my love story

I would have never imagined writing this done. but doing it for a contest , for an ultimate dream come true— get published! it has always been a dream since i started reading jane austen in class 11. i always wanted to write and be published. blogspot has been the kickstart… but i wanna be ‘chetan-bhagat-famous’. it isn’t a small dream, ain’t it?

well, ours was more of a love that was arranged.
we met through our parents, the hot coffee table talks saw the love blossoming.
if you see/meet our parents, they are a few of those typical gujju parents who would first think about society and family image… the one who wouldn’t allow love springing through late night talks and secret meetings… yet, for a change they let us talk and ‘get to know each other na baba, he looks like a nice matrimonial match for u’…

when we finally fell in love and declared our statuses as ‘in a relationship’ the same set of parents wanted us stop thinking of each other, forget calling, meeting, greeting , chatting! a red alert warning to stop seeing each other from our parents alarmed us! because ours was a love to last…

my entry to the indiblogger contest