messy attempts

 the weekend has begun on a real sweet note, in fact the whole week was a sweet one… right from a shopping spree with mommy to the pleasant desserts stacked in the fridge.
from the chocolate room waffles with a generous spread of chocolate sauce and a scoop of ice cream (i should not have got it packed for home… the ice cream melted and the waffles got soggy 🙁  )

some home made custard apple ice cream in chilled milk… now this sounds like a meal itself! was pretty heavy on the tummy… i didnt need anything to eat for the next 4-5 hours.

another trip to the chocolate room, this time with my girlies… ordering a pancake like the other day and it sure is the yummiest chocolate combination i have had for dessert till date!

a lunch at tgb- seasons ; these small little mousse shots were delicious and so was my first try to an orange flavored pastry. 

 some more ice cream at home after dinner…almond and saffron… my favorite flavor! will blog on this some day! these ppl make the best ice cream ever!!!

no day has been left out when i haven’t dug my teeth into some dessert the whole week!
with my third trimester i am pretty much allowed to have it all without guilt… the only time when i can listen only to my cravings and nothing more 🙂
i still have these pastry boxes stacked in my fridge waiting for me to pay them justice!

 when love comes in small brown packages… the world seems a happier place to live in.
cheers to all dessert lovers.
 aavjo 🙂
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