Mangal Murti Moriya

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with great pomp and joy here… the bringing home of a Ganu Idol, praying it for 10 days and even serving him sweets from desi ghee… later eaten by gluttony kids and their parents.

this year… my first Ganesh mahotsav in my sasural gave me a chance to witness the prayers every night. 
Ganpati’d first day at our home, when he was still being decorated for the festival. 
the sweet that followed. no matter how many calories it counted in it… bhagwan ka prasad hai… manaa nahi karte.
yummm yumm… i cant understand y do humans love to eat all that had lots of calories?? even when we know what its as equal to 20minutes on a treadmill we still cant resist it.. why o why?


followed by this beautiful aarti in the evening, the whole atmosphere is mesmerizing 🙂

the night brought a smile on my face looking at ganpati and a riot of laughter later on when i went to this gujju play by Siddharth Randeriya,. what a talented actor he is. he writes/directs/acts/produces.. what a jolly man! no human can leave the theater without a few chuckles. 
taking pictures wasn’t allowed as “gujjubhai ni Golmaal” is his newest production but i clicked one anyways… the only one i have because i wanted to put it on the blog. the one sitting on a chair in the far left corner is Siddharth ji.
a pic with him at the backstage- a very dull pic… but.. it surely is an achievement to meet this guy i person…


what are your weekend plans? i am attending a couple of bday parties…
lots of september babies i know. the weekend will be a cheesy one with lots of food and cake 🙂 eeeyay!
aavjo 🙂