my last potluck

 I remember when I came to Ahm, I  didn’t like the place initially… truely speaking its more happening city than my hometown but somehow the streak of being lonely without a bunch of good old friends made me dislike the place… INITIALLY.
Later I made some friends, and found a good job with a publishing house as a creative director and the whole free time got converted into busy working hours. I realized I needed more friends to feel fresh once in a while but could make only a few- friends who are friends to my husband.
Until P101 happened!
I met some amazing girls and I knew I could fit in right there and make myself a bunch of friends who I could chat around and hang out with, share a meal or just talk about morning blues over wats app!!

a few months with them had been amazing, meeting them every morning for our ritual class sessions, talking over silly mid night cravings and loving every movement we spent smiling and laughing over conversations. we even had lots of potluck sessions. at my first one I was really shy, I didn’t know what to do and how to go about it… I was a newbie back then. the others that followed were fab nevertheless i enjoyed all of them

And here comes that time I had my last potluck session… a lot of food and saying good byes with a heavy heart!
my last day at P101; VJ wanted a foodie farewell to me and my bump! and why not, i practically grew larger with all of them *giggles*

From pasta to infamous gujju handvo and poha and cholle bhatura and halwa… it was a delight!
we gorged into all things with a lot of delight!

geeta(the tall mommy to be)- also clicking away pictures… i wonder why she hasnt shared them with us yet…

 the entire meal… and hiding under the silver lid is the halwa VJ’s mom made… it was awesome 🙂

VJ- she just delivered a baby girl last evening… mwaaahhh… u are one gorgeous mommy!

Godmother to all the kiddos- Rita… she has been there during our mid night cramps and shallow mood swings, from cribbing about m-i-l to pushing us to exercise and make ourselves fitter as we gain baby weight!
ohhh… the goodies she prepares for us and the laughs we share with her… her lovely morning smile and the way she greets us with her special ‘how are you today?’ is filled with so much of warmth.
I truly miss her a lot now.
p.s rita, i am sorry i have a very different looking pic here… but this is how i remember u, in your tracks smiling away, running around for us making us feel at home.

and here is a picture of all my beautiful girls- with vj missing.

i love u all <3 <3
cheers to a wonderful motherhood !

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