mission red!

 I still cant forget those horrible two days last month… 
it was painful and now i have decided to get back my hb level by the next time i get tested… thats sometime next week. 
remember the cranberry from the hospital day?
hehe… i continued painting my plates red last week and i experimented in the kitchen this week too…

guess who i met this morning for breakfast?

 we spend a good half an hour together… me and the melon!
met the other half again late afternoon while watching bernie and howie get married! wow!!

alrite, the wedding was over, time to celebrate! i could avoid the sweets n cake and lavish dinner, and make myself a passing mocktail to feel like i am a part of the party 😉
threw in some beetroot, tomato and carrot with sugar n salt to crush it into this

 lovely color aint it ?
for all those who need a blood level shoot up session, can try this. for a better taste i would recommend not to crush the juice fully, keep a few crunchy pieces in there for a great texture and taste- like you get to enjoy fruit bits in a fruit punch!
or just munch into this bowl like i did late last night.

i have 3 days before one more hb test… and this time i better get a double digit result! 

cheers to fun and food 🙂
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