughing clubs.. because my company pays for internet 😛

my daily afternoon routine is the same everyday. i haven’t yet made any good friends here at my new workplace that i could sit and have lunch with. i am more of an introvert… it takes me time to share my thought and my lunch box with. moreover, the office is still being decorated. the pantry (as of now) doesn’t exist. but a lot of computers do exist. while i am one of those lucky ones who is allotted a lappy. it more for pulling it away with me anywhere , work at any place, any desk, and make presentations at any damn corner of the office. these people are smart. well, i have known the advantages as well. i often watch a lot of TBBT and have lunch on my desk itself. the lunch hour is the most laughable one i have… all alone 🙂

thank lord for giving these guys existence- Chuck Lorry and Bill Prady. It is because of them that i have learned to laugh a lot after star world stopped broadcasting the newest ‘friends’ episodes.


he is my favorite man! the only man i love but dont want to marry 🙂
this pic was even uploaded right here

my husband has never been a fan of english sitcoms. he is of the kind who would rather spend an evening watching his favorite hindi movie for the nth time. but he often loses against my tantrums and we watch tbbt together and he DOES enjoy it ! tada 🙂 he might be the only man on earth who has to be pleaded to watch this. whew….!!! tough job 😛

anyways, has a lot more to offer in case u are an ardent fan like me. have a peek and enjoy the week ahead. have an early lunch, rush back from the lunch area and watch a few episodes. you are gonna love the smile you shall wear or the rest of the evening.
this is one of my favorite episodes-
Sheldon v/s Kripke.. hilarious ! (click on the purple link)

and shelly dresses as french maid (click on the link in purple)

you must must watch the whole Stephen Hawking episode… u r sure to laugh out alone while watching it just the way i do! and its super fun.

while i smile through the whole evening… i hope u do too 🙂

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