motherhood cannot be faked

i have been away for a long long time now. its been months since my this post and i regret not being around to share things with ya all. life has never been so hectic and being a mom means you know… being a mom! u cannot define it in one word or one sentence. call her your caretaker, your cook, your cleaner, your washer, your maid, your driver, your trainer, your teacher, your tutor, your best friend, your mentor, your throw-the-tantrums at drummer, your mid night carer… there are a thousand things a mother does for you and yet she feels at times she has ‘maybe’ not given her 100% to you. and once you are a mother you feel that crap running in your brains too.. MAYBE… just MAYBE i could have done for my baby.


this post is for all those women who love being mothers…

we had never thought we could shape into a routine which revolves around making interesting weaning diet and backpacking extra kilos of food for “what if i dont find baby food in that 5 star resort we will be staying next week” while on a holiday… relax! such things happen. you are not the only one who packs 40 daipers for a 4 day trip. i have done it too and if you haven’t you will soon do it babes!! taking a baby out is like no walk on the beach.

ya.. so what was i saying? we mothers do a lot more in routine like making food, singing a song, story telling, bum washing, clothes changing n mango eating n bird watching and clothes changing again and playtime and cleaning up and clothes changing again… hahaha. i love getting my son dressed up. we have our favourite blue pirate tee and we both love his white crocs and we love the hair combing time… we sit in front of the mirror. him on my lap and i comb his hair and we talk and he giggles. the baby giggle… it can melt an iron rod… no ; not really. just saying!


and it is because we love being THE ULTIMATE mother we TRY to be, we forget of all the pains it gives us. no; they arent pain to us but those women who are not mothers surely like to call them that. you are just a woman when in the middle of the night you turn your side while still in deep sleep and you feel something wet and pointy has crawled on your bed and pinched you; you would shout so loud it would scratch your tonsils in fear and scare. you are a mother when you do nothing and still with your eyes closed deep in sleep pick up those cereal covered puzzle parts from under your shoulder and shove it around the bed and at the same time paste a post-it note in your brain to wash it first thing in the morning… ta-da! are nodding with me ?? then u must be that second woman just like me.

when you are a woman you will walk with the nearest sharp object you can find when you see a broken jar of cookies or an open almirah. Where as a mother walks straight through the unexpected graffiti on her walls and show it all the neighbors around. the graffiti which she feels is the first masterpiece has not been etched on the wall or book shelf or her recipe book or the newspaper and not even on dad’s favorite white shirt. it has been sketched on the heart of the parents. a friend’s son has already begun school to to be inspired to make his first masterpiece and cant wait for her to show it to me soon some day….
for me, i shall wait. for motherhood cannot be faked and every happiness that only a mother can see needs time and patience. be it the first potty in the potty seat or the first craft and even the first flying kiss… to someone’s else’s mom … hahahaa


and because motherhood cannot be faked be proud of what you have. and who you have in your arms. you see you carpet still smelling of the pee and the laundry still not folded at midnight, you see the airplane has been stuck in the tangled curtains and there still is some spilled milk under the sofa! (God knows how it reached under the sofa!! ). the kitchen counter needs cleaning and you need to wash the bottle for the 5 30 am feed. all this happens under your baggy eyes and dark circles but when you see your kid sleeping in the crib or next to you the innocent face makes you smile so wide that the dark circles tend to shy and hide away. all this and more happens because motherhood cannot be faked!

love and much more,
Kunj 🙂